Draft Day: Raw 4/26/10

It’s Draft night on Raw.  This post will cover what happened on Raw, but check out our post on the Draft for the full results.

Sheamus and Randy Orton argued over who is more deserving of getting a shot at the WWE title.  Sheamus’ argument was that he actually won at Extreme Rules.  Randy Orton’s argument was that he is, well, Randy Orton.  Sans guest host, the duty of naming a #1 contender for the WWE title was left to the champ, John Cena.  So, he decided the main event of the night would be Sheamus versus Randy Orton for the #1 contender spot.

Before the main event, Batista comes out and demands a rematch.  Sheamus and Orton come out and argue with him.  Cena comes out and makes the match a triple threat match.  The match is a fine triple threat match, lasting for around 15 minutes.  At the end, with Randy Orton having taken down Batista and Sheamus, Edge runs in and hits Orton with the Spear.  Batista throws an arm over Orton and gets the win.

Rest of the show

  • Unified Tag Team Title Match:  Hart Dynasty def. ShowMiz by submission. After winning the gauntlet match at Extreme Rules, the Hart Dynasty got their title shot on Raw.  Good match.  It ended with Tyson Kidd putting the Sharpshooter on Miz, forcing him to tap out.  After the match, Big Show punched the Miz, knocking him out.
  • Draft pick match:  Michelle McCool & Layla def. Eve & Maryse. Maryse is not pleased with being forced to tag with Eve.  She ignores tags, and they even get into a fight outside of the ring.  When Maryse does get into the ring, she’s still more focused on Eve, which allows her to get pinned.  Smackdown’s Divas Draft pick, Kelly Kelly.
  • Draft pick match:  CM Punk def. Evan Bourne by pinfall. Bourne is holding his own, about to hit the Shooting Star Press, when a mysterious, hooded person comes out, and knocks him down from the corner.  Punk picks him up, and hits him with the GTS.  Smackdown’s draft pick, Big Show.
  • Draft pick match:  10 man team battle royale — Team Raw (Ted DiBiase, Santino Marella, MVP, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu) def. Team Smackdown (Rey Mysterio, Kane, R-Truth, Shad, Drew McIntyre). It was a battle royale filled with battle royale type things.  A lot of Mysterio and DiBiase almost getting thrown out, but somehow surviving.  The official results on WWE.com say Ted DiBiase won, but don’t be fooled my friends.  Santino was also a survivor for Team Raw.  Raw’s draft picks:  John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge.
  • Draft pick match:  Chris Jericho def. Christian by pinfall. Pre-match, Jericho talks about the “fluke” loss he suffered to Christian’s rookie, Heath Slater.  Slater comes out and converses with Jericho until Christian comes out.  The match ended after Jericho caught Christian with the Codebreaker, after he had jumped from the top rope.  Jericho beats up on Slater after the match, until Kofi Kingston runs out and hits Jericho with Trouble in Paradise.  Smackdown’s draft pick, Kofi Kingston.
  • Draft pick match:  Jack Swagger def. John Morrison by pinfall. This match started off really slow, but picked up towards the end.  Morrison had Swagger down, and went for Starship Pain.  Swagger was able to jump up and hit Morrison in the back before he flipped off the ropes.  Swagger then hit his gut-wrench powerbomb and get the pinfall.  Smackdown’s draft pick, Christian.
  • Draft pick match:  Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler by count-out.  Ziggler chased Hornswoggle around the ring.  When he tried to get back in, Hornswoggle kept throwing things at him until the ref counted to 10.  Raw’s draft pick, Chris Jericho.

Closing thoughts.

My thoughts on the outcomes of the draft will be in that post.  Overall, this was a pretty good show.  We had the happy ending with the Hart Dynasty winning the tag titles, then ShowMiz subsequently breaking up.  There weren’t any glaring botched spots in any of the matches.  All of the matches lasted a reasonable amount of time.  Not a whole lot to post here.

  • Bret Hart is looking healthier than he was when he first came back in January.
  • Was not really sure who I wanted to win the #1 contender match.  Allowing Batista to continue to challenge Cena is fine.  I like this heel version of Batista.
  • Hopefully Edge’s attack on Orton forces him heel.  An Edge/Orton feud is something I’m looking forward to.
  • Wayne Brady is the guest host next week.  That should be entertaining.  I’ve been watching too many reruns of “Whose Line is it Anyways” (American version) recently.

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