To Be Continued: Raw 12/28/09

This week’s Raw was about continuing storylines.  Oh, and plugging Timbaland products.

There were two main foci of the show:  Jerishow versus DX, and Cena versus Sheamus.  Having been booted from Raw, Jericho was left outside, trying to get into the show.  The segments with Jericho were entertaining, as well as the one that included the Big Show, during which Show tells Jericho that it is time to move on.  However, Big Show does give Jericho and envelope (ticket to get in).  The DX segment contribution consisted of Triple H duct taping Hornswoggle to a skateboard, and bowling him into Jillian Hall.  Seriously.  The match was to be DX versus Big Show and a partner of his choosing.  His choice ended up being Chavo.  Why?  Because he can handle Hornswoggle, even though he has not been able to get the best of Hornswoggle…ever.  But whatever, it’s nice to see Chavo working with main eventers and not get completely buried.  Jericho is at ringside, and is visibly upset that Big Show found someone else.  After Chavo gets pinned, Jericho is outraged, jumps the barrier, and gets kicked for his trouble.  Title match set for next week’s show.  Jerishow lose, then that is it for the team.

Raw opened up with Cena coming out and working the crowd,  setting up a table, and lamenting how he lost the table match.  Sheamus comes out and denies Cena’s request for a table match rematch.  Cena puts Sheamus through said table for good measure.  Later in the show, while Cena is having an interview with Josh Matthews after a “friendly pat on the shoulder,” Sheamus gets his revenge.  In the match itself, Sheamus gets himself DQed, losing the match, but retaining the title.  Cena’s not happy and tries to beat up on Sheamus, but gets kicked in the face…twice.  Sheamus declares that Raw is his.  Happy day.

Timbaland appeared to be more of a celebrity guest, rather than a celebrity guest host.  He did not really do much to utilize the power of controlling Raw.  Every segment he was involved in was a cheap plug for his merchandise.  And the rolls on the back of his head freak me out.

Rest of the show.

  • Ted DiBiase vs. Evan Bourne–Shameless plug for The Marine 2, out today on Blu-ray and DVD.  This was match one set up by Orton  to test the worthiness of Legacy, again, after losing to a group that had never tagged before.  Fairly nice match, but short.  DiBiase pins Bourne after Bourne faceplants the bottom turnbuckle and hitting him with Dream Street.
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry–This was match two set up by Randy Orton.  Another okay but short match.  Rhodes picks up the win after what appears to be a let injury to Mark Henry. 
  • Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly–Match did not have time to really get started before it was over.  Kelly Kelly had a quick bit of offense, misses a move, and Maryse does her bit of offense, and gets the win.  Very quick match.  Maryse calls out Melina, and does some weird, creepy laughter.
  • McMahon segment–Vince comes out and addresses the Bret Hart rumors.  A montage, which includes the Montrel screwjob, is shown.  Vince says Hart will never guest host.  HBK comes out, and….demands a rematch with the Undertaker???  After Vince tells HBK that he would have to make that happen, the conversation moves back to Hart.  With a smile, HBK says that ‘good’ things would happen if Hart were to host.  With that, Vince agrees, and we get Bret Hart, yes the Bret Hart, hosting Raw next week.
  • Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz–In his one official decision, Timbaland states that if Kofi wins, he would get his U. S. title shot against the Miz that night.  Kofi hits The Miz with Trouble in Paradise as The Miz is coming off the top rope to win the first match.  The second match moves along well until Kofi connects with Trouble in Paradise again.  When he goes for the pin, Orton interferes, costing Kofi his title shot.  Orton then proceeds to beat up on him for a while, and sets a match between the two for next week.

Superstar of the Night-Randy Orton–Orton did not actually have a match, but he gets the nod over Cena and Sheamus after getting the best of Kofi Kingston.  It was a nice surprise moment when Orton interfered in the match.  Backstage, Kofi had been conversing with The Miz and MVP about who was gonna face who in the future for the U. S. title.  It gave the impression that the feud with Orton had run its course.  Personally, I look forward to another match between the two.  It has surprisingly been a really good feud.

Closing Thoughts–It seemed that this was a filler show, to lead up to next week.  Almost as if this show was not originally planned to happen.  For the most part, it was entertaining, but it was all stuff we’ve already seen and did not really need to happen.  The booking for the Jan. 4 show could have easily been set up off camera, and no one would think twice about it.

There is not a ‘match of the night’ because no match really lasted long enough to leave an impression on me.  They were not necessarily bad matches, but they were very rushed.  For a long time, I have thought that this was a problem affecting the Diva matches, but this week, it hit the entire roster.  One possible cause to this is that both main event feuds were segment heavy on this show.  I will complain about it again if this becomes a continuing trend.

Oh, and Bret Hart is coming back.  Wow.  More on this once I can wrap my mind around it.


One Response to To Be Continued: Raw 12/28/09

  1. Masked Marvel says:

    The Jericho bit reminded me of two great classic bits. The first was his sign reading ‘Conspiracy Victim’. He used to do the same thing when he lost the Cruiserweight title in WCW (before he would use a loophole to get it back) against the likes of Dean Malenko and Juventud Guerrera.

    The other was on the first episode of Raw when they replaced Bobby Heenan with Rob Bartlett (ugh) and Heenan spent the episode trying to find a way back into the building.

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