A Bad Night For The Champ – ECW 1/19/10

The night starts off with The Abraham Washington Show with your host Santino Marella! Wait a minute. Abraham Washington was apparently unable to host his show that night and Marella stepped in. He taught Tony Atlas some Italian then brought out his first guest Vladimir Kozlov.

After some quick jokes at Kozlov’s expense about why Marella chose him to be his first guest we discovered the true reason Kozlov is so disliked. The truth is that he really loves America (especially chili cheese fries and Hannah Montana) but everyone thinks he’s Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and thus hate him (he did kill Apollo Creed afterall). This gave a the fans of Marella from his pre-WWE days a chance to remember how good of a Russian accent he can do. Kozlov seemed unamused throughout but did give a Rocky IV quote nonetheless.

Marella then decide the two of them should team up and become a tag team to which both the fans and Kozlov said “no!” After that, with no help from Tony Atlas, Marella decide to end the show.

Zack Ryder made his way to the ring with news of a major announcement. As Ryder and the lovely Rosa Mendes made their way to the ring Josh Matthews referred to them as the Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of ECW which made it official.  I now officially hate Josh Matthews!

Once in the ring Ryder reminded everyone how he retired Tommy Dreamer as well as fended off the heroics of The Hurricane recently. Thus making him The New Heart and Soul Superhero of ECW. He then called ECW ring announcer Savannah to the ring demanding she announce his so. She did but not as moving as Ryder liked so he had he say it again. Still no dice. Rosa proceeded to tell he off, calling her “stupido” several times. Ryder distracted never saw The Hurricane approach the ring until it was too late. ECW’s power couple leave in hast as the Emerald Knight kisses the hand of his damsel in distress Savannah.

Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust vs. Trent Baretta & Caylen Croft

In the first match of the night two teams who have been showcased in backstage segments and one-on-one matchups against one another the past few weeks finally squared off in tag team action. While Tatsu and Goldust had solid flurries of offense each in the early goings, the years of friendship and natural team chemistry between Croft and Baretta won out in the end as Baretta hits a flying clothesline on Goldust breaking his pin allowing Croft to pick up the win with a reversal roll-up pin.

ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal

Just two weeks before defending his title against Ezekiel Jackson at the Royal Rumble, Christian had the daunting task of competing against William Regal with Jackson ringside. The match went longer than Christian would have liked as both superstars pushed each other to their limits kicking out of numerous pinfall situations, countering finishing moves and rallying back momentum several times. Christian seemed to have the upper hand on Regal tossing him out of the ring but before he could vault himself out onto his fallen opponent Jackson makes his Rumble intentions clear attacking the champ causing him to win by DQ. With the grueling match over Christian was helpless to defend himself from both a Knee Trembler and a Uranage Slam.

After watching the build up to this match the past month I personally have my own speculations about the ECW Championship Royal Rumble results but will wait and see if next week changes anything for me.

Royal Rumble

Speaking of the Royal Rumble, five ECW superstars have been announced to be taking part in the upcoming event:  Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Zack Ryder and The Hurricane.

This Week on Superstars

The past few weeks a feud has erupted on ECW between Shelton Benjamin and Vance Archer. Archer wound up breaking his own undefeated streak getting himself DQ against Benjamin causing the latter to repay the favor in the Homecoming Finale Match eliminating both competitors in the process. The hatred between these two is clear and comes to a head this Thursday night on Superstars.

Superstar of the Week

This weeks Superstar of the Week should probably go to Ezekiel Jackson for the third week in a row as he’s on a dominating roll currently but I’m giving it to Zack Ryder for announcing himself as The New Heart and Soul Superhero of ECW. Woo! Woo! Woo! You know it!


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