TNA looking at three well-known talents

Hitting the rumor mill again.  It’s being thrown about that TNA is interested in the services of Jim Ross, Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer.  Whether possible or not, I like the thought of all of these guys in TNA.

Jim Ross, it should go without saying, is simply the best play-by-play announcer in the business.  For whatever reason, the WWE has been trying to get him off of TV for years.  Anyone remember the Jerry Lawler/Mike Adamle commentary team?  With the help of a third case of Bell’s Palsy, WWE set their commentary teams without him, and it looks like if he resigns with the company it will be in an off-camera role.

TNA’s commentary has been a low point of the presentation.  Mike Tenay is an almanac of wrestling knowledge, but he’s lacking in play-by-play skills.  Taz lacks whatever discipline he had in the WWE.  Together, they do not add anything to the presentation, and often confuse parts of the show with their babbling.  A pro like Jim Ross would work well with either talent, though I wouldn’t advise a three-man team…but it might work.

If TNA could ditch Vince Russo as its head writer and bring in Paul Heyman, it might actually fix its biggest problem – horrid writing.  TNA will NEVER get better unless its writing improves – that is a simple fact.  I watched Paul Heyman come into OVW (when it was still WWE developmental) and make a weekly must-see program out of the show.  With TNA’s talent, the show could become much, much better.  But what would do to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff?  Certainly, they would need their roles reduced to let the younger talent of TNA shine.  But what could they lose from it?  Hulk Hogan is certainly not the sure bet that TNA seemed to think he would be…brother.

Tommy Dreamer is a decent talent and quite popular with the fans.  He’s definitely good to have on the midcard, and apparently he’s not too bad to have backstage either.  He won’t be TNA champion, but he’d definitely work well besides the likes of Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam.  Compared to the likes of Scott Hall and Tomko, he wouldn’t be the worst worker they had.

So will any of the three of them sign with TNA?  Who knows?  But we can hope, my friends.  We can definitely hope.


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