Quick look at Superstars

  • Hate to say I called it, but I totally called it.  Mark Henry, despite selling an injured knee, took down Chris Masters and took the final spot on Team Raw.  They now have Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry.  Thus far, team Smackdown has Chris Jericho.
  • When Vladimir Kozlov takes on Tommy Dreamer, it’s not too hard to guess who’s going to be winning.  During the match, Tommy’s elbow was noticably swollen again, and it looked pretty disgusting.  Kozlov got the win – but you already knew that.
  • John Morrison and CM Punk had an excellent bout – by far the best I’ve seen on Superstars in a while.  While Jim Ross was MIA from the Smackdown broadcast booth, the Miz came out to do commentary with Todd Grisham.  While he’s certainly no Matt Striker, the Miz did well at the table and reestablished the anger between the two that hadn’t been seen since Morrison caused Miz to get drafted to Raw.  The finish came when Miz entered the ring and stomped on Punk, causing Morrison to get disqualified.

Not a bad episode.  Two of the matches were overly predictable, though.  Why would we think that Chris Masters had a shot at getting on Team Raw?  The same held true for Evan Bourne when he took on Kofi Kingston (which is a shame for Bourne).  I loved the finish of the Punk/Morrison match, as the Miz did what the heel should want to do – not so much attack your rival, but cause him to lose.  With the focus being on Miz/Morrison, there wasn’t much mention of the storied past Punk and Morrison had in ECW.  But I suppose that’s not relevant anymore.


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