And The Winner Is… – NXT 6/1/10

I’m not gonna waste your time this week. Wade Barrett won with David Otunga taking 2nd and Justin Gabriel 3rd. The rest of the show with exception of the Rookie Triple Threat was a hot mess (think TNA 3/4 of a month).

There was way too much unnecessary talking and more than warranted filler. The triple threat match was really good with Gabriel hitting the 450 Splash on Otunga and being pulled off the pin by Barrett to eliminate Otunga from the match. It was Battle Royal style triple threat so Barrett and Gabriel continued to the finish. Barrett countered Gabriel’s second 450 Splash with his knees, (which made this fan clutch his abs in pain) latched on to Gabriel and rolled him up for the win.

After Gabriel was eliminated and Matt Hardy said he would not die Barrett and Otunga had a talk off battle which was pretty blah. All the previously eliminated Rookies were in attendance and Matt Striker made sure they got to express their futile opinions. Before they could go into the ridiculously long drum roll to announce the winner they decide to show how “live” the show was by having the Pros bicker on the entrance stage with the best part being CM Punk saying he’d had enough of NXT weeks ago and walking out.

So we have a winner and he gets a WWE Title shot at a PPV and we can all be happy that David Otunga didn’t win making this experiment a complete joke.

But if you though the experiment was over you’d be wrong. Get ready for Season 2 starting next week.

Info on NXT Season 2 after the jump…

Throughout the night new Pros and new Rookie were introduced. They are…

Husky Harris w/ Cody Rhodes

Son of Mike Rotunda (I.R.S.) and grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, Husky is a 3rd generation superstar. He’s fittingly paired with someone with experience working with “Legacy’s”. They should make a good pairing as Rhodes is coming into his own as of late on Smackdown.

Eli Cottonwood w/ John Morrison

Definitely the most interesting pairing as Morrison is known for being a charismatic high flyer and Eli Cottonwood is a 7’2″ giant. Seriously the dude’s a beast and this could be an entertaining duo.

Percy Watson w/ MVP

Another South Beach party boy is on NXT (Darren Young being the 1st) and he’s paired with Miami’s own Ballin’ Superstar MVP. This pairing could go either way as Watson appears to be very entertaining a capable on the mic.

Titus O’Neil w/ Zack Ryder

This will probably be your opening Pro/Rookie feud as Ryder has already stated to focus on style and persona as opposed to in-ring technique while O’Neil gives off a more serious and focused vibe.

Kaval w/ Lay-Cool

That’s not a typo, Layla and Michelle McCool will be the Pros for this seasons indie favorite. This is going to be annoying more than likely as Lay-Cool’s gimmick is well…annoying.

Lucky Cannon w/ Mark Henry

I didn’t catch the intro for Lucky so I’m taking that as an omen that he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get the Tarver Treatment.

Michael McGuillicutty w/ Kofi Kingston

Never heard of this McGuillicutty guy? How about Joe Hennig? Still nothing, then you should do your WWE Hall of Fame history. He’s the son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Another 3rd generation superstar (and my personal theory of who The Brian Kendrick’s tag team partner was going to be before his release) this duo should make some interesting moments.

Alex Riley w/ The Miz

He’s back and with a more compatible Rookie this season. This season The Miz gets to mentor himself…10 years ago. Riley has a pretty boy jock gimmick as far as I can tell.

Those are your Season 2 Pros & Rookies. It should be interesting and most likely more figured out than Season 1 but with Smackdown coming to Syfy after summer this will probably be the last one. One major difference this season will be the voting. This season the Pros votes will count for 50% while the WWE Universe’s votes will count for the other 50% but if you think that changes anything you clearly don’t know anything about percentages or fan voting in professional wrestling. (See our post on the TNA Ranking System)

All in all NXT Season 2 should be entertaining and I’ll still be watching and reporting each and every week.


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