Raw 5/10/10

Going to do a live blog for this entry.  What it means is that you will see my thoughts on the show as it happens.  Immediately below will be a quick recap of the show, for those not wanting to read my thoughts as the show is going on.

  • Vicki Guerrero is the new Raw GM.
  • Jericho beat David Hart Smith to earn him and Miz a shot at the tag titles.
  • The reunited Colon Bros. attack R-Truth during his match with Regal.  DiBiase hands them both envelopes afterwards.
  • Buzz Aldrin is hosting next week’s commercial free Raw.
  • Evan Bourne beat Zach Ryder.
  • Cena makes his match against Batista at Over the Limit an I Quit match.
  • Tyson Kidd beat The Miz.  Miz says he will put the US title up against Bret Hart.
  • NXT rookies beat John Morrison, Santino, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust.  Bryan rolled up Santino.
  • Batista attacked Mark Henry before match got started, choking him out.
  • Randy Orton beat Ted DiBiase and Edge.  Orton threatened Vicki, and she screamed her resignation.

For my in-depth thoughts on the show, read below the jump.

9:00 PM – Show opens with a recap of what happened between Edge and Orton last week.  Standard fare to catch up people that missed last week’s show.

9:03 PM – Orton’s slowly walking out.  Heard Cole mention being at The Igloo.  Luckily, the Penguins are on the road tonight.  Remember the big deal about a Raw that was supposed to be in Denver last year, but the Nuggets had a home playoff game?

9:05 PM – Orton explains why he didn’t team up with Edge, only to be interrupted by……Meatloaf???  Seriously, Meatloaf.  Shameless plug for his new album, which he is holding upside down.  So, Meatloaf is playing a song he thinks Orton should come out to.  This is an uttlerly awful way to start a show.  If Orton doesn’t RKO Meatloaf, I am going to be greatly disappointed.

9:09 PM – Thank God, it happened.  Now Edge comes out.  After a spiel about hating celebrities and complaining about them to HQ, Edge announces that there is a new Raw GM, Vicki Guerrero.

9:14 PM – Crowd has been booing Vicki for several minutes straight.  She announces a 2-on-1 match between Edge and a partner of his choosing against Orton.  Finally, an authority figure.

9:19 PM – Hey, the Steelers are in attendence.  I could make a Big Ben joke but I won’t.  He’s enough of a joke by himself.  Cole also makes a lame Iron Man reference comparing Vicki to Pepper Potts.  I face-palmed.

9:21 PM – So, we get Jericho versus Smith for a shot at the tag belts.  Not real difficult to predict who will win this.

9:24 PM – Smith, next time you try a Sharpshooter, make sure you don’t immediately let go of it.  After four minutes, Jericho picks up the win after a Codebreaker.  An alright match, other than the Sharpshooter slip-up.

9:26 PM – Edge talking to Batista.  Batista looks like he’s going to either rob the place, or is about to embark on an Alaskan fishing expedition.

9:31 PM – R-Truth comes out with Flava Flav providing back-up on his entrance theme.  Uhg.

9:33 – If I had any idea what Flav was saying, I’d comment on it.  But, the crowd seems into him.  I’ll add this to the list of things I don’t understand, right after Snuggies.  I think he went past the time he was supposed to.

9:35 – R-Truth and Regal briefly have a match until both the Colons run in and attack R-Truth.  Flav was briefly on commentary.  Still couldn’t understand him.  DiBiase walks out and hands the Colons envelopes.  Interested to see where an R-Truth/DiBiase feud goes.

9:42 – Video of Maryse training with a jujitsu instructor to apparently combat Eve’s training.  Of course, Maryse gets pissed off with something her instructor says and walks off.

9:43 – Orton being Orton.  Not afraid, threatening, and staring at something off in the distance.

9:47 – Buzz Aldrin, complete in spacesuit, annouces he’ll be the guest host for Raw next week.  Then, Mark Henry hits him in the back with a chair.  Yay violence against old people.

9:48 – Zach Ryder being Zach Ryder.  Hopefully Evan Bourne will beat him.

9:52 – Alicia Fox makes everything look painful.  Thank God, Bourne won after hitting the Shooting Star Press.  This week, Gail Kim walks away with Evan Bourne.  This after she walked off with Mark Henry last week for a “fun-filled” night.  That hussy.

9:58 – Did you know that this is the last time WWE will ever be in the Igloo?  If not, the announcers are certainly making sure you will remember it.  It’d be a bit different if this was the last even to be held in Melon Arena, but it’s not.

