Opening Match: 1st SD Blog

(from October 11th, 2009)

Smackdown (complete with new theme music, intro, and set) started off with GM Teddy Long praising the Undertaker on winning his 7th World Title at the PPV and pumping up the upcoming pay-per-view “Bragging Rights”. He especially mentioned the Raw (?!) Main Event- John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title, in an Iron Man Match-  and its stipulations: If Cena wins, he is the Champion; if Orton wins, Cena leaves Raw. Long sent a message to Cena: “depending on your match at Bragging Rights, you are always welcome to come back to Smackdown!” This brought out a hobbling C.M. Punk, who wasn’t exactly thrilled about having John Cena on Smackdown. He also wasn’t too thrilled about being beltless and demanded his mandatory rematch. *This* brought out the Chairman, Mr. McMahon. McMahon chastised Long (again) about “provoking the Undertaker” (with giving Punk his rematch, I assume)… and proceeded to instead “announce for Teddy Long” a Fatal 4-Way Title Match at Bragging Rights: Undertaker, defending against C.M Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Batista (more on this in a moment).

Match of the Night: Intercontinental Title Match- John Morrison (c.) defeats Dolph Ziggler

This was yet another amazing match involving the IC Title, a trend that goes back to the Mysterio-Jericho feud of the summer. Plenty of fast-paced action, huge counters, and many close near-falls made this a very entertaining match. Having Maria at ringside didn’t hurt, either. Towards the end, Dolph Ziggler propped the chair that Maria was sitting in against the ring apron outside, to use it later. After kicking Morrison away from him, Ziggler reached for chair… only to realize that Maria was sitting in it again. That momentary distraction got him a spinning heel kick to face… and another IC Title loss on his record. Ziggler then ended his relationship with Maria backstage, after the match, saying that there’s no room for her in his personal life. Ouch.

“Broken Code”- Dud Match of the Night: Honestly, there really wasn’t a “dud” match on the card but if forced to pick one, it would be R-Truth and Matt Hardy vs. Kane and Drew McIntyre. The match was a decent match but the crowd was absolutely dead, except for R-Truth’s intro.

The rest of the card:

-Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho. Very good opening match. I’m still not sure how many times it will take Mysterio to learn not to jump at Jericho while Jericho’s standing- at *least* 3 times, his leaps were countered into the Walls Of Jericho.

-Michelle Cool defeated Eve Mendes. Eve showed a lot more fight and ability than I thought she would have against McCool but it still wasn’t enough. Somewhere down the road, I would like to see McCool against Beth Phoenix- Phoenix may be the only person that can match size and viciousness with Michelle McCool.

-the Undertaker made a rare appearance! His promo could be summed up like this: “Rey- your heart won’t save your soul. Punk- you escaped Hell In A Cell relatively intact- you won’t escape me again at Bragging Rights. Batista- your size and rage won’t save you.” It was a pretty decent promo by the Dead Man. The question with the Undertaker is how much more does he have in him?

-Main Event: C.M Punk vs. Batista. Good back-and-forth match, with Punk using his kicks and strikes while Batista used his size and strength advantage to take control of the match towards the end. What Batista didn’t use was his ring awareness. As both competitors were outside the ring, Batista tried to deliver the Batista Bomb to Punk on the floor; Punk held on to the ropes to counter it. As the count of 8, Punk kicked Batista in the face, breaking up the Batista Bomb attempt, and rolled in the ring… while Batista got counted out. Victory for Punk, 1st loss for Batista on SD since returning from his arm injury.

Superstar Of The Night: Teddy Long. Poor Teddy Long- he can’t seem to catch a break! He tries to come out at the beginning of the show to congratulate the Undertaker and hype up “Bragging Rights”, only to have C.M. Punk interrupt him and demand a rematch. When he goes to make the match, Mr. McMahon comes out and accuses him of provoking the Undertaker… then makes a match FOR Teddy that would provoke Taker even more. And the ultimate insult for Teddy Long?? Going back into his office and seeing Vickie Guerrero, snuggled up with her “boyfriend”. Uggggh! It’s now easy being the SD GM, playa.

Let’s see what happens next week, with the PPV being 2 weeks away at that time!


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