Now featuring Hulk Hogan & Friends: TNA Genesis 2010

For a show that was put together in a week, you’d think that TNA would give the fans what they had advertised.  No such luck.  Genesis was filled with surprises and card switches that may or may not have upset the fans who actually had paid to see the show.  I was not one of them, so my report comes from several reviews of the show (with varying opinions on Hulk Hogan).

The main event, however, was exactly what was advertised.  Kurt Angle and AJ Styles put on another amazing match with an ending that may not have come as a surprise to many.  During the match, Ric Flair came down to ringside and eventually pulled the referee out of the ring while Angle had Styles in his ankle lock.  Not getting a win for making Styles tap out, Angle yelled at Flair, only to get blindsided by Styles.  Flair slid the title belt into the ring and Styles cracked Angle with it for the win.

Still champion with a new heel demeanor – AJ Styles.  What’s that mean for Tomko?

Comments on the rest of the show after the jump.

  • The show debuted a new/old look for the Impact Zone.  The six-sided ring – the defining characteristic of TNA – is no more.  Along with the four-sided ring, the entry ramp is elevated and straight from the entryway to the ring.  Think Clash of the Champions circa 1994.
  • Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came out to start the show, but Hogan got booed and chants of “We want six sides!”  He gave the whole schtick of being ‘wrestling’ over ‘sports entertainment’ and declared war on Vince McMahon.
  • Amazing Red’s mystery opponent was actually the debuting Brian Kendrick.  How about that?  Red defeated Kendrick to defend his X-Division title.  And apparently no Don West.
  • In a promo that was described as “incomprehensible” Scott Hall and Syxx played paper-rock-scissors to decide who would tag with Kevin Nash, despite that Hall had been ANNOUNCED as the opponent.  To no one’s surprise, Syxx won and Hall got to duck out of another TNA PPV appearance.
  • Val Venis Sean Morley did his usual thing, giving Brooke Hogan his towel (who would have thought she could score front row seats?).  Daniels again told him to cut the crap, and again had to yell at the fans to keep them from cheering him.  Morley won the match with the Money Shot.  Fans were chanting for Brooke to sit down, as well.
  • Tara recaptured the Knockouts Title with two straight falls in the 2-out-of-3 falls match.  Brooke Hogan tried to help Tara up during the match, if you cared.  I’ll get back to this one in the comments.
  • Matt Morgan and Hernandez defeated the British Invasion for the tag team titles.  Told you so.
  • Bobby Lashley stormed into Eric Bischoff’s office, but as fate would have it, Abyss just happened to be in there with a chair.  Lashley got dropped and the match was off, but as fate would also have it, Hulk Hogan just happened to have someone who could take on Abyss in Lashley’s place.
  • Desmond Wolfe outwrestled D’Angelo Dinero by wearing down his knees, and thus preventing him from getting the DDE going.  He capitalized on his opponent’s weakness and took the match.  Wolfe was led to the ring by a valet whom the commentators could not identify.  How does she get a job if she doesn’t present her name?
  • Eric Bischoff pulled Jeremy Borash from TV and promised him a job as a vendor or something.  Here’s hoping he becomes a janitor and finds the WCW Television title in a trash can.
  • Brace yourself for this one, my friend.  Beer Money beat the Band.  Seriously.  On TV and everything.  During the match, Scott Hall came out and started beating on a plant fan.  Syxx went out to stop him, leaving Kevin Nash prone for the Last Call.  They didn’t even get beaten down for it.
  • Abyss’s mystery opponent was Ken Kennedy Anderson (called it!) who defeated Abyss after resorting to brass knuckles hidden in his tights.  He announced himself for both the intro and the finish…finish.

Looking back
It’s bad enough when you find yourself in a huge mess putting a show together.  Once you get to it and you still have a huge mess on your hands?  It’s time to look for a new direction.  Genesis has made TNA look sloppy and unprofessional.  They continuously declare war on the WWE, yet they still have shows plagued with last-minute re-writes, bait and switches and all around awfulness.

  • Hulk Hogan needs to do something drastic and soon if he means to keep himself a face.  The TNA fanbase seem to be losing their blind faith in him at an alarming rate.  The thought that TNA is quickly becoming WCW is less of a joke and more of reality with every show.
  • I like Brian Kendrick and Ken Anderson, don’t get me wrong, but just how many WWE guys are they going to be bringing in?  TNA only has a weekly two hour show and a pretty full roster before Hogan arrived.
  • It’s time to cut losses and get rid of the Band.  Scott Hall has once again passed on a scheduled PPV appearance.  If I was a paying customer, I would have been pissed.  Of course, I never expected him to wrestle.  Look at the shape he’s in.  When the nWo returned in 2002, Nash, Hall and Syxx were still in good shape.  They all look old and worn now.  Nash didn’t look like that a month ago.
  • Do we really need references to both Brooke and Nick Hogan?  Brooke’s star is past faded and Nick is now known for his lack of driving skills and the jail time received for it.  So, of course, put them in TNA and have them beat up Lethal Consequences.
  • Morley over Daniels?  What the hell?  Daniels is good on the mic and amazing in the ring.  Morley is playing a gimmick a decade past its prime.  And this isn’t ‘sports entertainment’?
  • Tara beat ODB in two straight falls.  Why in the hell did ODB beat her two weeks ago?  Damn it!
  • Is Lashley done in TNA?  Wow, that was fast.  He went from being one of the biggest things on the show to being yanked from his PPV match.  Oh, and I’d have been pissed at this had I paid for the show.
  • Wolfe/Dinero was an excellent showing of two good talents.  What’s up with the nameless valet?
  • So now we lose Jeremy Borash, the one good backstage interviewer with talent?  Does this mean we get more Bubba the Love Sponge?  He hates Haiti, by the way.  I’m betting Borash will stay around and have something to do with Mick Foley’s return.  If Foley comes back, that is.
  • Beer Money wins!  Beer Money wins!  I don’t care if it had an odd ending.  Beer Money won!
  • No offense meant to Ken Anderson, but how does a brass knuckle shot take down Abyss?  Have you seen the kind of stuff that guy has gone through over the years?

This is not good, TNA peeps.  Not good at all.


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  1. Well written article, but I definitely think your right and TNA needs to make some changes.

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