Cards Not Falling For Nexus Angle

If you’ve been keeping up with RAW in recent months you’re aware of their newest story angle involving the NXT season 1 Rookies, now being referred to as The Nexus, invading RAW. The immediately shook up the wrestling community by attacking then WWE Champion John Cena, all RAW ringside personnel and destroying the ring itself. In subsequent weeks these attacks have continued without bias up to where we are currently.

In what is being hailed as the most interesting angle in a while by the diehard fans this angle seems to be riddled with problems. Less than a week in, IWC fan favorite Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) was released from the company. Speculation is that it was due to his choking announcer Justin Roberts with his necktie during the first attack and that higher powers were involved. With their, arguably, most prominent member gone the group managed to keep pace under season 1 winner Wade Barrett.

But alas the fates were still against them as Barrett’s work visa seems to have recently expired keeping him from appearing on television (unless they were to tape in England). The same thing apparently happened to Drew McIntyre on Smackdown as well. Barrett has been written out as having a meeting with the Board of Directors as a result of Nexus’ attack onVince McMahon the week prior until his new work visa can be obtained; but his absence will be indefinite until then.

While speculation still abounds that this is all just one massively elaborate work it’s becoming increasingly doubtful. With the 2 key members of this faction gone Nexus is left with its 6 ‘not quite ready for primetime players’ to continue on this story. I foresee a lot of random group attacks for them in the near future as filler.

And if Justin Gabriel (their best remaining in-ring performer) goes out on injury before Barrett returns they should probably consider wrapping this one up.


Votes, Kegs & An Elimination? – NXT 6/29/2010

The first official NXT poll of the season was this week and after Ashley Valance gave the opening she sent it to Matt Striker who threw a surprise twist at the Rookies. The person in last place would be eliminated.

To give them a chance to keep themselves in despite votes immunity was offered. Unfortunately this meant the return of the time-consuming NXT Challenges. This week, the return of the Keg Carry. Half the Rookies fumbled during the challenge (including McGuillicutty) allowing Lucky Cannon to pick up the win with 12.7 seconds.

At the end of the night when the votes were in Titus O’Neil came up short and was sent home.

As for the rest of the show…

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Raw 6/28/10

Here’s a quick recap of what happened this week on Raw.

  • John Cena and Sheamus are going to have a steel cage match at Money In The Bank for the WWE title.
  • The Usos attacked the Hart Dynasty before their scheduled match, which caused the match to not happen.
  • Vladmir Koslov defeated Santino Marella to keep from having to become his partner.  Koslov then saved Santino from Regal and carried him off.
  • Ranjin Singh is frustrated with The Great Khali.
  • Sheamus defeated Mark Henry by pinfall.
  • The Nexus (NXT) beat up Ricky Steamboat, Michael Hayes, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson and Jerry Lawler while they were promoting Steamboat’s 3-disc DVD.  There was a stipulation that The Nexus couldn’t touch a Superstar and vice versa.  So, they beat up Legends.
  • Alica Fox and Maryse defeated Gail Kim and Eve when Fox pinned Kim.
  • Randy Orton, John Morrison, R-Truth, and Evan Bourne defeated Edge, Chris Jericho, The Miz, and Ted DiBiase when Orton pinned DiBiase.  Guest Host Rob Zombie had announced earlier in the show that these would be the participants in the Raw Money in the Bank match.

Closing Thoughts

It seemed like this Raw took forever to really get started.  The opening segment between Cena, Sheamus, and Michael Cole relaying messages was entertaining enough.  But after that, there was the pre-match attack by The Usos on the Hart Dynasty that caused the match to not happen.  Then we get backstage segments with R-Truth and Khali, individually, and an uninteresting bit with Koslov and Marella.  By then, we’re already an hour into the show, and nothing interesting has happened.  There really needs to be some decent action earlier in the show.

  • Not a fan of the name “The Nexus.”
  • The main event match was good, and those 8 guys should be able to put on a good Money in the Bank match.
  • What was the point of Rob Zombie even being on the show?  If you’re going to continue this guest host nonsense, at least have them do something other than promote their latest project.

Kane Tables Discussion On S.E.S – Smackdown 6/25/2010

Codebreaker30 was having some Internet issues this weekend so I’m helping out and giving you the inside skinny on all things Smackdown this past week.

Kicking off the night, SmackDown GM Theodore Long revealed that new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio will defend his title at Money in the Bank while Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero announced that the duo will soon choose eight Superstars to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With Vickie involved odds are good Dolph Ziggler will make it in.

Also, despite CM Punk’s proclaimed innocence in the recent attack on The Undertaker, Kane felt he had found those responsible and carried out his own special brand justice. As for the match itself…

Kane vs. CM Punk No Disqualification Match ended in a No Contest

Kane took on CM Punk in a brutal No Disqualification Match. As their battle waged on, The Big Red Monster found himself tangling with the entire Straight Edge Society. We even saw the masked member without his hoodie (though no discernable markings were seen to identify him, I think it’s recently resigned Joey Mercury though). Despite the odds, Kane held his own, capping off the battle by chokeslamming Luke Gallows through the announce table.

