1/8th Nelson Q&A!

It’s that time!  Time for us, the 1/8th Nelson staff, to answer your questions.

Of course, I’m not going to pretend that we actually get asked questions ourselves, so instead we’ll be using the search terms that have brought you to us!  Let’s begin!

“ric flair to turn on aj styles for kaz”
It certainly seems that way, doesn’t it?  Flair cannot be pleased with how frequently he’s been losing with AJ Styles, and especially since Styles no longer has the TNA Championship.  The odd thing?  He’s trading someone who just lost the TNA title for someone who just lost the X-Division Title.  Since Kazarian really has no one to turn on to go with Flair, it’s more likely that Styles will be booted and turn face.  Finally.

“rob terry hair”
Um…ok.  Rob Terry’s hair looks like this:

Is that what you were looking for?

“mystery tag team on raw 5/24/10”
The tag team that decimated the Hart Dynasty was made up of Rikishi’s twin sons, known as the Samoan Soldiers.  Their valet is Sarona Snuka, daughter of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and sister of Sim Snuka (Deuce of “& Domino” fame).

“tna knockouts sarita vs wwe divas”
If you are comparing the two, I would say Sarita is the more talented of the grouping, in-ring, but I doubt she’ll ever be heading towards the WWE, because she doesn’t exactly have the “Diva” look.  And even if she did make the jump, she’d likely not make much of an impact – after all, look at what they’ve done with Gail Kim (pretty much zip).  As it is, Sarita is being pretty wasted in TNA, as is her tag team partner Taylor Wilde.

“daniel bryan vs miz or michael cole”
Michael Cole, please.

“nxt finishers”
We actually get this one a lot – so I’ll hand it over to our resident NXT expert, the Man of 1004 Gimmicks:

Daniel Bryan – Yet to actually debut a finisher in WWE but his Cattle Mutilation is his most well known and he as used it as a regular move once on NXT. But since this question is based mostly on people wanting to create him on SvR games he’s also used a Dragon Suplex Pin and The Regal-Plex.

 Wade BarrettUses a Forward Fireman’s Carry Slam that I’ve heard been called the Barrett Wasteland but as of now there’s no current name for it.

 Skip Sheffield – Has used a Backpack Stunner unofficially called the Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder.

 Michael TarverHas used Tarver’s Lightning (a reverse thrown scoop slam) but also has the Kill Shot, a knockout punch he never utilized on show.

 Justin GabrielDoes a beautiful 450 Splash from the top rope.

 Darren Young – Has used a Lifting Full Nelson Twisted Into A Flapjack regularly to win matches on NXT though it has yet to be named.

 David OtungaDoesn’t really have a regular finisher but has used a Thrust Spinebuster Wikipedia calls ‘The Verdict’ to pick up a win.

 Heath Slater – Won almost every one of his matches with some variation of a rollup pin. He does do a pretty unique Jumping Neckbreaker regularly. Wikipedia also has him doing a Jumping Russian Legsweep or Dolph Ziggler’s Zig-Zag as it’s more commonly recognized. 

The only NXT Rookies that I can actually attest to having ‘Finishers’ are Barrett, Gabriel, Sheffield and Young. Otunga and Tarver arguably have one but only utilized them once…maybe. Slater and Bryan never officially used anything that could be called a ‘Finisher’.

“lacey von erich had to pee”
She certainly did – and because she did, we conveniently got evidence that Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea set up the assault bit to frame Abyss.  And what did it matter in the end?  Absolutely not one bit.  Keep rocking, TNA!

“hawkins and archer”
Have you been keeping up with the Man of 1004 Gimmick’s impact watch?  Go follow it right now!  For the gist of it, two guys who have nothing else to do, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer, have been teamed up and promised everyone that they would make an impact in 30 days.  It hasn’t been happening.

“the 1/8th nelsn”
Eh, close enough.

“scott hall kevin nash”
Formerly known as “the Outsiders” and now known as “the Band” these two guys are a mix of old and fat.  Neither are near what they used to be in the ring and Hall has already been arrested since returning to TNA.  But you know what?  They were awesome in the mid 90’s, and therefore their tag team title wins were 17 years in the making!

“matt morgan with a chair”
Well, since you asked so nicely:

His chair in this picture just happens to be named ‘Kurt Angle’.


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