A Fuming Regal Continues His Extreme Rampage

The evening opened with the introduction of an introduction. No kidding, new ring announcer Lauren Mayhew introduced Tony Atlas who then introduced Abraham Washington.

The special guest of the night was none other than ECW GM Tiffany. This meant that not only would the hard-hitting questions be asked but that Abraham Washington would run his mouth less (his words).

Abe’s series of questions went as follows after making it quite clear that Tiffany is in fact “hot”:

1. What was with the lack of ECW involvment in that Sunday’s PPV Event Bragging Rights?  Answer:  The statement was absurd as that even though no current ECW superstars were involved that night, a good majority of the performers at Bragging Rights got their start in the ECW ring or made their impact in WWE while in ECW.

2. What’s up with “that jacked up Irish Ronald McDonald” moving to RAW? Answer: If you don’t want to be on ECW, she doesn’t want you here either. With that said, Tiffany stated that even though she allowed Sheamus to go to RAW that he would have one final match on ECW against Shelton Benjamin.

3. How’s your arm? Answer: Healing nicely. Though that’s all she was able to say as William Regal interrupted with Kozlov and Jackson in tow imploring her one last time to give him what he wants and deserves, an ECW Championship match. She informed Regal that he doesn’t deserved a title shot and that as far as she’s concerned may never see a title match while on ECW.

Tiffany left and William Regal went crazy destroying the set of The Abraham Washington show.

Sheamus vs. Shelton Benjamin

With Sheamus now on RAW I thought we’d never get closure on the rivalry between these two but fortunately that wasn’t the case. The Celtic Warrior and The Gold Standard squared off for the final time.  Sheamus trying to send a message to the RAW roster while Benjamin trying to prove that his nine-year WWE career was more than just “mediocre.” The match was everything you’d expect from the two ending with Shelton taking a hotshot off the ropes and a Pump Kick to the head giving Sheamus the win as he leaves the Land of Extreme.

Hurricane vs. Paul Burchill next week

In between matches Paul Burchill asked Gregory Helms to deliver a message to his close personal friend The Hurricane to meet him in the ring next week. Helms said The Hurricane would get the message and would be there next week. How he’s sure of this I don’t know because superheroes have a very hectic schedule. Also, Rosa Mendes is REALLY happy to be in ECW. Just ask her.

ECW Championship Match

Christian vs. Yoshi Tatsu

This match was hands down amazing to watch as both superstars brought it all. Counters, pins, reversals, high-flying maneuvers, hard pounding kicks and punches and so many close 2 counts that all of Japan may have dropped in anxiety. But it wasn’t the night for the rising star Yoshi Tatsu as ECW Champion Christian dropped the Killswitch for the win. Christian, seeing himself as a mentor to the young superstar went to aid Tatsu after the match only for both superstars to be attack by a seething William Regal and his Ruthless Roundtable.

Extreme Extra Of The Week

I decided to give this section where I usually rant on the minor roster changes and random miscellaneousness a name. You like? Awesome! Due to what I would assume is the current health problems of Smackdown commentator and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, ECW’s commentator Matt Striker will be manning the Smackdown table for at least a while bring back the Slammy Award Winning duo of Striker and Grisham. Who has taken our teacher’s spot? New color commentator Byron Saxton who quite frankly was very enjoyable to listen to. ECW’s new broadcast team incredibly energetic to hear.  So good things are expected out of this duo from me.

Superstar Of The Week

Because of the epic awesomeness of the match and outcome there are two winners of this award: ECW Champion Christian and for the second week in a row Yoshi Tatsu. Congratulations!


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