But the action was far from over as the Big Red Monster raged onward. Punk sought refuge by running out into the audience and into the arena lobby. Kane quickly followed and delivered a punishing attack, smashing the S.E.S. leader through two tables and head-first into one of the arena’s steel beams. Finally, Kane shoved Punk through an exit door, sending him running off into the night.

As for the rest of the show…

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They Live!: TNA Impact 6/24/10

After last week’s brutal assault that ended with Jeff Hardy being chokeslammed off the stage, everyone was looking for answers as to just what happened to Abyss.  Hulk Hogan wasted no time getting to the bottom of the situation, opening the show by calling Abyss out.  The monster, now back to his own theme music (rather than the WCW Hulk Hogan theme) came out and explained to Hogan that THEY told him to do what he did.  He warned that THEY were coming and because of them, he no longer needed to be a Hulkamaniac.  To prove his point, despite Hogan interrupting almost every other word he said, Abyss removed Hogan’s (WWE) Hall of Fame ring and stuffed it down Hogan’s throat.  As the choking continued, Rob Van Dam came out but was taken down himself.  This brought out Mr. Anderson, who tried to fight Abyss, but then hightailed it and pulled RVD and Hogan out with him.

The main event was announced to be a hardcore, falls count anywhere match between Anderson and Abyss, since nothing screams ‘punishment’ quite like giving the punished person his prefered stipulation against an opponent he’s trying to take out.  Anderson put up a good fight, but he could not beat Abyss at his own game and suffered the loss after being hit by a brutal looking Shock Treatment.  Abyss pulled Anderson up to the stage and after some teasing, finally gave Anderson the Jeff Hardy treatment, chokeslamming him off the stage.  Hogan snuck up behind Abyss and cracked him with a chair to no effect, but security saved Hogan from another beating as the show ended with another taunting finger point.

And just like that, Abyss is a monster again.  Well done, TNA.  And I actually mean that for a change.

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Don’t do this: December to Dismember

This week, we’ll be looking at one of the biggest PPV snafus ever.  That’s right – the now-defunct ECW brand’s first (and only) solo branded PPV, December to Dismember.

Nothing screams Christmas quite like the Sandman's arm.

WWE (ECW Brand): December 3, 2006

Things had not been going well for the ECW brand since it was introduced after the second edition of One Night Stand in June.  At that point, the brand had drafted Kurt Angle and had an intriguing storyline in which Rob Van Dam held both the newly reestablished ECW Championship as well as Raw’s WWE Championship, which he had won from John Cena at the PPV.  Unfortunately, just after having broken through his so-called “glass ceiling”, RVD got caught driving while smoking pot, so the WWE quickly took both the belts off of him and made him climb up and glue the shattered ceiling back together.  Kurt Angle was released to give him proper time to heal his staggering list of injuries, but quickly jumped ship to the neophyte TNA.  So in full panic mode, the Big Show was elevated to the top spot and the increasingly popular Bobby Lashley was shoehorned in from Smackdown to pad the roster.

December to Dismember, an awful named PPV trying to harken back to the original ECW’s November to Remember, would be the ECW brand’s first PPV, though it was pretty much doomed right from the start.  The Survivor Series – one of the WWE’s big four PPVs – was held the week before, and the Smackdown brand’s Armageddon would be held two weeks later.  Just three weeks after that would be Raw’s New Year’s Revolution.  So right off the bat, the show was in trouble since both Raw and Smackdown had been focusing on Survivor Series and had not had time to help promote this show.  Not that there was much to promote.

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Owen Hart’s widow sues WWE…again

This news is a couple of days old, but here it is anyway.

Martha Hart, widow of the late, great Owen Hart is sueing the WWE.  Her argument, according to a press release, is that the WWE has been using Owen’s image and name in publicity and promotional videos without her direct consent, which she has made abundantly clear for over a decade now that they are not going to get.

Attorney for the WWE has responded that this is a frivolous lawsuit that has come up specifically because Linda McMahon is in a serious race for the Senate seat in Connecticut.  Without that campaign going on, he says, this lawsuit would not be happening.

I never thought I’d say this, but I am against Martha Hart in this argument.  I’m a regular viewer of WWE programming, and I can say with full confidence that the WWE does not use Owen Hart for publicity or promotion for any event.  His name was mentioned when Stu Hart was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in March and he might get a call out here and there when Bret Hart was regularly appearing on WWE programming.  But certainly nothing that can justify a lawsuit has taken place.  Doing such would likely remind fans that the WWE was culpable in Owen’s death.  Avoiding this is probably the entire reason Owen Hart has not yet been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The main argument Martha has is the use of Owen’s name and footage in the recently released Hart Family DVD.  The WWE argues that they have the right to all WWE footage of Owen Hart in both the WWE as well as Stampede Wrestling (which they own the video library of).  As much as it sucks for Martha, the WWE does have that right.  Her lawsuit did not give her the right to all of Owen’s past footage.

Owen Hart, you likely recall, was killed in a tragic accident at WWE’s Over the Edge PPV in May of 1999 when he was performing a stunt in which he was to be lowered by cable from the rafters of the arena into the ring.  His safety harness was somehow released and he fell the entire way to the ring.  He shortly died of his injuries.  Martha Hart filed a wrongful death suit against the WWE which was settled out of court.