Raw is Legacy: WWE Raw 10/13/09

As I commented last week, with only two weeks before Bragging Rights, the WWE is in fast forward to get everything set up for the show.  It looks as if the original idea of having the winners of each match move on to a combined main event has been abandoned, and now we’re getting a 7-on-7 Raw vs. Smackdown match…for nothing more than bragging rights.  See what they did there?

The leaders of Team Raw were announced as DeGeneration X and guest host Nancy O’Dell gave Triple H the power to book qualifying matches to make up his team.  We’ll get those shortly.  His biggest one, though, was announcing Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena with either member of Legacy joining Team Raw upon victory, but neither joining if John Cena wins.  The match went on mainly as a double team, until a Randy Orton distraction gave Cody Rhodes the unexpected win after he rolled up Ted DiBiase.  In the post-match confusion, O’Dell announced that they would both be in action again, teaming up against another team who weren’t getting along – John Cena and Randy Orton.

Shaky booking aside, the later match went pretty much like the first, with both members of Legacy teaming up on John Cena until Randy Orton tagged himself in and unloaded on his own partner.  Then the totally shocking moment happened – Ted DiBiase rolled up Randy Orton and got the pinfall win.  Both members of Legacy left up the ramp while Orton seethed…until he turned around right into an Attitude Adjustment, care of John Cena.  It was definitely a huge night for Legacy, and their momentum continues to soar.

  • This show was a Triple H detractor’s biggest fear.  The Game was all over the show – goofing with Shawn Michaels, outsmarting Jerishow, and even getting the final rub of the evening when the show ended with the announcement of John Cena vs. Triple H next week…for some reason.  John Cena was noticably concerned about this, which really doesn’t work with him.  Oh well – he was still funny, and the bit with Shawn Michaels singing his own voice mail message was hilarious.
  • Chris Jericho is the captain of Team Smackdown (which probably means they’ll be losing) and tried to recruit Big Show onto his team until Triple H did the classic ‘so he’s better than you’ schtick and got Show mad.  Triple H booked Big Show’s qualifying match against Jericho, and the end came when Jericho got counted out while trying to trick Big Show.  Of course, being that Jericho slid in and was then pulled back out, the count should have restarted, but that’s the finish.  Are we seeing the end of Jerishow?
  • On the subject of shocking upsets, Jillian Hall pinned Mickie James for the Divas Championship.  Sure, Mickie was in the ropes, allowing her to save face, but the win was still a total surprise.  Then, of course, when O’Dell came out and announced a divas trade she made, bringing Melina to Raw, it was obvious that Melina was going to win the match.  And she did.  Poor Jillian.
  • Michael Cole said that Melina’s philosophy has always been ‘You never know what’s possible until you try.’  For some reason, I don’t think that was the case when she was managing MNM.  Just saying.
  • The Chavo Guerrero/Hornswoggle mess continued its descent into abysmal.  Hornswoggle dressed up as Shawn Michaels for no reason, then Chavo complained about not being considered for a spot on Team Raw…only to get kicked in the balls by Maria Menounos.  Man, he’s lucky he’s a Guerrero, or I’d assume he’s next in line to be wished well in future endeavors.
  • Jack Swagger took on MVP for a spot on Team Raw, with mention being made to Swagger’s promise to go undefeated for the rest of the year.  This was tweaked a little to say ‘undefeated on Raw for the rest of the year, which I suppose opens up the possibility of being eliminated at Bragging Rights.  Oh, did I mention Swagger won?  Because he did.
  • Kofi Kingston had an awesome match against Evan Bourne for another spot on Team Raw and pulled the win.  It’s a real shame that Bourne seems to be an enhancement talent now.  He’s incredible to watch.  But, of course, Kofi’s a definite rising star, even without his U.S. title, and he continues to go.
  • Beth Phoenix learned she had been traded to Smackdown and threatened the guest hosts because of it.  This led to the booking of a six-diva match between Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes against Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and special guest Maria Menounos.  The match wasn’t bad (and definitely friendly on the eyes), and finished with Kelly getting the pin on Rosa.  And by the way, I absolutely love Kelly Kelly’s finisher.
  • The Miz announced that he would be having a match against former partner and current IC champion John Morrison at Bragging Rights.  You may recall that when Miz was drafted to Raw, he attacked Morrison, effectively ending their longtime, Slammy Award winning team.  Oh, and the crowd really seems to be getting into Miz’s ‘I’m awesome’ catchphrase…sort of.
  • It was announced that the final spot of Team Raw will be decided on Superstars between Mark Henry and Chris Masters.  Spoiler alert – Mark Henry wins, or I eat my hat.

Looking Back
Wow – there was a lot crammed into this episode of Raw.  Nancy O’Dell was one of the better hosts thus far, and she seemed very comfortable with all that she had to say/do.  Maria Menounos had a good interview session, and did surprisingly well in the ring.  The reasoning behind the Divas trade, however, was a little shaky.  Apparently, O’Dell actually had the power over the weekend to make roster moves with Teddy Long and Tiffany.  This is a bit of a stretch from the ‘guest host’ into ‘guest GM’ role.  Raw really needs an authority figure.

The Raw vs. Smackdown match seems like it’s a quickly put together replacement for the original concept when they realized that a 60 minute Iron Man match would take up over a third of the show.  I’m hoping that it’s elimination, rather than sudden death – but I lack confidence in this.  Also, I’d like to see a stipulation for the winning team – like a draft pick of anyone from the losing team.  It would make the match seem much more important.

I don’t think a DX Triple H works by himself.  He always comes off as better than everyone else, which plays off Shawn Michaels’ childlike antics.  When he’s by himself, however, he just comes across as a cocky douche.  Hopefully, they make him more serious or even turn him heel before long.


2 Responses to Raw is Legacy: WWE Raw 10/13/09

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    Nancy O’Dell was the guest host. Maria Menounos was just had the interaction with Beth, kicked Chavo and participated in the 6-Diva tag match. O’Dell did everything else.

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