Unconventional 2010 Royal Rumble Predictions

My fellow writer Masked Marvel did an excellent job in breaking down the entire card, so I’m going to focus on the actual Royal Rumble match itself. As of 2:00, there were still 25 participants announced. So, here are some predictions:

#1 and #2 entrants: I just have this feeling that Jack Swagger will draw #1. #2 will go to Evan Bourne. CM Punk will also have a Top 5 number.
#30: this one’s tough. I’m going to pick 2 people: if he’s healthy enough to do it, Edge gets this spot. He screws Chris Jericho in some form. If he’s not ready to go, then I think Kane draws #30. In his 12th consecutive Rumble match, he may make some serious noise tonight.

Longest time in the Rumble: Chris Jericho or CM Punk. I agree with Masked Marvel in that he won’t win it, but I can see Jericho lasting past the 45-minute mark. I can see Punk doing the same, esp. if he doesn’t draw an early number. I don’t see anyone going over an hour.

Shortest time in the Rumble: Zach Ryder. This may anger manof1004gimmicks but Mr. Ryder’s stay in the Royal Rumble will be less than 3 minutes.

“Holy Crap!!” Elimination: go to YouTube and look up how Paul London and Taka were eliminated from past Rumbles (Taka never was in the Rumble that he had his “Holy Crap!!” moment). For some reason, I think Yoshi Tatsu or Evan Bourne might be this year’s recipients.

“Final Five”: I think both members of DX- Shawn Michaels and HHH– will be there. I think CM Punk will be there. So will Kane. Unfortunately, I also see John Cena there.

2010 Royal Rumble Winner: The scenario that played out on Raw will happen again: DX eliminates Cena. However, I think this time, Michaels eliminates HHH, and wins his record-tying 3rd Royal Rumble.


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