The Monday Night “Wars” start tonight!

Tonight is the night, my friends.  Impact debuts opposite Raw, and the fans will get to pick what they want to see.  Both shows are advertising men in their 60’s for the main event (TNA’s Ric Flair and WWE’s Vince McMahon).  Here’s my reasons for and against watching each show:


  • Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart has been announced for WrestleMania.  While the story has seemed to sputter badly, it’s still frickin’ Bret Hart at frickin’ WrestleMania!
  • Raw has the better show, consistently.
  • John Cena vs. Batista is an intriguing feud!
  • There’s one spot left in the Money in the Bank match.  Could this be Zack Ryder’s night?


  • Spike accidentally revealed that Rob Van Dam will be debuting tonight.
  • Beer Money, Inc. vs. Matt Morgan and Hernandez is an intriguing feud!
  • Scott Hall and Sean Waltman might compete tonight!
  • We are searching for the answer to the question – ‘Can Impact possibly get any worse than the last two weeks?’


  • Vince McMahon is competing.  Expect a screw job.
  • Bret Hart probably won’t be on the show.
  • Criss Angel is the guest host, and that’s gross.
  • This probably won’t be Zack Ryder’s night.


  • It’s Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair – in 2010.
  • Possibly more Mick Foley ‘Pygmalion’ segments?
  • Scott Hall and Sean Waltman might compete tonight!
  • Impact might possibly get worse than the last two weeks.

So take your pick, flip to the other on commercial breaks, and enjoy the night where competition began again.  Both I and From Parts Unknown will have our reviews up tomorrow.  And mine will be better.


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