Actual product may differ from advertised: WWE Elimination Chamber 2010

I neglected to put up a preview for Elimination Chamber because with only four matches announced, even with two of them being Elimination Chamber matches, I figured the card would change during the course of the show.  And I was right.  Two matches were added and one match was changed.

The Raw brand’s Chamber match was a good showing for all participants involved.  Kofi Kingston and Sheamus started the match, and all six competitors were in the match before the first elimination took place.  Surprisingly, that first elimination was Randy Orton, though unsurprisingly, it came at the hands of Ted DiBiase.  Cody Rhodes came down and slid DiBiase a pipe, which he used to clock Orton just before Orton took an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena.  DiBiase then laid out Cena with the pipe and covered Orton for the elimination.  He had little time to celebrate before being eliminated by Kofi, who himself was then eliminated by Sheamus.  The champ fell before Triple H, guaranteeing a new champion would be crowned (and the nay-sayers rejoiced).  Cena locked on the STF, Triple H tapped, and the champ is here!

Or the champ was there until Vince McMahon congratulated Cena for his win, but ordered him to defend his title against Batista.  Batista made short work of the exhausted Cena and claimed the WWE Championship for himself.  How about them apples?

Smackdown’s Chamber match went as advertised, despite an ankle injury to John Morrison and the Undertaker’s jacket catching fire during his entrance, apparently burning him (not a work).  CM Punk quickly eliminated R-Truth and took the opportunity to preach about his movement before Rey Mysterio entered and eliminated Punk himself.  Mysterio would be eliminated by a Starship Pain from John Morrison.  Chris Jericho actually used one of the chambers to flee from the Undertaker, but protected Morrison from a Last Ride on the steel section outside the ring.  Morrison then fell victim to a chokeslam and was eliminated. 

Jericho suffered a Last Ride and was set up for the Tombstone when the Undertaker was nailed by Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels, who managed to sneak into the cell.  Jericho took the opportunity to cover Taker and captured the World Heavyweight Championship.  Michaels simply looked over his foe.

As for the rest of the show…

  • Drew McIntyre retained his Intercontinental title by defeating Kane.  That’s about all there is to say about it.
  • Even though it’s been a month since Maryse and Gail Kim made it to the finals of the tournament for the vacant Diva’s title, their match was not to be as Vickie Guererro changed the match to a tag match putting them against Layla and Michelle McCool.  Maryse and Kim could not work together, with Maryse causing Kim to take the loss.
  • William Regal came out to hype NXT, leading to a spear from Edge.  Ho hum.
  • For the second PPV in a row, MVP was granted an unscheduled US title shot against the Miz, and for the second PPV in a row, he failed to capitalize on it.  This one came down to a KO punch from the Big Show which allowed Miz to retain his title.

Looking back
The show delivered on its title premise – the Elimination Chamber matches were quite good.  However, the rest of the show was bland and uneventful.  Cena winning the title was a surprise, as was Batista’s sudden win for it.  It looks like Cena vs. Batista will not only have McMahon and Bret Hart involved, but also the WWE Championship.  Here’s hoping that McMahon’s disdain for Cena will finally get him to abandon the spinner belt look.  It doesn’t even spin anymore!

Jericho defeating the Undertaker with help from HBK was excellent, albeit heavily predictable.  They’ve been pushing Taker vs. Michaels to heavily to not capitalize on it and with Royal Rumble winner Edge having an already prepared feud with Jericho waiting, it simply works to put the title on Jericho.  It also gets the title off of Taker, who doesn’t really work that well as champion.

I would love to know the thought process behind delaying the Diva’s final.  Is there a reason the belt is being held vacant?  Are they delaying until Melina comes back so she doesn’t have to give up the belt?  The title has been vacant for well over a month now.  Do something with it already!  The big revelation was that Gail Kim understands French and knows Maryse has been dissing her for the last few weeks.  I don’t understand French, and I could have told you that.

I question the logic of having Vickie Guerrero being the one to change a Raw match, and a title match at that.  She’s a creative consultant, not actually a GM (Theodore Long is GM of Smackdown), and one would assume she has no authority over Raw.  Screwing with title matches is what got Eric Bischoff booted as Raw GM.

And how does MVP keep getting these PPV title matches?  And why don’t they announce them ahead of time?


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