Looking at the Divas trade

When Jillian pinned Mickie James for the Divas championship on Raw, it was pretty obvious something was afoot.  Suspicions were warranted when guest host Nancy O’Dell announced a three-brand Divas trade.  So, for the third time this year, we get another roster swap.  Here’s what was announced:

From Raw to ECW
Rosa Mendes

From Raw to Smackdown
Beth Phoenix
Mickie James

From ECW to Raw
The Bella Twins

From Smackdown to Raw

Raw gets a one-diva boost to its roster, but it really comes out the loser here, as while Melina is an excellent performer, Eve and the Bellas do not make up for the loss of both Mickie James and Beth Phoenix.  Eve gets yanked from the middle of her involvement with Cryme Tyme, much like Alicia Fox was from DJ Gabriel when she was traded from ECW.  ECW gets Rosa Mendes, who will probably go into the role of valet.  If something happens with Katie Lea and the Hurricane, maybe Mendes will be the new help for Paul Birchill.

This is the Bella Twins third move this year, going from Smackdown to Raw, then to ECW, and now back to Raw.  Likewise, Melina was drafted from Raw to Smackdown earlier in the year, only to return now.  This is the first move for Mickie James, Eve and Beth Phoenix off their original brands.


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