Regal Gets His Title Match In The U.K.

The night started off with ECW’s own late night talk show, The Abraham Washington Show with special guest Yoshi Tatsu. Due to the kind of hecticness of the show I’ll sum it up as quickly as possible.

Lauren Mayhew announces Tony Atlas who announces Abraham Washington. Abe makes the easy joke on British oral hygiene, Tony laughs, Yoshi Tatsu arrives and explains he doesn’t speak English well, Abe and Tastu share uncomfortable chain of “thank you’s”, Tony laughs, Rush Hour reference made, Tony laughs, Tatsu laughs like Tony, Abe ends the show in frustration telling Tatsu to wave bye, Tatsu bows, Abe and Tony leave, Tatsu waves bye. Whew!

Paul Burchill vs. Goldust

One week before his Mask vs Career match against the Hurricane, “The Ripper” Paul Burchill was set to pick up some momentum with the win despite the bad crowd reaction (which was nicely explained by Byron Saxton and Josh Matthews with a north/south rivalry between Burchill’s hometown and the town they were in), but even The Miz gets cheered in Cleveland. The “Emerald Knight” Hurricane showed up providing enough distraction for Goldust to pick up the win with “The Final Cut”.

Vance Archer vs. Jason Blackwell

The intense new superstar Vance Archer picks up an easy victory against local competitor Jason Blackwell. Archer looked intense or at least as intense as one can look with a lower back tat.

ECW Championship Match

ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal

ECW Championship excluding, Christian and Regal have evenly matched “WWE” careers: Regal has been Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion and King of the Ring while Christian has been Intercontinental Champion, World Tag Team Champion and held the trophy for King of the Ring as if he won for several months.

That being said the match was exactly what you’d expect from two great performers. Back and forth, several counters and even finishing move kick outs on both sides. But with his Ruthless Round Table barred from ringside Regal could find a win against the champ Christian. Christian hits the Killswitch for the pinfall.

Superstar Of The Week

Peeps around the world rejoice as your champion Christian is this weeks ECW Superstar of the Week. With the odds stacked against him in foreign soil “The Instant Classic” retained his Championship.

Extreme Extra of the Week

Zack Ryder gets his rematch against Shelton Benjamin this week on Superstars but tonight Ryder was backstage waiting for the lovely Rosa Mendes. He told he she did great last week as ring announcer. She thought she did too. He then confessed that he liked her and that even though his bros thought Rosa was the reason he lost his match last week he still would like her to accompany him at ringside sometime. She said that be nice and left.

Cue fantasy dream sequence #2!: Hands were held, Eskimo kisses were given and they skipped off down the hall. That’s right, hand-in-hand skipping! Woo! Woo! Woo!…You know it!


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