Big News In Memphis – ECW 02/02/10

The big news of the night was that Mr. McMahon himself would be appearing  to discuss the future of ECW.  What does the this mean for the Land of Extreme?  Well, simply put, in 3 weeks (or after Elimination Chamber) there will be no more ECW.  In its place will be the next phase in sports entertainment. A brand new, innovative, never-before-seen programming premiering in the same time slot on Syfy in March.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  Without Tommy Dreamer there’s no reason to continue calling it ECW.  So I suppose in 3 weeks I’ll be cover the all-new, all-better WWE Tuesday night show!

The Abraham Washington Show with Special Guest Christian

Abe hasn’t been around for the last few weeks and was covered by the likes of Santino Marella during that time with many rumors about his absence.  Now back, he explains that the reason for his being inactive were due to NBC negotiating the Late Show time slot Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno had fought over recently.  But don’t worry Abe turned it down for us, the WWE Universe and now we owe him $40 million dollars. So crack open those piggy banks kids.

His guest this evening was the still reigning ECW Champion Christian hot off his Royal Rumble title defense against Ezekiel Jackson.  At the conclusion of his “fighting champion” spiel he’s interrupted by the “Heart and Soul Superhero of ECW” Zack Ryder and girlfriend Rosa Mendes.  Ryder came out to speak the truth that no one else was willing to speak referring to alter ego of The Hurricane, Gregory Helms having been arrested recently in Kentucky (mug shot show).  Christian stated that everyone has things they regret such as GM Tiffany for giving Abraham Washington a show, himself for appearing on said show a 2nd time and even Zack Ryder for waking up and thinking that his hair looked cool this morning or for dating Tia Tequila (Rosa Mendes).  The Long Island Loudmouth had heard enough and attack the champ causing Abe to end the show to save his set.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer

In the very heated feud between Shelton Benjamin and the intense Vance Archer square off for the third time in singles competition.  Technically Benjamin’s up 2-0 but the first was due to Archer’s own DQ of himself so that aside (like half the stuff on Superstars actually matters) this is their second match.  In a very good match that seemed to be favoring The Gold Standard, Archer picks up the win with a little help from the ropes.  The ending was a little awkward but I’m blaming the ref for doing his job.

Yoshi Tatsu with Goldust vs. Trent Baretta with Caylen Croft

The rising star from the Land of the Rising Sun squared off against “dudebuster” Trent Baretta in the second match of the night.  The match was full of fast paced, quick, athletic manuevers from both superstars. Baretta performed a kip up into a dropkick from Tatsu. Tatsu did some crazy feint out of the ring move to almost KO Baretta early on with his High Kick.  The match ended in a hurricarana by Baretta into a roll up by Tatsu countered by Baretta into a pin for a 2 9/10 count.  The young, brash Baretta argued with the ref only to turn around into the very kick he avoided earlier in the match allowing Tatsu to pick up another win.  This was definitely the Match of the Night.

ECW Champion Christian vs. Zack Ryder

This match stemmed from the events earlier on The Abraham Washington Show but started with backstage correspondent Gregory Helms interviewing Ezekiel Jackson in the ring.  Regal accompanied the Guyanese Goliath to the ring asking Helms if it’s been a rough week.  Helms replied yes it was but he’s just trying to do his job.  Regal respected this though informed Helms that the week won’t be getting better as Jackson attacks. The three fought in the ring as the numbers game overwhelmed Helms.  Suddenly Christian comes running down to the ring with some Singapore support dishing out cane shot for both Regal and Jackson.

The match itself was the third in a stellar night of performances. As Ryder attempts to possibly add another nickname to his trophied self pseudonym (making him the “Heart and Soul Superhero Captain of Charisma in ECW”) but was halted by the champ at every turn.  Just as Christian seemed to have the match within his grasp Big Zeke and Regal return assaulting the champ leaving him broken outside the ring.

Superstar of the Night

I think this week goes to Gregory Helms. He’s had a rough week and is persevering through it.  He needs it more.  Besides, it’s like Christian said on Abraham Washington’s Show: He’s a big enough star to make it on TMZ.

Extreme Extra

With only a handful of chances to make these I need to start back up again.  This week I noticed something that made me smile about writing this review.  For the past few weeks I’ve been thoroughly disappointed in the crowd response for these up and coming young heel superstars Croft, Baretta, Ryder and Archer.  But not Memphis. No, Memphis’ boos could be heard through the halls of Graceland  and  down Beale Street.  I appreciate their unyielding love of the sport.  Thank you Memphis.


2 Responses to Big News In Memphis – ECW 02/02/10

  1. Masked Marvel says:

    I don’t think a lack of response for these four have anything to do with a city’s appreciation of the sport, but rather their characters and what show they’re on. ECW is held as a part of Smackdown tapings, so it can be thought that a crowd is eagerly awaiting bigger names (if shown before) or just tired (if shown after).

    But I think the bigger thing is that the fans really have no reason to care about any of these guys one way or the other. Vance Archer dominated enhancement talents. Big deal. Why would fans then boo him when they see him? His matches would be the ones you skip for snacks or restroom breaks. Same for the Dudebusters. Yeah, they’re cocky heels, but they’re not doing anything. They can beat up jobbers, but then lose to anyone else. Over all, they’re a very bland heel tag team. Yes, they’re talented, but so are Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and dozens of other established stars whom fans there have either just seen or are eagerly awaiting.

    Zack Ryder is a different case. He’s really gotten into his character, but unfortunately, great success will likely never come his way. There are a million ‘if only they’d get a push’ guys, and Ryder will fall into that column. He’s got some good company – Elijah Burke, Gunner Scott, Rob Conway, Rene Dupree, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, etc.

    • manof1004gimmicks says:

      All I was trying to say was it was refreshing to see a crowd appreciate their work and not fall asleep or head to the consessions or bathroom. I may have over embellished the response but in comparison to the dead silence of past weeks where the matches have been just as good and the crowd is clearly still mostly attendance it needed to be acknowledged.

      Do I think Archer should be #1 contender for the belt any time soon. Hell no, but this feud between him and Shelton warrants some response. As for Croft and Baretta there’s really nothing that can save them. Their names aren’t Rhodes and DiBiase or that they’re not part of the Hart family so that they have to work twice as hard to win over the casual fan as a tag team. I’m mean Cryme Tyme was beloved and still got released once. The tag team circuit is a tough field to rise up through.

      And realistically speaking, Ryder will have to tool (pun intended) his gimmick like John Cena did before he even has a chance of making it much further. If Cena was still the rapping thug he was when he started he wouldn’t be the face of the company today more than likely.

      In conclusion I was just trying to praise that particular group of fans for not doing the typical low card reaction and getting envolved in what is usually a good half hour of matches that most fans miss.

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