Elimination Qualifying: Raw 2/1/10

Edge isn’t sure who he wants to face at Wrestlemania, or even when he wants to make the decision.  He could do it now, or just wait until after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.   Sheamus comes out and we a get a verbal back and forth, Sheamus gets a cheap shot, but Edge ends things with a spear.

All 6 spots for the Raw Elimination Chamber match were set tonight.  Sheamus, being champion, had a spot guaranteed.  The other five spots went to John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and Kofi Kingston.  For recaps of their matches, look below the jump.

At the end of the show, Bret Hart finally comes out.  He calls out Vince, Vince comes out, and we get and honest and heated exchange between the two.  Hart kicks Vince, then starts throwing what can best be described as “hockey punches.” Hart pulled Vince’s jacket over his head and started punching him.  Hart teases the Sharpshooter, but Batista runs in and starts hitting Hart with the previously mentioned “hockey punches.”  Vince spits in Hart’s face while he is being held by Batista, while the crowd is chanting for Cena.

Rest of the show.

  • John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes (Elimination Chamber Qualifying match):  This was a surprisingly even match.  Cody Rhodes hit a moonsault.  I mention this because I can’t recall seeing him hit one before.  But, in the end, it was Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment and getting the pinfall.
  • Jack Swagger vs. Triple H (Elimination Chamber Qualifying match):   Another surprisingly even match, with this one lasting longer than Cena vs. Rhodes.  Swagger had control, but then got cocky, and Triple H escapes his hold, Pedigree, and Triple H gets the pinfall.
  • Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels (Elimination Chamber Qualifying match):  HBK is still obsessed and Triple H tries to talk some sense into him backstage.  Just focus on Orton, and both of them will get to Wrestlemania.  Not as good as the other qualifying matches, but that may be because I know they can put on a better match.  Each of them dodge each other’s finishers.  Michaels hits the flying forearm, and as he tries to nip up, Orton catches him, and rolls him up for the pinfall.
  • Miz & Big show and Straight Edge Society try to convince Shatner to give them the tag title shot.  We get a Triple Threat match next week.
  • Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase (Elimination Chamber Qualifying match):  After an okay match in which DiBiase focused on one of Mark Henry’s arms, DiBiase pins him after some arm-breaker type move.  Weird finish.
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show (Elimination Chamber Qualifying match):  Miz provides guest commentary.  Big Show controlled most of the match.  Midway through, MVP came through the crowd and chased off Miz.  Kofi nearly disastrously messed up a spot, but did a nice job of recovering, and the commentators did a nice job of covering for it.  Kofi accidentally pokes Big Show in the eye, Big Show ends up missing Kofi with a punch, and hits a ref.  Kofi wins by DQ.

Superstar of the Night:  I am going to give this one to Jack Swagger.  I know he lost, but when given the opportunity, he does well with the main event talent.  Now, if only this could equal some kind of push.

Closing Thoughts

  • Shatner gets officially introduced as the guest host for the night at 10:55.  Shatner was goofy and weird on a Raw that should have been serious.  His appearance is a good example of why the guest host is not working.  I will go into greater detail in a separate post.  Oh yeah, there was also a “commercial” for a spoken word entrance theme album from Shatner.  Weird.
  • Two Montreal recaps.   And one recap of what happened January 4th.  Do people really need to be reminded so much.  I guess it makes it “new viewer friendly,” but if people really don’t know what happened, there is this magical thing called Wikipedia that can help them out.
  • I like that the roster for Elimination Chamber is set, being that there are only 2 more Raws before the next pay-per-view.  This gives some time for interaction and build-up.  Yes, another week would be desirable, but then you start to eat into the Wrestlemania build-up.
  • I also think that the roster for the match could provide a very entertaining match.  Let’s just hope someone doesn’t take Kofi’s spot this year.
  • Maybe next week we’ll get the finals to the Divas Title Tournament.  However, we will get Carl Edwards as guest host so that he can promote the Daytona 500 hundred.  Things were so successful the last time WWE had a driver(s) host Raw
  • RIP Jack Brisco.

One Response to Elimination Qualifying: Raw 2/1/10

  1. Masked Marvel says:

    The more I see Bret Hart out, the more I think that this whole thing is a bad idea. The way he moves and is treated, the word I would use for him is ‘frail’ – like taking any kind of bump would shatter him. The end-show brawl looked terrible. I realize Bret’s 10 years out of ring-shape and has suffered a stroke, but still. A resolution this feud via proxy (a la McMahon and Donald Trump) would be so unfulfilling to those of us who have waited 12 years for it.

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