1/8th Nelson Q&A!

It’s that time!  Time for us, the 1/8th Nelson staff, to answer your questions.

Of course, I’m not going to pretend that we actually get asked questions ourselves, so instead we’ll be using the search terms that have brought you to us!  Let’s begin!

“ric flair to turn on aj styles for kaz”
It certainly seems that way, doesn’t it?  Flair cannot be pleased with how frequently he’s been losing with AJ Styles, and especially since Styles no longer has the TNA Championship.  The odd thing?  He’s trading someone who just lost the TNA title for someone who just lost the X-Division Title.  Since Kazarian really has no one to turn on to go with Flair, it’s more likely that Styles will be booted and turn face.  Finally.

“rob terry hair”
Um…ok.  Rob Terry’s hair looks like this:

Is that what you were looking for?

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TNA’s Ranking System

I’m going to go ahead and call BS on the whole ‘ranking system’ right now in terms of actually looking at fan’s votes on their little survey site.  As numerous ‘dirt sheet’ sites reported, the totals of the votes (which you can opt to see) have been purged several times, and Desmond Wolfe has repeatedly gotten staggering numbers of votes.

The ranking results debuted last week on Impact, giving Sting the #1 contender shot for Slammiversary.  TNA must have been quite confident in the fan’s favor of Sting, being that they released the poster with him on it weeks ago.  I showed it while making fun of the numbering of Slammiversary back on May 10th.  But let’s ignore that for a second, and pretend like this is an actual ranking system and see just how TNA’s top 10 contenders got their spots.

#10: Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe had been on a staggering losing streak until he was kidnapped by a bunch of terrorists masked men in a white van.  He was gone for quite a while until Eric Bischoff called him up (apparently he knew the masked men’s number) and brought him in to fill a gap on Team Hogan.  Since then he’s not had an actual match, but instead just goes around beating people up.

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What do you mean by ‘faces’ and ‘heels’?: TNA Impact 5/27/10

Okay, so I took a week off.  Trust me, if you were stuck watching Impact week after week, you’d likely need a week off once in a while too.  Here’s a rundown of what I didn’t cover last week:

  • The ranking system came out and it was led by Sting, who was conveniently already on the Slammiversary poster.  Whoa, how’s that for lucky?
  • Kurt Angle dropped out of the ranking system saying that it was never about glory or ego, but being the best.  Apparently, the full year he spent leading the Main Event Mafia was a dream.
  • Mr. Anderson tried to be trusted.  Nope, I’m not buying it either.
  • Kazarian tried to impress Ric Flair and won an X-Division Battle Royal to be #10 in the ranking system.  That’s right – the entire X-Division competed to be the least important person in TNA.
  • Brother Ray is a dick.
  • Abyss had to beat up Desmond Wolfe to get Chelsea, even though he already won her by beating up Desmond Wolfe.

Okay, now for this week.

The big point of the show here was the strange relationship between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson (not like that).  Anderson admitted that he may just be screwing around, or he may not be.  Good convincing there, pal.  He tried to convince Hardy to embrace his inner-asshole and began dancing until Ric Flair and his crew (AJ Styles, Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe) entered, with AJ Styles complaining about his match with Anderson later in the show and even called him a ‘butt munch’.  What is this, 1994?  (TNA Timeline Comment: Yes.)

Since not a whole lot happened for the rest of the show, I’ll go ahead and say the main event was the most important thing and mention that Styles defeated Anderson by putting his feet on the ropes.  Anderson attacked post-match (of course), which brought out Beer Money, which in turn brought out Jeff Hardy.  The heels fled, and Hardy and Anderson shook hands.  Congratulations, TNA – you have made Mr. Anderson, your most convincing heel, a face.

Rest of the show after the jump:

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The Final Four – NXT 5/25/2010

With four rookies remaining and the finale next week this would be the moment of truth for these young superstars. Speaking of truth, R-Truth returned as the 6th Pro judge this week with CM Punk looking for a good perruquier and Carlito was…well we know why he wasn’t there.

