A Little Taste Of TLC: ECW 12/8/09

With TLC six days away, ECW was ramping up for the event. The night started off with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson in the ring wanting to tear each others heads off. This has been building for months if you really think about it and the fans were eagerly anticipating it. Then William Regal came out and pleaded with the two (at one point even getting on his knees) to keep his “Ruthless Roundtable” together.

Then ECW Championship #1 Contender Shelton Benjamin came out and said “Let them fight!” He even got a chant going. But Regal seemed to have his men back on the same page stating that it was 3 on 1. Just then ECW Champion Christian and Yoshi Tatsu came out making it 3 on 3. Shots at William Regal were made and it seemed we were about to see it go down then but ECW GM Tiffany (fully recovered) came out giving the “Ruthless Roundtable” a choice: 6 man tag action or Kozlov vs. Jackson. It was 2 to 1 for 6 man tag with Jackson wanting to fight Kozlov.

Earlier that day Tiffany was meeting with her “new” masked superstars The Ripper and Beautiful Nightmare. Tiffany clearly aware that they were Paul and Katie Lea Burchill played along as best she could but insisted they still weren’t on ECW. Just then backstage reporter Gregory Helms entered prompting Tiffany to say a great line about the whole Justice League being there. This also gave her the idea. If The Ripper defeats The Hurricane next week, he’s on ECW. The Ripper told Helms he’d see him in the ring. Helms told The Ripper he’d see The Hurricane.

Vance Archer vs. Tommy Dreamer

Vance Archer got his first real taste of ECW’s competition as he went against the returning ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer is back after a gross elbow injury about a month ago. The crowd wasn’t really into the match as it started out as a “squash” but once Dreamer got the upper hand it started to get a little louder in the arena. Archer picked up the win and continues his methodical decimation of ECW. Savor these victory Archer. Savor them.

After the match Tommy Dreamer ran into Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes trying to decide who was sweeter (personally the cupcake Ryder was holding was sweeter with Rosa a close second and Ryder being “sweet bro”). Ryder scoffed at the ECW Original still being here. He continued that while The Miz and Jack Swagger never really liked Tommy that he himself used to be a fan, even so far as wanting to be Tommy Dreamer. Now he wants to be the man who takes out Tommy Dreamer. This could be a good fued especially if it leads to Tommy’s much-needed retirement from regular in-ring action.

 Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft vs. Local Competitors

This new duo must have taken notes from the crowd response last week as Croft & Barreta picked up the pace from the start. My favorite part was definitely when Barreta went for an apron slingshot move, stopped it, mockingly kicked his opponent in the head then laughed at him. Croft & Barreta pick up another win.

ECW Champion Christian, Shelton Benjamin & Yoshi Tatsu vs. William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson

The anticipated 6-man Main Event was everything you wanted and more. Both teams worked together for most of the match making frequent tags. Key notes: Benjamin spent most of the time in the ring for his team and Jackson only tagged Regal the entire match.

The Payoff: Benjamin made the hot tag to Tatsu who stunned Jackson and took out Regal. When Jackson went to tag Kozlov, Kozlov left the match via Jackson’s actions last week. Big Zeke would have none of it and chased after the Moscow Mauler attacking him from behind. Regal stopped Jackson urging him back to the ring but it was too late as the ref reached his 1o count.

Here’s where it gets good: Not only did the lose the match, but Regal & Jackson were attacked post match as Benjamin (who as stated was in the ring majority of the match) dive out on top of them both. Not wanting to be one upped, Christian got a ladder from out under the ring and went to retrieve his ECW Championship which had been hanging above the ring since pre-match. As Christian reached the belt at the top of the ladder, Benjamin climbs the ropes and springboards onto the ladder himself (actually breaking the ladder in the process), climbs up and grabs the belt too.

And that’s why Shelton Benjamin is the Superstar of the Week.


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