Too much of a good thing – TNA Impact 9/10/09

There are a lot of good things about TNA, I will admit.  Amongst those things is the international group World Elite, led by Eric Young.  It’s made up of several international faces with a lot of wrestling talent.  Young himself isn’t bad on the mic either, and has taken quite well to his heel role.  Unfortunately, when the group is featured in four seperate segments (along with the British Invasion in the opening match), it gets tiring.  When all four of those segments involve speeches by Young, it gets painful.  But you want it, TNA delivers.

The storyline started with a shakeup of the oft-mentioned ‘agreement’ between the Elite and the Main Event Mafia when Brutus Magnus won the opening gauntlet tag match by pinning Scott Steiner.  Whoops.  First, Young told Jeremy Borash that he wouldn’t apologize for it, then later, he basically repeated himself to Kurt Angle and the rest of the MEM.  At this point, the MEM look like they want no part of the Elite, which could make an interesting feud later – one that could possibly mean a face turn for the entire MEM.  Wouldn’t that be weird?

With that settled (all in the first hour), the World Elite went back to their original angle of trying to recruit Hernandez, only to get a painfully awful rant by Hector Guerrero.  He was trying awfully hard to be Eddie, and after the 20th or 30th ‘Ese’, I skipped to the end for the inevitable beatdown…that never came.  The Elite simply left.  Finally, after the main event, they returned with Homicide in tow, bringing an attack by Hernandez that ended when Homicide betrayed his LAX partner and sided with the Elite.

Now that part I quite enjoyed, and Homicide brings an interesting new face and style to the World Elite.  Overall, though, the group is simply stretched too thinly without enough talkers to balance it at this point.  Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi are doing nothing at this point, the British Invasion is in the tag team title hunt (with no storyline for the belts they already have) and Eric Young gets to rant on for what felt like three-fourths of the show.

After the jump, we’ll take a bullet point look at the rest of the show.

  • The opening match was billed as a four team gauntlet match, but it was played more like a cage-less War Games match.  A gauntlet match would have two teams competing with the next coming out when one was eliminated.  This had two men start with each person coming out at intervals, with no pins allowed until all eight men entered.  At least I’m assuming that’s how it started, as Team 3D, The British Invasion, Scott Steiner and Robert Roode were all in the ring when the telecast started.  And this is a taped program.  Surely you could have cut out a World Elite segment and put this whole thing in.  As mentioned before, Brutus Magnus scored the pinfall on Scott Steiner who was laid out by a 3D.  Odd finish, as both Booker T and Magnus broke up the pin, Booker went out of the ring for the fall and was shocked that Magnus would pin Steiner, Brother Devon slowly rolled away and watched the match end.
  • The stewing love/hate between Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle continued when Angle called out Morgan who continued to play like he completely agreed with Angle…far too much so.  Sting and AJ Styles then entered, with Sting asking Morgan why he would be Angle’s pawn.  Uh…correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t Morgan playing it like he’s aware of this?  Angle denied violently, and when Morgan yelled the fact out, he seemed to be cool with it.  By this point I had absolutely no idea where this was going.  More on that later.
  • Lauren had a rather strange interview with referee Earl Hebner about his disqualification of Hernandez last week.  He responded by acting like a total dick to her.  I know TNA is pushing a ‘more authority to the refs’ thing (because it’s not like there aren’t enough authority figures in TNA), but this is how they demonstrate it?  Are they trying to turn the refs heel?
  • It seems that the Mick Foley/Kevin Nash and Dr. Stevie/Abyss feuds are mixing together.  Foley put Stevie in a match with Abyss to collect his own bounty (seriously), then Nash attacked after Abyss’s victory, only for Foley to make the save.  Oh, Dr. Stevie doesn’t want to be called Stevie Richards…just so you know.
  • Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney and Alissa Flash in the Knockouts tag tournament, which is a shame since I would love to see Alissa Flash end up fighting Raesha Saeed.  Sarita remains one of my favorite things to watch on TNA, but hearing Taz make lame Hispanic jokes is painfully awkward.
  • I love watching Suicide in action, but hearing an interview with him reminds me just how lame the gimmick is.  Seriously, the game’s in the discount bin at pretty much every store I go to – how long does Kaz have to keep this up?
  • The Motor City Machine guns set up their own commentary table and spent half the show at ringside.  That sounds interesting, but it really wasn’t.  Commentary would switch to them occasionally for some jokes, and then go right back to Tenay and Taz.  Nothing whatsoever came of this.
  • Jay Lethal (whose Macho Man gimmick has reverted to his mid 80’s look) came up short against D’Angelo Dinero.  Dinero is supposed to be a heel here (with Suicide as the face), but the crowd seems to love him.  They’ve finally come up with a new name for the Elijah Express, too.  It’s now the DDE: the D’Angelo Dinero Express.  Not kidding – that’s really the name of it.  No Consequences Creed this week, thanks to the ‘heightened authority’ of the referees.
  • The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and her “mystery” partner, the returning Roxxi.  I put that in quotations because TNA announced Roxxi’s return on Twitter a couple weeks ago.  It really took the shock out of the return, and the crowd didn’t seem to into it either.  Rayne took the loss for the Beautiful People to move on in the tournament…or whatever’s going to happen with the departure of Angelina Love.
  • You want inexcusable?  Try two interview segments and one match with Cody Deaner.  Still in the god-awful ‘King of the Knockouts’ story, Deaner demanded an MMA match against a Knockout.  When Borash and Foley laughed about Foley’s plan, I thought for sure he’d get Awesome Kong as an opponent, but instead he got Tara.  After getting the crap knocked out of him, Kong interfered and knocked Tara out, which the ref of course thought Deaner did and gave him the win…which led to ANOTHER interview in which he pretty much repeated what he said to Foley.  No ODB this week, and their match at the PPV was not mentioned.  If they announced a public execution of Cody Deaner at the PPV, I’d slap down $30 for it.
  • To keep the Lashley/Rhino thing going, there was black and white “security camera” footage from a gym in which Rhino praised Lashley, then attacked him.  Yipee.
  • The match between AJ Styles and Daniels against Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe was as good as one would assume these four would give on an episode of Impact – which is pretty good.  For some reason, the ref had no problem with Sting and Matt Morgan being at ringside (obviously not as much trouble as that damn Consequences Creed).  The finish came when Kurt Angle had Matt Morgan hold up a chair to throw AJ into.  Morgan watched as AJ reversed the whip, but happily kept the chair up as Angle smashed into it and got rolled up for the win.  Angle berated Morgan and smacked him, leading to Morgan snapping and demolishing him in the ring.  So after all this buildup, it seems that Morgan didn’t have some great plan and was trying to mock or fool Kurt Angle.  He was legitimately siding with him until Angle hit him and that was that.  What a letdown.

Overall, it was a pretty packed episode of Impact.  Hopefully next week we’ll see less World Elite and no Cody Deaner.  At least Booker T kept his mouth shut for a change.


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