Without further ado, Heath Slater was the 5th Rookie eliminated on NXT. After the elimination Matt Striker asked the Pros their thoughts and reasoning behind the elimination. Christian, Miz, Truth and Jericho gave their thoughts. Then as usual immediately after having been eliminated Heath Slater magically became more interesting.

Maybe it was the fact that his hair was wet and looked less ridiculous or the fact that he called out Miz and Jericho. Whatever it was yet another very good send-off. I wouldn’t have said this at the beginning but I look forward to his encore.

As for the rest of the show…

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Raw 5/24/10

The show opened with an injured Batista getting helped to the ring, and led to a wheelchair that was waiting for him.  Not sure why he just didn’t come to the ring in the wheelchair, but who am I to argue.  Batista admits that he did say “I quit,” but only because he was afraid of that John Cena was going to kill him.  But it didn’t work, and John Cena hit him with the Attitude Adjustment from the top of a car, through the stage.  Due to this heinous attack, Batista wanted a rematch and an apology from Cena or he would sue everyone, literally.  It’s here that we get introduced to the new General Manager of Raw, Bret Hart.  Hart announces that at the new pay-per-view, Fatal Fourway (the logo makes it look like it should be F-fourtal Fourway), there would be a, wait for it, fatal fourway match for the WWE title.  Hart tells Batista that he can have his rematch if he wins a qualifying match tonight against Randy Orton.  Batista refuses to have this match, insisting that he should get a spot anyways.  Hart tells him that if he can’t compete he’ll have to forfeit, but this doesn’t change Batista’s mind.  So, Hart declares that Orton is the winner by forfeit.  This causes Batista to throw a tantrum and quit.

The other two qualifying matches were last night as well.  Sheamus beat Mark Henry in what was an okay, but even match.  The final qualifying match was between Chris Jericho, Edge, and Cena.  Before I could even finish the question of “what if Cena wins,” it was stated that if Jericho or Edge won, then the winner would get the spot.  However, if Cena won, then neither of them would get the spot.  It was a pretty good match, that had the neat spot of having Jericho put Cena in the Walls of Jericho, while Cena had Edge in the STF.  In the end, it was Edge getting the win, after hitting Jericho with The Spear, after Jericho had hit Cena with the Codebreaker.  So, at Fatal Fourway (Ffourtal Fourway) it will be Cena vs. Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Edge. Read more of this post

Scott Hall celebrates title win by getting arrested

Remember how we were all wondering how long it would take Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac to screw up once TNA brought them back in January?  The answer’s in: about 5 months.

Hall was reportedly arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct last week.  Or, in professional wrestling terms, he got busted for “pulling a Scott Hall.”

TNA recently put a title belt onto Hall when he and Kevin Nash got a cheap victory over Matt Morgan for the tag team titles.  Eric Young was brought into their group to replace the departed Syxx-Pac and can defend the titles in Hall’s stead if TNA decides to let Hall go.  He has thus far been working without a contract on a pay-per-appearance deal.  Hmm…I wonder why they did that?

Over The Limit Preview

Filling in for The Masked Marvel, the manof1004gimmicks present to you:

1004 Over The Limit PPV Predictions

(Actual number of predictions subject to change)

Divas Championship

Eve (c) vs. Maryse

The set up for this one is that Eve beat Maryse using her training in Gracie Jujitsu. The past few weeks Maryse has been training in martial arts as well, sabotaging photo-shoots and basically trying to prove she’s better than Eve in every way.

No one’s really grabbed the upper-hand in this feud yet so I see Eve retaining for a while longer.

Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) vs. R-Truth

This feud started on RAW during the 2010 Draft with Ted DiBiase cashing in on his trust fund and officially following in his father’s footsteps. All he needed was his own Virgil. Carlito turned it down but this didn’t slow down Ted who later offered the position to R-Truth…who slapped him. Eventually Ted decided that the only thing better than a new Virgil was the old Virgil and here we are.

R-Truth gets nothing out of this feud, win or lose, so I see DiBiase taking the win here. Although it would be interesting to see Virgil turn on DiBiase costing him the match.

