Lemonade out of Lemons: Raw 4/19/10

Triple H opened the show by explaining for those not in the know, that most of the Raw roster was stuck in Ireland due to the Icelandic volcano.  You know which I’m talking about.  So, Triple H talks about his upcoming match with Sheamus, and is eventually interrupted by CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society.  The go back and forth until the SES attacks Triple H.  They get the better of him, and are about to shave his head when Rey Mysterio comes out for the save.  Triple H and Rey hold Punk down and cut off a bit of his hair.  This leads to the main event of the night:  Triple H, Mysterio & Edge vs. CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Chris Jericho.

The match went off smoothly enough.  Triple H and Mysterio did most of the action for the faces, as Edge was “sporting” a limp from Smackdown.  There was a bit of a close call when Triple H backbody dropped Rey over the ropes and to the outside.  He threw Rey a bit too far, nearly over-shooting the SES.  In the end, Triple H picked up the pinfall over CM Punk after a combination of the 619 from Rey, and a Pedigree.

Also running through the show was the cast of the movie MacGruber.  MacGruber is an SNL skit that features Kristen Wiig and whoever it is that plays MacGruber.  I don’t know, I don’t watch SNL.  Koslov came out, and had Lawler read a prepared statement about wanting a challenge, mocking MacGruber, and the state of New Jersey.  MacGruber comes out and announces a handicap match between himself and R-Truth versus Koslov.  Unfortunately, R-Truth was blown up on the stage, leaving a smoking pair of shoes.

Backstage, MacGruber is trying to escape when Triple H spots him.  In another segment, Jericho (who is also in the movie) gives him some advice on how to deal with Koslov.  In the match itself, MacGruber tried Jericho’s advice and slapped Koslov.  Of course that backfired.  After a few headbutts to the chest, Ryan Phillipe came out, and announced that MacGruber did have a partner, Khaluber (The Great Khali, wink).  Khaluber made quick work of Koslov to pick up the win.

Rest of the show.

  • Undertaker def. Jack Swagger by pinfall.  A decent match.  Sure, it would have been nice if Swagger had won, but losing a long match to the Undertaker does not diminish anyone.
  • Drew McIntyre def. Matt Hardy by pinfall.  Decent enough match.  Nothing really to report.  These two have been going at it for a while on Smackdown.  It did offer an opportunity to plug next week’s draft.
  • There were also taped interviews from Ireland with John Cena and Randy Orton

Closing Thoughts.

Nothing much to say here.  For having to plan this show at the last minute, it wasn’t bad.  I laughed longer than I should have at the thought of R-Truth getting blown up, and leaving his smoldering shoes.  There weren’t many matches, but what did happen lasted longer than matches have been on Raw.  Don’t feel like actually getting the time.  I didn’t have a problem with Khali coming back quickly from “time off” to make this appearance since it was an emergency deal.  The Draft is next week.


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