Shifting focus: Impact 3/23/10

After the debacle that ended Destination X, one would assume TNA would quickly try to move forward towards Lock Down and get away from the mess of stooges falling through holes in the ring.  One would be half right in their assumptions.  While Impact quite early had the buffoonish duo of AJ Styles and Ric Flair enter on crutches and a wheelchair ramp, this was played off mainly as a setup for an ambush on Hulk Hogan and Abyss.  That brought out AJ’s opponent for the PPV, D’Angelo Dinero, with his longtime ankle injury seemingly healed magically.  Suddenly, Styles is in a real feud again.

But that wasn’t it for Hogan vs. Flair.  After announcing that their business would no longer be personal, Hogan then announced Team Hogan vs. Team Flair for Lock Down, which seems extremely personal to me.  No team members as of yet, but both men named their captains.  Team Hogan has Abyss and Team Flair has Sting.  Out went the lights, and when they returned, Hogan was handcuffed (with both hands) to the ropes and Abyss was being attached.  This was what brought out the Pope.  Still no explanation as to why Sting turned on Hogan, but do you really need a reason to turn in TNA?

But the main focus of the show, surprisingly enough, was Beer Money, Inc.  You wouldn’t suspect that they lost their tag title shots at Destination X with all their appearances on Impact.  As a punishment for both Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff placed them in a match against each other with the loser getting fired.  Beer Money were the special referees for the match.  After the match, both men went on the attack, which brought out Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy, who challenged the two to a match.  The ending was pretty vintage Hardy/RVD, with all the usual spots getting hit before the good guys got the win.

Good face time for James Storm and Robert Roode, though.  As for the rest of the show…

  • 4/5ths of the Knockouts division competed in a tag match with the Beautiful People and Daffney taking on Sarita, Taylor Wilde, Angelina Love and Tara.  Daffney taunted Tara with her kidnapped spider before picking up the win and keeping the spider for another day.  Lacey Von Erich made it the entire match without falling down.
  • Rob Terry squashed Tomko in a Global Championship defense.  Ho hum.
  • Jeff Jarrett begrudgingly defeated Mick Foley to knock Foley out of TNA.  For now, at least.  Bubba the Love Sponge tried to get a word with Foley as he departed, and Foley decked him.  About time somebody did.
  • The Matt Morgan/Hernandez feud hasn’t even started yet, and we’re already given a match between the two.  Morgan gives his ex-partner the Carbon Footprint against the steel post, and Hernandez is taken out on a stretcher.
  • After the main event, Eric Young slides in and announces that next week, it’ll be the Band vs. Young, RVD and Jeff Hardy!

Looking Back
Now that I type the whole thing out, I’m realizing that not a whole lot actually happened on Impact.  It seemed to flow pretty well, though, which is fortunate.  What’s not fortunate is that several things that happened on the PPV were not dealt with on Impact.  Where were the Motor City Machine Guns after their Ultimate X win?  How about the entire X-Division?  No Kazarian?  No Doug Williams?  We got to see Shannon Moore twice!  WTF?

The show is focusing quite a bit on Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy without giving them any specific storylines of their own.  I suppose you have to keep Hardy freed up in the event that he ends up going to jail on his drug charges, but if that’s the case, then you may not want so much focus on him.  Bad for PR and all that.  In three weeks (counting next week’s show) the two will have been involved in three separate feuds.  Last week, it was Sting vs. Hogan.  This week it was Jarrett vs. Bischoff.  Next week it will be Eric Young vs. the Band.  I wonder if TNA realizes there are other guys on the roster.

Other random thoughts:

  • The show opened with Bischoff playing the guitar.  Truly riveting television.
  • There are few sights quite as amusing as Ric Flair coming down a wheelchair ramp.
  • No Desmond Wolfe this week.  After Destination X, I wouldn’t show my face either.
  • Do we have the makings for a Taylor Wilde/Sarita vs. Beautiful People feud?  There really aren’t enough Knockouts left to warrant tag belts.  Since Hogan/Bischoff arrived, they’ve lost Awesome Kong, Roxxi, Alissa Flash and Traci Brooks.
  • Wow, Tomko has really let himself go.  He’s up there with Scott Hall on the list of guys that really shouldn’t be wearing trunks for ring attire.
  • You may recall that a couple months ago, Mick Foley was completely fine with Eric Bischoff getting rid of him, but only stayed because Abyss and Jeremy Borash’s jobs were threatened.  What was the big deal here?
  • Oh, and who doesn’t expect Foley to be back within the month?
  • Having the ref flash the X (the sign that a wrestler is legitimately hurt) as well as having Homicide (who had turned on him) come out were good ways to sell the injury to Hernandez.  What wasn’t a good way was replays from a camera angle that clearly showed that Matt Morgan’s foot didn’t connect with the side of his head.  It looked brutal initially, though.
  • I was hoping the body tracing would still be in the ring.  Way to let me down again, TNA.

Not the worst show I’ve seen from Impact, but not the best either.  Next week, we get Scott Hall in action!  At least that episode will be taped.  It’s best not to have Hall go live.


One Response to Shifting focus: Impact 3/23/10

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    I think punching Bubba The Love Sponge is just how one is suppose to leave TNA. Take Awesome Kong for instance.

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