The End Is Here – ECW 02/16/10

The run of the WWE ECW has come to an end.  Starting off with a bang with Rob Van Dam breaking through that glass ceiling winning the WWE Championship at One Night Stand until he was screwed by Paul Heyman and Big Show making Big Show the first Triple Crown Champion.  We saw the rise of CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, The Miz and John Morrison.  New superstars were initiated with former champion Jack Swagger and the high-flying Evan Bourne while beloved second tier talents rose to become the champions the fans demanded in Kane, Mark Henry,  Matt Hardy and even Chavo Guerrero. The heart and soul of ECW Tommy Dreamer fought his way to Summerslam and with the help of a 1 day contract extension became champion once again. Now we have Ruthless Roundtables, The Gold Standard, a Long Island loudmouth, Dudebusters, Oriental Gold and “peeps” as far as the eye can see. Blood, sweat and tears lie its wake as these superstars move on to their bright futures on either Raw or Smackdown as newly made free agents.

And with that on with the show…

Big Show & The Miz vs Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust

Unified Tag Team Championship Match

After earning their title opportunity last week, the WWE version of “The Odd Couple” set off to increase their free agent value against newly crown champs ShoMiz. Who’d have thought The Miz would be the one in the WWE holding three belts at once 5 years ago? Personally, I like a champion Miz though their combined music could use some tweaking.

The match starts off quickly as Tatsu attacks The Miz with a flurry of fists and feet. Goldust comes in keeping the momentum alive until Miz slips away making the hidden tag allowing Show to take control. Some interesting team work where Show used Miz as a human weapon were displayed. Goldust manages to gain back the momentum and goes for a pin on Miz. Big Show starts to enter breaking up the tag through shear intimidation. Tatsu with all his heart tries to stop Show only to get tossed out of the ring. Goldust has Miz on the top rope but with the ref attending to Tatsu, Show hits a Big Punch giving Miz the opportunity for the Face Crushing Finale and the pinfall. ShoMiz retains.


As GM Tiffany begins to give her final announce to the ECW locker room she’s interrupted by “The Heart & Soul Superhero of ECW” Zack Ryder and girlfriend Rosa Mendes. Still distraught about his future he requests to be put in the Extreme Rules Championship Match Main Event. Tiffany says “no” so he demands to be put in. Still a no from the GM. Rosa threatens in Spanish. Still no dice. Ryder says with it being Extreme Rules he plans on making his mark on the nights show. I smell a run in. Woo! Woo! Woo! You know it!

The Abraham Washington Show

For the final Abraham Washington show in ECW they moved back in the ring. After thanking the audience in attendance in St. Louis only to be informed he was in Kansas City (he only cares about the important cities apparently) he announced that Vince McMahon had allowed him to have the biggest name in the WWE as his guest that night…himself.  And to his credit “Abraham Washington” is the biggest name as far as spelling is concerned, but only because Triple H hasn’t gone by his full name Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a long time.

As Abe begins to interview himself he’s interrupted by The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin is then interrupted by Vance Archer. Abe holds them apart in an attempt to get his deposit on the set furniture. Thankfully for Abe, Croft and Barreta  arrive but unfortunately for them, they’re cut off mid-sentence by Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov speaks in his native tongue. Vance Archer insults and shoves him. Kozlov clears the ring with some brief help from Benjamin damaging Abe’s set in the process. Kozlov and Benjamin stare one another down then shake hands. That’s right, it’s official! Vladimir Kozlov is a face. I honestly thought he got shipped back to Russia like the Spirit Squad got shipped back to OVW. The Hurricane would have come out but he was busy stopping Gregory Helms from assaulting neighboring states citizens.

Christian vs Ezekiel Jackson

Extreme Rules ECW Championship Match

Christian comes out with the trademark hardcore accessory, a grocery cart full of destruction. He makes a brief speech about his time in ECW, Tommy Dreamer and promises to leave ECW as champion. Jackson enters with William Regal at his side.

The match starts off with Christian immediately tossing Jackson to the outside. Weapons are tossed into the ring and Christian is attacked by…Zack Ryder? Oh wait, we knew that was going to happen. Christian fights off Ryder dropping him into a trash can. Rosa gets involved slapping the champ. Before Christian can think of how to react, GM Tiffany rushes to the ring and spears Rosa throwing the power couple out personally.

As the match continued some creative use of the weapons were used by both superstars. Jackson ole’d  Christian through the shopping cart and Christian started to pick up momentum with a Singapore cane. Having chased Regal off he was primed to hit The Killswitch on Jackson but Regal was not deposed of so easily assaulting the champ from behind. He sets up for the Knee Trembler only to be reversed into a Killswitch of his own. Jackson takes advantage of the distraction hitting the Book of Ezekiel on Christian through a table for the pinfall. Congratulation Ezekiel Jackson! May your reign be long and…well enjoy the hell of this week anyway. Well give him the final ECW Superstar of the Week as a bonus.

And thus concludes ECW.

The Wrap Up

Everyone with one understandable exception was featured so that was good. Feuds where set up or ended appropriately.

Kozlov’s a face.

Parts Unknown will be happy that a potential permanent RAW GM is now available in Abraham Washington. Don’t get your hopes up until after Wrestlemania though.

With Morrison possibly out of the Elimination Chamber Match, Christian has a nice welcome mat laid out for him potentially on Smackdown.

Tiffany might be leaving general managing behind her and competing in the ring. That could be interesting. Or not.

And we no longer have to hear those people who constantly bitch about how WWE’s ECW was an utter atrocity and defamation to  the original ECW.

So, What’s NXT?

Throughout the night, Josh Matthews and Byron Saxton announced the premise behind WWE NXT. A hybrid live event/reality show taking 8 “Rookies” and pairing them with 8 mentors or “Pros”.And the pairings are:

PROS                                                             ROOKIES

Chris Jericho                                              Wade Barrett

Matt Hardy                                                  Justin Gabriel

MVP                                                                Skip Sheffield

Carlito                                                            Michael Tarver

Christian                                                        Heath Slater

CM Punk                                                         Darren Young

R Truth                                                           David Otunga

The Miz                                                           Daniel Bryan

I’ll give it to the WWE. Even with the whole reality TV concept they’ve peaked my interest for this show for one main reason. When Matthews and Saxton were introducing them, they had gimmicks and back stories. This means it should be the wrestling we all know and love but with a reality TV-esque environment. So let the season begin!


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