10:00 – Please Cena, don’t challenge Batista to another Last Man Standing match.

10:02 – Cena makes the stipulation to the match at Over the Limit an I Quit match.  My response is a hearty “meh.”

10:03 – Oh boy, Cena calls out the “jar of mayonnaise,” Sheamus.  He’s so damn Irish.  Hey look at that, Batista tried to sneak up from behind.  And now we get Batista abusing Cena, again.  Sheamus kicks Cena in the head…..again.  Out for the save comes….Mark Henry?!?!  I like it, but it is a bit unexpected.

10:07 – Edge and Vicki backstage together like they used to be, except without the gross, awkward love thing.

10:14 – Poor Tyson Kidd doesn’t get an entrance.  I’m at least expecting him to beat Miz, so that Miz has to put up his US title next week.  Otherwise, there’s no point to having this match.

10:16 – Wow that was quick.  A bit too quick.  Happy Tyson Kidd won, but even with a roll-up, that was too easy.

10:17 – Miz says that he’s not facing Tyson, Baby Bulldog, or Natalya.  Miz says he’s going to face……Bret Hart.  Hmmm…okay, whatever.  See how it plays out next week.  Miz has gotten the art of being a douchebag on the mic down.

10:23 – Oh yay, the NXT rookies are having a match.  Yeah, I still don’t care about the NXT rookies.

10:24 – There are few things better than seeing Santino doing his trombone move in slow motion.

10:26 – Having all 8 of the NXT rookies take on John Morrison, Goldust, Santino, and Yoshi Tatsu in a tag match does not make me take the rookies any more seriously than I was.  Seriously, it’s 8 on 4.  The 8 should win this.  It’s a numbers thing.  out of the 7 of them not in the ring, at least one should be able to break through the other 3, and break up the pin.

10:28 – Dear God, Daniel Bryan FINALLY won a match…and gets lifted up on people’s shoulders?!  Come on, he beat Santino for crying out loud.  Uhg.

10:37 – The Bella twins, Santino, and Koslov do their obligatory time with the guest host.  For some reason, Santino still wants to be tag partners with Koslov.

10:39 – I want more of Regal rapping.

10:46 – The Batista/Mark Henry match has turned into Batista abusing Mark Henry with a chair, and choking him out.  Match never got started.  I guess it’s the best way for this to have gone.  Mark Henry keeps the bump from saving Cena, and Batista keeps his image going.

10:51 – Seeing the Meatloaf segment once tonight was several times too many.  There is no need to replay it.

10:56 – And Edge’s partner is….Ted DiBiase.  I guess that makes sense.  Kinda expecting R-Truth to run out and even the odds.

11:03 – Hey look, it’s R-Truth.  I was right, kind of.  He distracted DiBiase, allowing an opening for Orton to hit the RKO and get the pinfall.

11:04 – Orton is slowly stalking Vicki.  We should name his pace of speed after him.  “Orton is Ortonly approaching the ring.”  He hits Edge with an RKO, while Vicki was giving her resignation.  Uhg.  I hope we didn’t gain and lose a GM in one night.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this was a pretty good Raw.  Everything…correction, almost everything had a point in progressing storylines towards Over the Limit.  Yes, even the Meatloaf bit.  Uhg.  We know Orton is a loose cannon that will do anything to anyone.  After all, he RKOed Wayne Brady last week.  One ancient musician is enough for each show.  The stuff with Vicki was fine, but if having a Raw GM was just a one week tease, then I am going to be greatly disappointed.

I can’t pinpoint why, but I’m not really interested in an I Quit match between John Cena and Batista.  Maybe it’s because I know WWE will never say “I Quit.”  So, knowing that, it’s either going to end with Cena winning, Cena passing out and the ref calling the match, or some out recording of Cena saying “I quit” will be played over the speakers.

  • Enjoying the Hart Dynasty/Miz & Jericho feud.  Interesting to see what happens between Bret Hart and Miz next week…IN CAAAAANAAAADAAAAAAA!!!!!!  It is Bret Hart’s hometown.
  • Regarding previous bullet point, yes, I know Bret is from Calgary, not Toronto.
  • Was happy to see Mark Henry doing something important on Raw.
  • Seems like an odd time to have a random commercial-free Raw.  Without commercials, when am I supposed to change the channel and see what is happening on Impact?  Oh, wait.  Nevermind.

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