Wrapping Things Up In The Big Easy – ECW 2/9/10

The night started off with General Manager Tiffany addressing the ECW locker room about the end of ECW. Wh announced that in 2 weeks time they would all be free agents and to look to the future and put on a great show for the next two weeks. She also told them to have fun and with that she pulled out some beads (which she possible might have earned, I don’t know) and a what I want to say was a Hurricane and started celebrating. Abraham Washington was excited about “getting paid” while Zack Ryder was concerned about his and Rosa’s  futures. Me too Zack, me too.

Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust vs. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft

With the winner earning a Unified Tag Championship title shot next week on ECW against new champs Show-Miz it almost guarantees the winner to come out of the NXT event looking good. The losers, best of luck to you.

Good match. Both teams put forth their best offense with Croft and Barreta controlling Goldust for most of the match. Tatsu is tagged in and hits Croft with his super high kick for the win bloodying Croft in the process.

Side note: As much as I love Barreta bait & switch springboard attack I don’t think anyone else is. Sure its funny but he really needs to work on it a little more.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Local Competitor

Really? From #1 Contender back to squashing jobbers in 2 weeks time? After the brutal beatdown Jackson dished and finally naming his uranage slam “The Book of Ezekiel” we got the payoff. William Regal comes out to the ring, berates Tiffany’s managerial capabilities then asks for a rematch in Big Zeke’s honor next week. Jackson takes the mic officially challenging Christian himself and foretelling his victory while quoting some of the real Book of Ezekiel. Again, he has a pleasant speaking voice for being such a big brute.

After the break Christian accepts the challenge but wants to go out big with an Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship next week.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer

No DQ or Count Out Match

Benjamin comes out in his conveniently Saints colored trunks panders to the crowd with some “Who dat?” Then reminisces on his time in ECW complete with debut kick to the head by Yoshi Tatsu. He claims that he’ll miss everyone in the locker room with one exception, Vance Archer. Enter Vance Archer.

This was a good match but it only left the ring and used weapons once for about 10 minute during commercial unfortunately leading to Benjamin getting slightly busted open. This cause the match to briefly stop while he was attended to. I don’t really think this was intended as parts of the match became more sloppy than usual but was still a good match ending with Benjamin picking up the win with Paydirt.

Wrap Up

ECW seems to be ending nicely and entering a smooth transition towards NXT. With two championship matches to close of the last show here are my odds predictions:

Tatsu & Goldust have a 50/50 chance in winning the Tag belts. It really depends if they want to give Tatsu the big push into the main rosters or see The Miz carry 3 belts at once. Both great decisions.

Jackson also have a pretty good chance of winning. Christian either goes out the resilient champion of Jackson wins the title and it becomes the NXT Championship the next week or he becomes the holder of a defunct title. Either way it should be a great finale.

Extreme Extra

I think the WWE rigged the Super Bowl. They were conveniently in Louisiana this all week. Maybe they knew something we didn’t or had both cities contracted afterward and went with the winner. But as a Colts fan it is very suspicious.

Superstar of the Week

Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust share the honors this week for picking up the #1 Contender spot and winning an excellent match.


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  1. I love the Jacksonville Jaguars!

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