Shenanigans are Afoot: 12/4 SD

1st: Condolences go out to the family of Eddie “Umaga/Jamal” Fatu, who passed away of an apparent heart attack on Friday, in a Houston hospital.

Shenanigans were aplenty this Friday: A Corn Fed, Straight-Edged Colossus speaks; The Animal sends another message to the Deadman; Vickie sends a message to Eric; The Scotsman gets a title shot; and more….Kane d. Mike Knox. Oh poor Smackdown roster- Kane didn’t get the #1 Contender’s spot from Chris Jericho a few weeks back. So now he’s gonna take it out on everyone else. Mike Knox was the 1st victim, via a ruthless chokeslam.

“Broken Code”: Jerishow d. Cryme Tyme. The match was OK; it’s the fact that Big Show KO’d Shad as soon as he got into the ring that made this match the dud of the night. Are the powers-to-be trying to build up Show as an unstoppable monster (which he was stopped at the last PPV) or are they moving Cryme Tyme to the “Charlie Haas/Funaki” wing of the roster: jobbers extreme?…

Undertaker calls out Batista… and for the 2nd straight week, is left laying in the ring via a sneak attack,  chair shots, and a spinebuster. I like the fact that Batista has totally brutalized Taker recently but I don’t think this is going to play out at TLC because of WWE’s PG rating (a rant for another day… soon). Still, it makes for a more intriguing matchup than the Batista-Mysterio one a few weeks ago.

R-Truth d. C.M. Punk (DQ). I really like this feud- Punk seems to be bringing out the best in R-Truth (much like he did with Jeff Hardy). This was again an entertaining, hard-hitting match. Truth had built some momentum… then Festus… er, Luke Gallows… attacked from the outside (that reverse full-nelson-into-a-sitdown-powerbomb finisher by Gallows is SICK!). Afterwards, Gallows thanked Punk for being “his savior” and for getting him off a painkiller addiction (slightly veiled message from the WWE Front Offices?). Good overall segment.

The Hart Dynasty d. Eric Escobar. A message to Escobar: don’t ridicule Vickie Guerrero when she’s in power- bad things will happen to you. Like the Hart Dynasty’s finisher from the top rope. And Vickie trying to turn your head sideways with a slap.

Mickie James d. Beth Phoenix and Natalya: new #1 Contender. This was a very decent match. Beth Phoenix hit Natalya with the Glam Slam but Mickie got the pin when she knocked Phoenix from the ring right afterwards. She then attacked Michelle McCool and Layla (watching at ringside) but had to be saved by… the returning Maria!?? Hmmm…

Match of the Night: Drew McIntyre d. John Morrison. That was not a typo- Morrison lost to McIntyre (with no weapons or outside interference) in an awesome match. McIntyre won with his double-underhook DDT after throwing Morrison into the ring post outside moments earlier. This earned McIntyre a shot at the IC Title at the PPV.

Superstar of the Night: Drew McIntyre. Beating the Intercontinental Champion CLEANLY in the ring and getting a title shot at a PPV should earn you “Superstar of the Night” status.

So, it was a crazy, action-filled episode of Smackdown. Will the Undertaker get some measure of revenge on Batista? What part will Maria play in the Mickie James-Michelle McCool feud? We’ll find out in 7 days!


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