TNA's sketchy Kevin Nash math

On last night’s Impact, when talking about next week’s match between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash, Mike Tenay referred to Nash as a “20 time world champion”.  That statement took me by surprise, so I had to go back and listen again to make sure that’s what he had actually said.  Sure enough – Nash: 20 time world champion.

To me this sounded like a bit of a stretch (or a lie, putting it rudely).  By my count, I counted him as a five time world champion – one time WWF (as Diesel) and four times with WCW.  But, I wanted to give Tenay benefit of the doubt, so I looked it up.  I was wrong – I had forgotten one WCW reign in which Nash stripped Sid Vicious of the title and awarded it to himself, then lost it back to Sid the same night (god, I miss WCW), so Nash is a six time world champion.

So where did this 20 come from?  It appears that Tenay added all of Nash’s titles that he has won, and referred to them all as world championships.  Along with his six actual world titles, Nash is 1 time WWE Intercontinental champion, 2 time WWE World Tag Team champion, 9 time WCW Tag Team champion (also using sketchy reigns in there…but they count), and 2 time TNA Legends champion.  6+1+2+9+2=20.  That’s pretty good for him, huh?

But by that kind of math, there are some pretty damn prestigious people competing today.  We won’t even use all major feds – we’ll just go with WWE, WCW, TNA and ECW.

Tommy Dreamer: 19 time world champion.
Christian: 19 time world champion.
Jeff Hardy: 19 time world champion.
Triple H: 21 time world champion.
JBL: 24 time world champion.
Chris Jericho: 27 time world champion.
Edge: 29 time world champion (all in WWE).
Booker T: 35 time world champion.
Raven: 37 time world champion.

And that’s the high level guys.  Let’s take a look at the guys lacking a legitimate world title reign.

Billy Gunn (Kip James): 13 time world champion.
Spike Dudley: 13 time world champion.
Goldust: 18 time world champion.
Shawn Stasiak: 19 time world champion
Stevie Richards: 24 time world champion.
Crash Holly: 25 time world champion
Bubba Ray Dudley: 31 time world champion.

So it’s really not so impressive to blow up the numbers like they’ve done with Kevin Nash.  Call him a six time world champion – it’s still an impressive number…sort of.


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