TNA’s Ranking System

It’s been hyped for a few weeks and finally on Monday, Eric Bischoff revealed that TNA’s new ranking system – likely used to determine championship contenders – would involve fan interaction.  I headed over to and checked out what the hullabaloo was about and discovered a link to a ‘Create a Survey’ site.  On it, I could vote for 10 contenders:

  1. Kurt Angle
  2. Jeff Hardy
  3. Mr. Anderson
  4. D’Angelo Dinero
  5. Sting
  6. Jeff Jarrett
  7. Abyss
  8. Rob Terry
  9. Desmond Wolfe
  10. AJ Styles

The first thing that jumped out at me was the #1 pick on the ballot was Kurt Angle who just a week ago announced that he would be taking time off.  Therefore, what happens if the fans turn out in droves for him and he wins heavily?  The possibility has led me to vote for Angle about 5 times now, and I heartily recommend anyone reading this to do the same.

The second thing I noticed was that this is kind of a weak ranking system.  Mr. Anderson has been losing to Kurt Angle for a while now and Desmond Wolfe loses to pretty much everyone.  If this is a ‘ranking’ rather than ‘a popularity contest’ then why wouldn’t Matt Morgan, who’s been on quite a roll as of late, be included?  What about Kazarian or either member of Beer Money, Inc?  How about the recently returned Samoa Joe?

If there’s more to the ranking system than just this, we haven’t learned of it yet.  Much like Sting’s heel turn, I have a feeling it was announced long before TNA had any idea just what it was and therefore are making it up as they go along.  The rankings will likely be completely storyline based and I have a feeling the fan vote is going to be rigged to put whomever they want into the title picture, especially with Angle on the ballot.  And frankly, I can’t blame them if they do.  Fan votes, while often predictable, can occasionally throw a wrench into the gears.  My thought?  You’re going to get Jeff Hardy as the heavy winner (despite my Angle efforts) and we get a rather bland face vs. face program that leads to an exciting match we already saw on TV.

And as for the ranking system?  It’ll be gone by Slammiversary.


Seal The Deal – NXT 4/27/10

This weeks challenge was Seal The Deal. The objective: sell merchandise. So throughout the night each Rookie went out into the crowd and sold programs at $15 a pop. Due to the somewhat uneventfulness of this challenge I’ll hit the main points.

Justin Gabriel did pretty well by simply asking the fans for help, Daniel Bryan’s not a capitalist so he just gave them away for free, Heath Slater can’t hold money, Matt Striker scared Darren Young, Wade Barrett took the money and left, Skip Sheffield yelled a lot and Michael Tarver refused to participate…again.

The winner was David Otunga who was above manual labor being a celebrity and utilized to young fans as assistants. It not only proved smart but effective as he managed to sell $315 worth of merchandise. His prize: Main event next week against a Pro of his choosing.

Who’d he choose you ask? His own Pro R-Truth due to a backstage disagreement about his loss last week.

As for the rest of the show…

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The War of the Rings: TNA Impact 4/26/10

Last week saw a change for TNA as Rob Van Dam defeated AJ Styles for the TNA championship.  So, of course, the show opened with Hulk Hogan bragging about it, bringing out Rob Van Dam then AJ Styles and Ric Flair.  Many ‘high’ references were made (because RVD smokes a lot of pot, get it?) and AJ demanded a rematch rather than the tag match he was forced into.  It was not in the cards, though, as there were bigger things at stake than RVD’s pathetic little TNA World Championship.  That’s right – both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan’s (WWE) Hall of Fame rings were on the line when Abyss took on Ric Flair in the main event!

After numerous segments of Flair rambling and Abyss admitting that Hogan’s ring gave confidence rather than magical powers (biggest letdown EVER), the match got underway.  There was eye pokes, old men being flung from the top rope, a referee bump, and all the other classic Flair match bits you’ve come to know, love, get tired of, miss, then love again.  At the end, with the ref down, Flair nailed Abyss with brass knuckles in the face and ‘lower region’, woke the ref and got the win.  Finally, Team Flair gets a victory over Team Hogan.

No, just kidding.

When Flair had his hand raised, the knuckles fell to the mat and the outraged ref restarted the match.  A boot and Black Hole Slam later, and Flair had shown that he truly belongs amongst his followers…with his shoulders on the mat.  Hulk Hogan, of course, came out to close the show, removing Flair’s (WWE) ring and the two good guys stood triumphant, as only Hulk Hogan can on the final segment of an episode of Impact (no one else is allowed to).

