Post- Wrestlemania: 4/2 SD

I’ve always told my brother to watch the SD and Raw immediately before and after a PPV- big things sometimes happen. This Smackdown did not disappoint when it came to big things happening:

*The show opened with Chris Jericho coming out to the ring, bragging about his WrestleMania victory over Edge. He “dismantled Edge, piece by piece” (the match was pretty even) and declared Edge and the fans “losers”. Edge came out and demanded a rematch. When Jericho said no, Edge attacked, hitting Jericho with the Edgecution (Impaler DDT) and a Spear. But, as Edge was leaving, Jack Swagger ran out and hit Edge from behind with the MITB briefcase. He then cashed in the case, hit a prone Jericho with his finisher, and is now the World Heavyweight Champion!! (Jack Swagger- World Champion?!?)

*“Broken Code”: John Morrison & R-Truth d. Cryme Tyme. Another ‘big thing’ happened during this match, even though I made it the dud match of the night: About a minute in, Shad was hit with an axe kick by Truth. Truth tagged in Morrison, he hit the Starship Pain, and pinned Shad- total squash match. After the match, JTG and Shad had some words… then JTG had some of Shad’s big boot. He then proceeded to totally destroy JTG. Backstage after the match, Shad stated that “there was no more Cryme Tyme- it’s now *his* time!” A sad day in the WWE Universe as Cryme Tyme is no more.

*Dolph Ziggler d. The Great Khali. Cleanly. With no use of weapons. A sleeper hold about 3 minutes in did the job (really….). Khali announced after the match that he was taking time off of recharge back at home in India; when (I say ‘if’…) he returned, he would become World Champion.

*No Contest: Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy. As Hardy was getting in the ring, McIntyre attacked him. The bell never rang to start the match; a ‘No Contest’ was declared. Drew needs to actually wrestle someone in actual match.

*Kane d. NXT Roster by DQ. “I’m getting bored. When I get bored, I get frustrated…. I need someone to take that frustration out on.” Well, Kane picked 8 somebodies: all the rookies from NXT in an 8-on-1 Handicapped match. 2 of the rookies fell to Kane but the rest ganged up on him, causing a DQ. I have a feeling that a Big Red Machine may be making an unannounced stop at the next NXT taping.

*“Match of the Night”: Beth Phoenix & Tiffany d. Team Lay-Cool. Poor Layla: a pretty face like that should never hit the mat as hard as it did when she was Glam Slammed by Beth Phoenix. I’m still a little curious why Vickie Guerrero is messing with the Divas division, though….

*Next week: #1 Contenders Match. Jack Swagger had a State of the Championship address at the end of the show. Both Jericho and Edge interrupted, demanding a title shot. Teddy Long came out and made the match: Edge vs. Jericho next week, with the winner getting a shot a Swagger.

* Punk challenges Mysterio. Punk came out to the ring, still wanting to save Rey. So he challenged Rey to another match: if Rey wins, Punk gets his head shaved. (This was an awkward segment. Yes, it was taped on Monday this week; however, the ‘savior’ gimmick airing on Good Friday was a little strange….)

Not a lot of quality matches this week; that’s to be expected coming out of WM. But a lot of big events and plot twists happened. A good start to the “new season”!


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