Intercontinental Championship

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Basically “The Chosen One” has become the “Untouchable One” as of late after having several losses expunged and assaulting Matt Hardy to the point of suspension, being stripped of the title and fired by Teddy Long. In the wake of a vacant IC title, Kofi defeated Christian to win the Championship. But wait, there’s more. McIntyre returns immediately after the match with a letter from Vince McMahon reinstating him back into the company and back as Intercontinental Champion. Long responds with something McMahon can’t really save McIntyre from and makes this championship match.

This match has the most likely chance to change at the PPV. I don’t see McIntyre losing the belt but he may lose the match prompting Long to change the stipulation. If this happens, Kofi wins and they wash, rinse, repeat the underlying angle of this feud.

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Miz & Chris Jericho

This entire feud revolves squarely around The Miz and Bret Hart. That’s crazy right? But here it is:

Miz and Big Show lose the Championships to the Hart Dynasty at the Draft (a match Bret Hart instigated). After the loss Big Show KO’s Miz and is drafted to Smackdown. Jericho’s drafted to RAW and feels Miz’s pain having also been Show’s partner and recently KO’d as well. The two plot to become Unified Tag Team Champions together. During singles matches against the Hart Dynasty they earn their title shot but the Hart’s also earn a US Championship match as well. Miz pulled a fast one on them calling out Bret Hart instead (as he is part of the Hart dynasty). Guess what? Hart won and that’s where we’re at.

Bret Hart will get involved this match and The Hart Dynasty will retain. I think Hart’s involvement in the match will result in him vacating the title on RAW.

World Heavyweight Championship

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Big Show

This one’s pretty simple. Big Show is drafted to Smackdown and is immediately named #1 Contender. Big Show (in jovial giant persona) makes Swagger look like a punk for a few weeks and Swagger makes a strategic assault on the go home show.

Just like last month, I think Swagger retains because all signs point to Big Show dominating. Will we see a Gutwrench Powerbomb? One can only hope but look for Swagger to win via submission.

Hair vs. Joining The  SES

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Since the lead up into Wrestlemania we’ve seen Punk trying everything to get Mysterio into his Straight Edge Society. Both PPV before saw one competitor save himself from losing stipulation while the other had nothing to lose. Finally both men have something at stake. If Punk loses he loses his hair and possibly his SES in the aftermath. If Mysterio loses he’s forced to join the SES.

This feud has been really good so far. It’s even boiled over onto NXT on occasion. With the stipulations as they are I’m hoping CM Punk wins and keeps this going for a few more months.

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Another simple setup. Edge is drafted to RAW and makes a statement spearing Orton and costing him a title shot in the process. Edge reveals his true colors reverting back to his heel persona and is out for just himself again. It’s the Spear vs. the RKO.

Despite the simple setup I honestly have no idea how this one plays out. I’m gonna go with Orton to keep his anti-hero face push going.

I Quit Match for WWE Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Batista

This one goes all the way back to Elimination Chamber. The short version is Batista is jealous of Cena for becoming the face of the company despite paralleling careers. He helps McMahon against Bret Hart to get a title shot against Cena who just competed in an Elimination Chamber and winning. Next stop is Wrestlemania where Cena wins back the title. Batista invokes his rematch at Extreme Rule in a Last Man Standing Match. With a clever turn of the rules and abundant use of duct tape Cena retains his championship. Batista calls BS and Cena, not one to be called a coward gives Batista another shot. Cena wins a Beat The Clock Challenge to choose the stipulation. He chooses “I Quit” and forfeits his rematch clause for incentive.

This is an interesting one. If Batista wins Cena’s out of the title picture for a while and that could be a very interesting place for him to be for a while. On the other hand, if Cena wins we get a new unwritten rule in wrestling (i.e. don’t try to powerbomb Billy Kidman or fall on the 2nd rope against Rey Mystero) with don’t go against John Cena in an “I Quit” match cause he will not quit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Rock/Mankind prerecorded gag used against Cena.

Worth buying?

After writing it all out. Yeah, it is probably worth buying because something that happens at Over The Limit that will make an impact for weeks to come. So gather some friends, chip in together on the cost and share what will be a PPV to talk about for the next few days at the least.