The Spear… Broken?: 3/12 SD

Only 2 weeks and change until WrestleMania and the intensity of the Smackdown superstars have cranked up a notch. So has the insanity of some superstars (Straight Edged Society, etc.). Here are the details:*Confrontation between Rey Mysterio and C.M Punk; Rey Mysterio is the “Superstar of the Night”. I usually don’t include “talking” segments in reviews but this was one of the most intense and best segments I’ve seen in months. Rey brings out his family to start off the show, saying that he wanted to bring the SD fans into his world (side note: his son Dominique is now at least 5’7″). His daughter Aaliyah’s (sp.?) 9th birthday was tonight, so Rey had the audience sing Happy Birthday to her… until Punk and friends came out. Punk made 2 challenges to Rey, after assuring him that he wouldn’t bother his family: 1) he wanted a match with Rey at WrestleMania and 2) he wanted a match with Rey at that very instant. Rey didn’t answer the WM challenge and said that right now wasn’t the right time for a match, considering his family was standing 3 feet behind him. Punk then berated Rey, his family, and proceeded to slap the taste out of Rey’s mouth, calling him a coward for turning down the challenge(s). Rather than retaliate, Rey and family left the ring to Punk singing “Happy Birthday” to Aaliyah. My little paragraph doesn’t do this segment justice; if you can find it on YouTube, watch it- it was *that* intense and uncomfortable (in some spots).

*R-Truth d. The Miz. This was a pretty decent match; I was impressed with Mizzy and his reversals of Truth’s moves. The turning point of the match came when Miz tried to put his feet on the ropes during a pin attempt; Bryan Dan… er, Daniel Bryan knocked his feet off, allowing Truth to escape (and Bryan had one of the most disingenuous innocent faces ever after knocking his feet off). Miz focused his attention on Bryan for a few seconds and got hit with the Lie Detector. Victory, R-Truth, defeat- The Miz.

*”Broken Code”: Drew McIntyre d. Aaron Bolo; McIntyre is now in the “Money in the Bank” match. For the 2nd week in a row, McIntyre’s loss was expunged by Mr. McMahon; Vince even hand-picked his opponent for tonight. Teddy Long, getting a l’il tired of it, made the match a “Winner Takes All” match: the MITB spot AND the Intercontinental Title. McIntyre’s opponent: a local guy named Aaron Bolo. About 45 seconds later, the match was over.

*Big Show d. Jon Morrison. Too much size and power by Show. Morrison got in some really good shots, including a sick Shining Wizard. Morrison went for a springboard and got knocked out of the air by Show’s right hand. A surprising decent match.

*The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme- No Contest. Maybe a minute into the match, a sinister gong sounded, the lights went out, and when the lights came back on, The Undertaker was in the ring. He destroyed both teams; what he did to Tyson Kidd was borderline criminal…!

*Tiffany d. Michelle McCool (DQ). Tiffany, thrown into this match by Vickie Guerrero, showed some good offense. She won the match when Vickie (at ringside) slapped her down on the outside. Let the beat down commence… until Beth Phoenix showed up! She cleaned the ring of Team Lay-Cool and even had a pretty good shot for Vickie. The crowd was 100% behind Phoenix this could be a very good rivalry for the Women’s Title….

*Match of the Night”: Kane d. Luke Gallows (DQ). For the 2nd straight week, Luke Gallows had an awesome match; his opponent was more his size this week, however. Kane’s power took over this match and appeared to have it won, when C.M. Punk slid into the ring and attacked. It wasn’t long before Rey hit the ring and attacked Punk; security was needed to pry Rey off of Punk. A good ending to not only the match but the opening segment.

*Highlight Reel*: Edge is the special guest. This can be summed up as follows: Jericho berates Edge and his injuries; Edge berates Jericho; Jericho threatens Edge; Edge threatens Jericho’s title reign; Jericho attacks Edge; Edge counters and goes for the spear; Jericho hits Edge with the Title Belt as he goes by; Jericho stands victorious.

This was an awesome SD to set up for WrestleMania in a couple of weeks. Some decent matches and a lot of action to hold the masses over until next week.


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