Awesome Kong/Bubba The Love Sponge

This story has been making the internet rounds for the past several days; how legit it is is yet to be seen….

It started with comments that Bubba made on his radio show about Haiti and the relief efforts:
Haiti Comments

Awesome Kong, who has been trying to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti, took offense to this and confronted Bubba backstage at a recent TNA taping:

Awesome Kong

Dave Meltzer reported that Kong has given her notice to TNA that she’s leaving the company (reported by, confirmed by Kong:


This would be a huge mistake by TNA if they 1) let Kong go and 2) don’t at least discipline Bubba (which won’t happen b/c of how tight Hogan and Bubba are).


One Response to Awesome Kong/Bubba The Love Sponge

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    This whole situation is messed up and there’s not really much TNA can do. 1) Bubba didn’t do anything wrong technically. He’s a brash radio personality. That’s his job NOT wrestling. Hogan knew this when he brought him in and Bubba wouldn’t have agreed to joining under pretenses where he can’t speak his mind. 2) SHE punched HIM and if HE fights back, he’s the jerk that hit a woman (no matter how much bigger and stronger she is than him). Hogan’s more worried about him suing for physical and emotional damages than losing the only Knockout that the WWE probably isn’t remotely interested in. If I were in their shoes you separate the two of them and try to keep Kong around. If she walks you make it clear she’s welcome back when she clears her head.

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