Kanertaker vs. Big Cho; Countdown to Survivor Series: 11/20 SD

A lot of hype over the reuniting of Kane and The Undertaker… C.M. Punk gives one of the best promos of his SD career- and pays for it… Mickie James in tears… Ziggler/Morrison again… Vickie’s baaaack!… and more….Let me start off by saying that there was no real “Broken Code” match this week; this was a very solid Smackdown from top to bottom:

Batista d. Matt Hardy. This was the opening match and it was a much better match than the one that they had 2 or 3 weeks ago! Hardy got in a lot more offense this time but succumbed to 3(!) spinebusters and a Batista Bomb. After the match, a very focused Batista told Josh Matthews that Rey Mysterio made 3 mistakes: 1) he cost Batista the World Title, 2) he embarrassed him on SD last week, and 3) he signed the “No Liable for Harm Caused” contract (or whatever it was called), and at SD, Rey wouldn’t make any of those mistakes again. Ooooh….

-We found out in a backstage segment with Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero, and Mr. McMahon that, to get Long off of Probation, Vickie was now the new Consultant to the GM of SD. There was much screeching and dancing by Vickie- it was scarier than you might think.

Drew McIntyre d. Finlay. McIntyre won the match with his double-underhook DDT but not before he took a 3 minute beating from Finlay that would make the MMA proud… the only wrestling moves in the match were a takedown (by Finlay at the start of the match) and McIntyre’s finisher. Entertaining but short match.

C.M. Punk promo; interrupted by the Superstar of the Night: R-Truth. Punk’s interviews and promo just keep getting better and better to me. In this one, he brings out 3 buckets with ‘X’s on them- one has a carton of cigarettes, one has a bottle of pills, and the 3rd (which actually got a pretty big cheer from the crowd) had a 5th of whiskey. He talked about how he was going to survive this weekend and how ppl could survive by not using the things he brought out. *This* brought out R-Truth. His message: “The ‘Truth’ is that people can make their own decisions about what they do or don’t use…. and The ‘Truth’ is that I don’t like you.” A DDT and a bucket full of cigs/whiskey later, Punk is covered and on the mat while Truth is walking back up the ramp. Nice to see him being paired with one of the main eventers.

2 out of 3 Falls IC Title Match: John Morrison d. Dolph Ziggler. VERY good match between these 2 again! Morrison wins the 1st fall after rolling up Ziggler. Ziggler wins #2 with a nasty looking ZigZag. Morrison wins the final fall with Starship Pain. A lot of offense, esp. by Ziggler but he once again couldn’t put Morrison away. I wonder if this match ended this rivalry for the IC Title…?

Tyson Kidd d. Rey Mysterio. This was reminiscent of a match that Rey and Evan Bourne had back in the spring- a lot of aerial offense and counters. When Kidd was knocked to the outside, Rey went to the top rope for what appeared to be a leap. Batista (who was sitting ringside) threw Kidd to the side, giving him the DQ win. Rey then proceeded to go outside, leap onto Batista, and generally make him look like a big, slow idiot (which isn’t that hard to do).

Mickie James d. Layla. This match was strange… it was over in about 60-90 seconds; if you blinked, you probably missed it. Then a weird video aired with Michelle McCool singing “Old McDonald” to Mickie… er, “Piggie” James. Mickie ended up leaving the ring in tears. My question is this: with all that’s happened to Mickie James, why would THIS make her cry? Maybe I missed something.

Match of the Night: Kane/Undertaker vs. Big Show/Jericho- no contest. Before this match, Big Show was trying to calm down an increasingly panicking Jericho in the locker room. As Show was leaving, the lights went out… 3 seconds later, they came back on and Show was gone, which sent Jericho into “flip out” mode. The camera pans over…. and there’s Big Show with his hands on the light switch and a cheesy grin on his face. To the match- a lot of hard-hitting and high-impact moves. The crowd was completely into this match. Show KO’s Taker with a punch after Jericho got Chokeslammed. Show helped Jericho to his feet… and got Codebreakered. SD ended with Jericho on the ramps, holding his titles, while Undertaker and Big Show were laying in the ring, glaring at him.

This was a great setup for Survivor Series on Sunday!



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