And therein lies the problem

Take a look at this picture, lifted directly from the TNA website:

For those not gifted with good readin’ skills, it says: Exclusive Interview: STING discussing HULK HOGAN and his future in TNA Wrestling.

Now keep in mind that Sting has been gone for a month, since losing his title shot against AJ Styles at Bound for Glory.  Also keep in mind that no one is sure what Sting will do in regards to his future.  Sting’s return is a big deal.

Now read that again.  What seems more important to TNA?

Hulk Hogan will not be on Impact tonight.  Hell, TNA still only seems to have two pictures of Hogan back from the press conference.  Hogan has done NOTHING on TNA, yet they still bow to him in every possible way.  And this is the problem with Hogan and TNA at this point.  Hogan will not be what is needed to take TNA to the next level.  Sure, over a decade ago, Hogan was a part of the stable that put WCW over the WWF, but also remember that Hogan had been in WCW for two years before that point.  It was really the help of the younger guys that did it.  And when the nWo became too big?  Too full of itself?  It collapsed.  And WCW never could figure out what to do later.

I see TNA walking in WCW’s footsteps more and more with each mention of Hogan on Impact.  The way it’s going, this will not end well.


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