Morrison/Ziggler bumped from Breaking Point

Of the matches I was looking forward to at Breaking Point, the third in the series of Rey Mysterio/Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Championship matches was near the top.  Certainly more than DX vs. Legacy in a ‘submissions count anywhere’ match.  When Mysterio went out on a 30-day wellness policy suspension and dropped the title to John Morrison, I looked forward to the match even more.  Morrison is one of the most exciting talents on any of WWE’s brands, and would likely be an excellent PPV match.

So imagine my disappointment when I heard during Dolph Ziggler’s match on Superstars last night when Todd Grisham and Jim Ross repeatedly talked about him getting his title shot at ‘a later date’, with no mention of Breaking Point whatsoever.  I checked, and sure enough, Morrison/Ziggler is no longer on the card.

But do you know what we do get?  A Singapore cane match between the Great Khali and Kane.  Man, if that doesn’t scream ‘worth paying to see’, I don’t know what does.


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