They did what now?: WWE TLC 12/13/09

In a PPV with six title matches (of seven total matches), there was bound to be a lot of news coming out of TLC, but nothing is generating more buzz than Sheamus’s win over John Cena.

That’s right – after a month of ‘smart’ fans going on and on and on about how Sheamus didn’t deserve the spot he was in, Sheamus defeated John Cena and became the WWE champion.  Not a hoax.  Not a fluke.  Sheamus put John Cena through a table and won the WWE title.  And I for one absolutely love it.  I’ll be writing an entry later today to say why this is a good thing, but for now, we’ll just leave it at that.  Sheamus is your WWE champion.

Batista, though, did not have the same luck.  And for that, you can thank Teddy Long.

While the idea of a ‘chair match’ was the least interesting of the marquee matches at TLC, the animosity between Batista and World champion Undertaker made up for it.  With Batista playing the heel this time around, he resorted to underhanded tactics to take down Taker.  How do you stop a deadman walking?  With a shot to the pills, apparently.  Batista hit the low blow and got the three count.  New champion!  New champion!

Except not so much.  Theodore Long, after months of being abused by Vince McMahon and Vickie Guerrero, finally took a stand as GM of Smackdown and announced that in a chair match, only chair shots were legal, so the match had to continue due to the illegal move.  Batista turned around right into a Tombstone, and the Undertaker’s reign continues.  Definitely expect to see fallout from this one on Friday night.

  • A ladder match between Chrisitan and Shelton Benjamin could hardly disappoint, but the new PG direction of the WWE was hurled at the fans when the referees stopped the match to treat a bleeding cut on Christian.  I’m sorry, but this is PPV.  Surely they could let that go just this once?  Anyway, Christian put Shelton through a ladder on the outside and climbed up to retain his ECW Championship.  This may be as close to the gold as the Gold Standard is going to get, methinks.
  • Sure, Vince McMahon’s endorsement didn’t do much for Elijah Burke a few years ago, but it seems to be working out for Drew McIntyre.  John Morrison managed to hit his Starship Pain finisher, but McIntyre got his foot under the ropes to keep him in the match.  I’m not clear as to why, but Morrison removed his belt from his attire, but as the ref turned to get it out of the ring, McIntyre gouged his eyes and hit the Scotch Drop and we have a new IC champion.  Take that, Dolph Ziggler.
  • Make a note of it, friends.  If two girls spend a month calling you fat, you will not get your comeuppance.  Such was the case for Mickie James, who fell to the numbers game after interference by Layla allowed Michelle McCool to get the win to defend her Women’s Championship.  Not sure this is the message you should be sending to your PG audience, but this feud is surely not over yet.
  • Randy Orton got the win over Kofi Kingston, which I’m going to go ahead and say is good for their feud.  Kingston has definitely been getting the better of Orton for the past couple months, and Orton could have used the win.  Of course, he went for the normal Orton tactics, but Kingston did manage to avoid the head punt, so I’m sure this will keep going, possibly costing them both the Royal Rumble match.  Of note is that Legacy did not interfere in this match.
  • The TLC match between DX and Jerishow really was a display of just how good a match all four participants can put on.  The Big Show’s size played into it heavily, with him pulling both HBK and HHH off of the ladder, breaking ladders to prevent their usage, and trying to piggyback Jericho up to grab the belts.  However, that move ultimately cost them the match, as DX downed Show, and Jericho spilled out of the ring into a table because of it.  HBK recovered the belts, and for the first time (at least since the New Age Outlaws), DX are the tag team champions.

Looking Back
This was a pretty good show, and a strong finish to the year.  I know a lot of people will be complaining about Sheamus as champion, but I’m interested in seeing what he does with the belt tonight on Raw.  Which is the entire point.  Also, DX has the opening to be on both Raw and Smackdown with the tag belts, but look for Jericho to be unceremoniously booted from Raw, probably by half the locker room.  Hopefully, this puts Jericho back into singles action, while DX needs a heel tag team to feud with.  Hart Dynasty?  Please?

So now we’re heading for the Royal Rumble, and that means the Road to Wrestlemania has begun.  This is the greatest 3-4 months in the sport – so buckle up.


2 Responses to They did what now?: WWE TLC 12/13/09

  1. nala310 says:

    Hey, Have to agree about the blood in the ladder match, it was going so good and then that just sorta slowed it down. I think Drew pulled the belt on Morrison and it came undone which is why he took it off. Mickie James just needs to leave the company, they have no respect for her at all, and do nothing good for her anyway. I was glad to see Sheamus score the win, nice to have fresh blood on top. Overall it was a great show from WWE, first good one in a while.

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  2. manof1004gimmicks says:

    I agree completely with the Hart Dynasty feud especially after their Superstars match against Slam Master J & Jimmy Wang Yang which was amazing.

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