Post “Bragging Rights”: 10/30 Smackdown

After watching this week SD (I missed last week’s), I’ve come to the following conclusions: Vince and Teddy Long are a great team, Batista’s lost his mind, C.M. Punk is the best heel on SD, and Chris Jericho has the absolute best nicknames for people ever.

-The Opening: Long came out to congratulate the SD team on their win at the PPV. He also announced the the Big Show had agreed to help SD in exchange for a World Title shot at Survivor Series (kinda odd, being that Show is a Raw wrestler). Jericho comes out, gloats that he was the “hero” of the SD team, and demanded the title shot be given to him, not Big Show. Kane then comes out, reminds Jericho that he was also a SD co-captain, and said that *he* should have the shot… this lead to an altercation and Long making the main event: Jericho vs. Kane, winner goes to Survivor Series and faces Undertaker and Big Show in a (now) Triple Threat Match for the title. Interesting… Read more of this post


The Superstars Rundown 10/29/09

This weeks Superstars rundown:

Jack Swagger vs. Primo

The All-American, American kept his winning streak alive picking up the win against the fast-paced offense of Primo.

Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox

Kelly Kelly couldn’t keep the momentum from her hometown win this week falling to the brutal scissors kick of A Fox.

Zack Ryder vs. Tyler Reks

A new webshow couldn’t help T. Reks this week as Ryder hits the Zack Attack for the win. Woo! Woo! Woo! You know it!

Cryme Tyme & R-Truth vs. The Hart Dynasty & Mike Knox

Six man tag action closed the night with R-Truth helping give the hood life duo that extra little bit to defeat their evenly match Canadian counterparts The Hart Dynasty.  Mike Knox has an amazing beard.


A Fuming Regal Continues His Extreme Rampage

The evening opened with the introduction of an introduction. No kidding, new ring announcer Lauren Mayhew introduced Tony Atlas who then introduced Abraham Washington.

The special guest of the night was none other than ECW GM Tiffany. This meant that not only would the hard-hitting questions be asked but that Abraham Washington would run his mouth less (his words).

Abe’s series of questions went as follows after making it quite clear that Tiffany is in fact “hot”:

1. What was with the lack of ECW involvment in that Sunday’s PPV Event Bragging Rights?  Answer:  The statement was absurd as that even though no current ECW superstars were involved that night, a good majority of the performers at Bragging Rights got their start in the ECW ring or made their impact in WWE while in ECW.

2. What’s up with “that jacked up Irish Ronald McDonald” moving to RAW? Answer: If you don’t want to be on ECW, she doesn’t want you here either. With that said, Tiffany stated that even though she allowed Sheamus to go to RAW that he would have one final match on ECW against Shelton Benjamin.

3. How’s your arm? Answer: Healing nicely. Though that’s all she was able to say as William Regal interrupted with Kozlov and Jackson in tow imploring her one last time to give him what he wants and deserves, an ECW Championship match. She informed Regal that he doesn’t deserved a title shot and that as far as she’s concerned may never see a title match while on ECW.

Tiffany left and William Regal went crazy destroying the set of The Abraham Washington show.

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Hulk Hogan and TNA

The big announcement has been made.  Hulk Hogan has signed with TNA.  Are you excited?  Hulkamania will be running wild again!

If you are anything like me, then you have very mixed feelings about this whole thing.  Yes, Hulk Hogan was the first veritable mainstream SUPERSTAR of professional wrestling and carried the business for years.  But that was decades ago.  Now, he’s a 56 year old in rough shape who hasn’t been active full-time in over six years (if you buy that Mr. America actually was Hogan).  So what can a Hulk Hogan return bring to TNA?  What does it mean for the rest of the roster?  Is this a step forward or backward for the upstart promotion?

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Hulk Hogan coming to TNA

Hulk Hogan has signed with TNA and is bringing Eric Bischoff with him.  He’ll be appearing on Impact this Thursday.

Wow – totally didn’t see this one coming.  I’ll post my thoughts about this later.

Until then, enjoy a promo put together for Impact using only two pictures of Hogan:

Big Show pays the price: WWE Raw 10/27/09

It wasn’t personal.  Just business.

That was the reasoning behind Big Show’s betrayal of Team Raw at Bragging Rights.  Though still claiming to be a proud member of the Raw roster, Big Show revealed that he used his position as tag team champion to negotiate a deal with Smackdown GM Teddy Long in which he would be #1 contender for Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship in exchange for handing the 14-man tag match to Smackdown.  So nothing personal, guys.  Just had to be done.

But the Raw roster would not be so easily appeased.  As a punishment of sorts, Big Show was forced to square off against Triple H.  To make matters worse, the match became no-DQ with John Cena as the referee and members of the Raw roster serving as lumberjacks.  Though Big Show put up a valiant effort and even took out a couple Raw superstars, he ended up falling prey to numerous finishers from the various superstars before finally succumbing to Triple H’s Pedigree.  The Raw roster was vindicated from its loss at Bragging Rights, and Big Show was treated as a traitor who sold out his brand.

But as Cena celebrated with DX in the ring, the guest hosts Kyle Busch and Joey Lagano dropped a bombshell.  John Cena’s opponents for Survivor Series would be both Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match.  Not so happy after that one.

As for the rest of the show…

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Concussions prevented Nigel McGuiness in WWE?

It seemed to be a pretty big deal when the relationship between ROH star Nigel McGuiness and the WWE broke down, sending the British star to TNA as Desmond Wolfe.  It was leaked that he had failed a ‘pre-screening’ which TNA does not have.  From what I’ve been reading, it looks like McGuiness’s history of concussions was the deciding factor in the WWE deal (he said he suffered ‘two or three’ this year, but wasn’t really sure).

And you cannot blame the WWE for this.  Even if McGuiness is completely fine to compete, the WWE cannot take a risk with a history of concussions.  Not since Chris Benoit, whose brain had suffered extraordinary damage over the years of his high risk actions in the ring.  Concussions are a huge problem in professional wrestling, and there is really no good prevention for them (besides toning down moves or wearing helmets).  Just ask Chris Nowinski or even Bret Hart.