Party-Gras: 2/12 SD

The party is still going strong in the state of Louisiana but for some SD superstars, the mood to party ended in Baton Rouge….

The Great Khali & Matt Hardy (w/Maria) d. The Hart Dynasty. Awww, Matt Hardy made Maria his valentine- soooo sweet. It paid dividends; she and Natalya (while “brawling”) distracted the other superstars, which allowed Matt to reverse a roll-up and get the win. Not the greatest match ever but it had its moments.

Team Lay-Cool d. Mickie James. It was originally James vs. Layla for the Women’s Title but, due to an errant flying bowl of cottage cheese (*snicker*), Vickie Guerrero added Michelle McCool to the match. A Faithbreaker later, it was all over for the champ.

“Match of the Night”: Rey Mysterio d. C.M. Punk. Whenever these 2 get together, it’s always an excellent match and this one was no different. Speed, athleticism, counters, hard strikes- it had it all. Mysterio, despite interference from the Society, still managed to win the match after countering Punk’s GTS with a Hurricanara/pin. He paid for it after the match, though- Punk and friends gave Rey a pretty good beat down.

“Broken Code”: R-Truth d. John Morrison. I felt sorry for both guys in this match- Morrison injures his ankle/shin about 30 seconds in and I don’t think Truth wanted to win a match like that.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kane- Double Countout. McIntyre claims to be the most intense, violent man on SD. After getting chokeslammed by Kane, he may be having 2nd thoughts about that. A brutal, violent match.

Chris Jericho d. The Undertaker (non-title). Here is a lesson that I’ve seen played out over MANY years but The Undertaker apparently forgot: if a wrestler is at the announce table (Edge) and you attack them unprovoked, he will retaliate (spear on the Deadman). Follow that up with a Codebreaker, and Jericho gets a HUGE win.

“Superstars of the Night:” I think 2 people deserve it tonight: Edge and Chris Jericho. Edge, for his promo and for spearing the crap out of The Undertaker; Jericho for pinning Taker.

All in all, an entertaining Smackdown. I think Mickie James will look at cottage cheese in a different way for now on, Rey/Punk could be a very good feud leading into WrestleMania, and Chris Jericho has the momentum heading into the Elimination Chamber.


3 Responses to Party-Gras: 2/12 SD

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    It’s incredibly convenient that one week from Elimination Chamber, that a spot just opened up in the match. Who will Teddy Long scramble to replace Morrison with. Who indeed? *cough* HBK *ahem*

    • Masked Marvel says:

      Yeah, HBK would be the obvious choice, but I could also see Christian going in as a sudden replacement to show that he’s signed with Smackdown.

  2. jesloanne camilleri says:

    miss you eddie

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