1/29 Smackdown

It’s the last episode before the Royal Rumble and SD has a heck of a card lined up: HHH vs. CM Punk, Shawn Michaels vs. Rey Mysterio, and a No DQ IC Title Match between Drew McIntyre and John Morrison! (On a personal note, I wish Louisville had a card like this when SD came here a few weeks ago!) On to the show…

HHH d. CM Punk (DQ). This was the opening match. It was a heck of a match, too. So much back-and-forth action: counters, reversals, match control, etc., including a side kick by Punk that nearly KO’d HHH. Punk looks completely ridiculous now with the body and facial hair, BTW. After an attempt at a Pedigree on Punk, Serena interfered, causing the DQ win for HHH. Michaels came in to make the save.

R. Truth d. Chris Jericho. Another fantastic match with a nice contrast of styles: Truth’s strikes and high-flying against Jericho’s technical abilities. Jericho went for the Codebreaker but Truth held on to the ropes; he then rolled up Jericho for the win.

Drew McIntyre d. John Morrison (IC Title Match). Kendo Sticks. Steel steps thrown. The Intercontinental Title used. A nasty backdrop on the steps (McIntyre took it). Momentum shifts seemingly every 2 minutes. This match had it all. A really good match overall. Morrison went for Starship Pain but McIntyre put his knees up. He then hit Morrison with the Future Shock, on to the IC Title. McIntyre wins and Morrison more than likely is out of the Intercontinental Title picture.

“Broken Code”: Michelle McCool d. “Mickie James”. McCool challenged anyone to fight her for the title- “Mickie James” came out. Playing the part of James was Layla, dressed in a fat suit and a pig nose. Total waste of about 5 minutes.

“Match of the Night”: Shawn Michaels d. Rey Mysterio (DQ?). What a Main Event. A lot of action, counters, and chops- Rey must have been chopped 37 times or more…! Rey hit the 619 at the end of the match and went for the West Coast Pop. Michaels met him off the ropes with Sweet Chin Music… then Batista hit the ring and attacked Michaels and Mysterio (since he hit Michaels 1st, I’m guessing that Mysterio was DQ’ed). HHH came out and cleared the ring of Batista. As Michaels and Mysterio were getting to their feet, the lights went out… and the Undertaker was in the ring. A double-chokeslam later, The Deadman was the only person standing tall.

“Superstar of the Night”: wow, this was a hard one to choose. There were great matches and performances by many superstars tonight. But, by his win over John Morrison, essentially knocking Morrison out of the IC Title chase, I’m going with Drew McIntyre. He still hasn’t been beaten in a single’s match on Smackdown and tonight’s win may have been his biggest win.

One of the best SD episodes in months now takes us to the doorstep of the Royal Rumble. Will a member of DX win it again? Will Batista channel some of that anger into a win? Will Kane (in his 12th consecutive Rumble) finally win and get a title shot? We’ll have to wait 2 more days to find out!


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