As for the rest of the show…

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Draft Day: Raw 4/26/10

It’s Draft night on Raw.  This post will cover what happened on Raw, but check out our post on the Draft for the full results.

Sheamus and Randy Orton argued over who is more deserving of getting a shot at the WWE title.  Sheamus’ argument was that he actually won at Extreme Rules.  Randy Orton’s argument was that he is, well, Randy Orton.  Sans guest host, the duty of naming a #1 contender for the WWE title was left to the champ, John Cena.  So, he decided the main event of the night would be Sheamus versus Randy Orton for the #1 contender spot.

Before the main event, Batista comes out and demands a rematch.  Sheamus and Orton come out and argue with him.  Cena comes out and makes the match a triple threat match.  The match is a fine triple threat match, lasting for around 15 minutes.  At the end, with Randy Orton having taken down Batista and Sheamus, Edge runs in and hits Orton with the Spear.  Batista throws an arm over Orton and gets the win.

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2010 WWE Draft Results

John Morrison
Chris Jericho
The Great Khali
Ranjin Singh
Ezekiel Jackson
Hart Dynasty
Kelly Kelly
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes
Chris Masters
Rosa Mendes

The Champs Remain: WWE Extreme Rules 2010

The odds were stacked against both WWE Champion John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger as they went into Extreme Rules, but both managed to escape the event with their titles, overcoming their challengers of Batista and Randy Orton.

For Swagger, he had been suffering loss after loss since upsetting Chris Jericho for his title, and it seemed almost a sure bet that Randy Orton would be leaving the event as the new World Heavyweight Champion.  A little too obvious, in fact.  Using the Extreme Rules stipulation to try to cement his victory, Randy Orton set up a chair in the middle of the ring, planning to RKO Swagger’s face directly through it.  Swagger was ready for the move, however, pushing Orton out of his move, landing him back first directly on the steel.  Swagger followed up with his gutwrench powerbomb and remained champion for another day.

Cena had defeated Batista at WrestleMania, but going into a Last Man Standing match certainly seemed to favor the more powerful Animal.  Both men took substantial abuse from the other, managing to rise from finishers and weapon attacks before the referee could make the ten count to end the match.  Finally, Cena decided to outsmart Batista, ramming him into the ringpost then using a roll of duct tape to tape Batista’s legs to the corner.  Unable to break the substantial amount of tape used, Batista could not answer the ten-count, and that was that.  The champ is still here.

As for the rest of the show…

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Preview – WWE Extreme Rules

Ah, Extreme Rules – our last little bit of ECW legacy.  Originally titled ‘One Night Stand’, it served for two years as an ECW reunion show before the launch of the ECW brand.  Last year, it was retitled Extreme Rules and featured only one ECW match on it.  Now, it has taken the place of the traditional May PPV Backlash and is basically an excuse to use random ‘hard hitting’ gimmick matches.

Four of the seven matches are rematches from WrestleMania with stipulations tossed in to match the PPV’s title.  As is the case with all of these themed shows, each of the stipulations seem shoehorned in rather than a natural progression of the storyline.  But enough speculating on the lame PPV themes.  Let’s hit the card!

Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton
With a PPV this summer named ‘Money in the Bank’ it was well speculated that Jack Swagger would be cashing his Money in the Bank case sooner than later, but it came as a pretty big shock to have him upset Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight championship.  Randy Orton has also been a pretty big surprise, coming out of his feud against former Legacy stablemates Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes as a fan favorite, despite having left his character pretty much unchanged.

Since winning the title, Swagger has lost a whole lot.  Losing to Orton twice is what got us this match.  In fact, Swagger lost to Undertaker on Raw, then to John Morrison this past Friday on Smackdown – cleanly.  He’s obviously not meant to be taken seriously as a champion and therefore is almost certain to lose the belt to Randy Orton.  If not, then I have no idea what they’re doing with Swagger.  The whole thing seems like a huge waste.

One point worth mentioning is that with winning the World Championship, Swagger seems to have jumped brands from Raw to Smackdown.  This was not the case with Batista after winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.  theoretically, if both Swagger and Batista win, both world titles will be on Smackdown.  Likewise with Orton and John Cena.  If either of those happen, look for one of the champions to get moved on Monday’s draft.

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