Seal The Deal – NXT 4/27/10

This weeks challenge was Seal The Deal. The objective: sell merchandise. So throughout the night each Rookie went out into the crowd and sold programs at $15 a pop. Due to the somewhat uneventfulness of this challenge I’ll hit the main points.

Justin Gabriel did pretty well by simply asking the fans for help, Daniel Bryan’s not a capitalist so he just gave them away for free, Heath Slater can’t hold money, Matt Striker scared Darren Young, Wade Barrett took the money and left, Skip Sheffield yelled a lot and Michael Tarver refused to participate…again.

The winner was David Otunga who was above manual labor being a celebrity and utilized to young fans as assistants. It not only proved smart but effective as he managed to sell $315 worth of merchandise. His prize: Main event next week against a Pro of his choosing.

Who’d he choose you ask? His own Pro R-Truth due to a backstage disagreement about his loss last week.

As for the rest of the show…

Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett vs. Christian & Heath Slater

Jericho has been none to happy about his loss to Slater last week and the tension only boiled over when Slater insulted and attacked him this week on RAW. Determined to put the rookie in his place Jericho learned from the match last week and when Slater went for the counter he escaped the pinfall and hit the Codebreaker picking up the win.

Michael Tarver vs. Darren Young

The Pros weighed in on Tarver as he made his way down to the ring. They all pretty much agreed there’s something there he just hasn’t proven it yet. I have to agree with them as the match was possibly the best of the night as a whole. Tarver seemed to have a chance in this match until Young received some unlikely help from SES disciple Luke Gallows off a distraction from Serena. Young hits his finisher and wins the match. After the match Gallows still seemed to show dislike for the rookie and possible only aided him on the orders of absent savior CM Punk.

Skip Sheffield vs. Daniel Bryan

This match was originally scheduled to be Sheffield vs. The Miz but due to the KO Punch from his formed tag team partner Big Show on RAW he not only was unable to talk but was unable to compete. He instead has Bryan take his place.

Bryan starts the match off quickly taking the big guy to the match with a series of quick strikes and kicks coupled with a variety of potential submission maneuvers. This however wasn’t enough as the Cornfed Meathead used his strength to get back into the match and finished off Bryan with a nasty Backpack Stunner. If you get a chance you should YouTube this move. It was brutal.


#1 Daniel Bryan – He had a good showing tonight and his anti-capitalism thing during the challenge was kinda funny. He also got a Pros thoughts video segment where it was unanimous that they all liked him. Even the Miz in a completely self-absorbed way.

#2 Wade Barrett – He seems to be taking it easy these past few weeks as Jericho handled the bulk of their tag match and he pretty much blew off the rookie challenge. We’ve still yet to hear his music he earned while in England 2 weeks ago.

#3 Justin Gabriel – Got a Pros thoughts video packages as well. Basically they said he has an awesome finisher in the 450 Splash, he’s a terrific in-ring worker and really needs to work on his mic skills if he hopes to win NXT. CM Punk even said that he’s hindered by his own Pro being Matt Hardy.

#4 Heath Slater – Had a good tag match but was outsmarted by Jericho. Other than that he basically just couldn’t hold on to the money during the challenge at all this week. It was kinda sad.

#5 David Otunga – Had a good backstage promo with R-Truth leading to his challenge later on against Truth after winning the Seal The Deal challenge.

#6 Skip Sheffield – His finisher was the highlight of the night for him. His challenge attempt was weak and Bryan was the focus of the action in the match. Regal did show signs of approval post match but that Backpack Stunner definitely deserves some respect.

#7 Michael Tarver – Carlito stole Ted DiBiase’s idea and made Tarver his Virgil having him carry his bags. He’s also the product and the WWE should be selling him. At least that’s what he said.

#8 Darren Young – Good match this week and his little feud with Gallows looks to be shaping up nicely. I’m interested to see where it goes.


2 Responses to Seal The Deal – NXT 4/27/10

  1. wade barrett is going to win nxt the rest are losers

  2. wade barrett is going to win nxt the rest are suckers

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