Long Live the Pope – TNA Against All Odds 2010

It’s amazing how sometimes a prediction can be pretty much right, yet completely wrong.  I pretty much got the tournament happenings right, but I was completely wrong about the participants.  It was not Kurt Angle overcoming an attack from the Band to defeat Desmond Wolfe, but D’angelo Dinero doing so to defeat Mr. Anderson.  Huh.  How about that?

And suddenly, Dinero’s upset win over AJ Styles a few weeks ago on Impact doesn’t seem so strange, does it?  After defeating Desmond Wolfe and Matt Morgan, Dinero proceeded into the finals, but was attacked by Scott Hall and Syxx during an interview.  Despite the hinderance, Dinero overcame Anderson, who himself beat Angle and Abyss to make it to the finals.  Anderson managed to hit the Mic Check on Dinero, but missed his Kenton Bomb, leaving him vulnerable for the DDE.

The other big story of the event was the championship match between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles.  Before the match, Hulk Hogan warned Eric Bischoff not to screw over Styles.  Of course, that would have been my cue for Bischoff’s turn against Joe, but it was not in the cards.  With some Ric Flair assistance blocked by Bischoff, Samoa Joe became frustrated with the ref distraction and got in Bischoff’s face.  The distraction allowed Styles to get some sneak offense in and hit the Styles Clash for the win.  Bischoff was reluctant to count the three, but did it.

As for the rest of the show…

  • Jeremy Borash was back as a backstage interviewer.  I suppose we’re just going to ignore Bischoff pushing him off of TV then.  Okay.
  • Matt Morgan defeated fellow tag champ Hernandez and seemed to be teasing a heel turn in the process.  Hernandez was selling a shoulder injury, but Morgan refused to accept a count out win over his partner.  He then won the match by slamming the injured shoulder into the turnbuckle and holding the tights while pinning.   What a bastard.
  • Kurt Angle said he would never doubt Hulk Hogan again.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
  • Anderson picked up the win over Angle by slamming him into an exposed turnbuckle, then hitting the Mic Check.
  • Eric Bischoff told Foley and Abyss that their match would be no DQ and if they didn’t use a barbed wire bat, Abyss would be unmasked.  Abyss picked up the win by slamming Foley onto thumbtacks, but the bat was not used.
  • The Nasty Boys defeated Team 3D after using the WABAC Machine to go to 1991 and grab Jimmy Hart and bring him to the present.  Okay, maybe not, but Hart did come in and help the Nastys get the win.  I suppose this travesty feud will continue.
  • Dinero defeated Morgan and Anderson defeated Abyss in rather rushed matches.  Nothing of consequence to mention, really.
  • AJ Styles debuted new entrance attire – a Ric Flair-ish robe with an AJ Styles-ish hood.  I like it.
  • The Band attacked D’angelo Dinero backstage – it looks like Hogan forgot to lock the door again.

Looking Back
In the small picture, this was a pretty good PPV.  Styles got the win over Joe, making him look better as a heel champion, and D’angelo Dinero got the #1 contender spot.  Honestly, I can’t think of any person who’s more talented, over and deserving of this title shot.  I hardly ever get to write this, but good for TNA for pushing a deserving talent.  Just keep Orlando Jordan out of this feud.

As for the big picture, less than half of the TNA roster was on this show.  There were no Knockouts.  No X-Division.  You had a tournament for a future match.  Shouldn’t you have just had the FINALS on the match and book the rest of the roster on the show?  The MIA competitors were: Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Angelina Love, Awesome Kong, Brian Kendrick, Brutus Magnus, Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed, Daffney, Daniels, Doug Williams, Dr. Stevie, Eric Young, Generation Me, Hamada, Homicide, James Storm, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Jesse Neal, Kevin Nash, Kiyoshi, Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne, ODB, Orlando Jordan, Raven, Rhino, Rob Terry, Robert Roode, Sarita, Sean Morley, Sting, Suicide, Tara, Taylor Wilde, Tomko, Tracy Brooks and Velvet Skye.  That’s 14 people on the show (17 if you count Flair and the Band) and 40 people not on the show.  41 if you count Shark Boy.

As for the random thoughts:

  • Welcome back, J.B.  Does that mean we’re done with Bubba the Love Sponge?  He’s been MIA for the last few shows.
  • I guess a heel Matt Morgan is fine, but he’s super over as a face.  At least they’re actually bothering to turn him rather than just having him be a heel with no questions asked.
  • Angle got busted open during his match.  No one came down to fix the cut.
  • I may be wrong, but unmasking Abyss seems like it would completely ruin the character.  Kind of like making him whiny and child-like ruined the character.
  • Hey, Nasty Boys – bringing back Jimmy Hart doesn’t help your argument that you’re in TNA specifically because you’re Hogan’s buddy.
  • It’s funny that Hulk Hogan is a selling point for these PPVs since the only thing he did was tell Bischoff not to screw AJ Styles.  Totally worth the money.
  • Why is Bischoff involved in a feud with Styles and Flair?  Every other aspect of his character is a heel.

This show was a good night for Dinero, but still a glaring example of a lot of things that are currently wrong with TNA.


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