Raw 6/8/10

Tonight’s episode was a Viewer’s Choice, 3-hour episode.  Think of it as a free Cyber Sunday or Taboo Tuesday, just without the pay-per-view quality of matches.

The cast of the A-Team movie were the guest hosts for the night.  Let me correct that, all of them except Liam Neeson.  (Way to crush my hopes and dreams, Liam Neeson.)  Although, Bradley Cooper only had a very short, introductory spot on the show.  Rampage Jackson and Sharlto Copley (main guy from District 9) did most of the work in a series of backstage segments involving an investigation as to who took Jerry Lawler’s crown.  The investigation leads them to Ted DiBiase and Virgil.  It’s revealed that IRS took the crown because of back taxes.  After the use of knockout gas by the nefarious villains, they capture the heroes and reveal that it was all a trap.  After bringing Rampage to the ring, the criminal mastermind was revealed to be none other than Roddy Piper.  His motivation was that he was sick of the A-Team back when Mr. T was on it, and was not going to stand by while a movie came out.  Out comes the cavalry, composed of Sharlto, Mean Gene, and Dusty Rhodes.  They distract the evil-doers, allowing Rampage to break the handcuffs, and clear the ring.  King’s crown is successfully returned to him.

And oh yeah, the Season 1 NXT rookies came out during the main event.  The fans had selected CM Punk to face Cena over Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio.  The match was going well until Wade Barrett started to walk down the entrance ramp.  Cena looked a bit confused, but he continues along.  Then slowly, the other rookies start to appear at ringside.  Punk gets thrown to the outside, and the NXT rookies all enter the ring, and attack Cena.
They then go on and destroy Cena, CM Punk, and everyone that was at ringside, including the ringside area.  Well, everyone except Serena and Michael Cole.  They weren’t in the wreckage at ringside.  Serena wasn’t, because they quit having the guys attack the females.  Cole’s absence isn’t really clear, but it’s probably that he just ran off as soon as the attack started on the ringside guys.  The rookies destruction goes on for quite a bit of time, and Cena has to be taken off on a stretcher.

Rest of the show.

  • Big Show def. Chris Jericho in a Body Slam Challenge. The other choices for this match were Submission match, and Over the Top Rope Challenge.  It was a decent enough match, until Big Show caught Jericho attempting to do a flying cross body, and then slammed him.  For good measure
  • Hart Dynasty def. The Great Khali & Hornswoggle by pinfall. The other options for this match was the Usos and The Dudebusters.  This was a pretty short, pretty blah segment.  Khali was controlling the match, then tagged in Hornswoggle, who missed the Tadpole Splash, and got pinned.  The Usos ran in afterwards, but the Hart Dynasty was able to fight them off this week.
  • Vladimir Koslov def. Santino Marella in a dance off. The other options were a regular match or an arm wrestling competition.  It was goofy, and that’s all there really is to say about it.
  • Maryse wins Diva Battle Royal. The other options were a 6-on-6 tag match or champion versus champion.  Maryse eliminated Jillian after they worked together to eliminate Eve.
  • Kane def. Sheamus by count out. The other choices were Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.  Before the voting results were announced, Kane confronted Sheamus backstage, accusing him of putting Undertaker in a vegetative (potato) state.  The match was alright.  After Sheamus got hit with a chokeslam, he decides that he’s had enough, rolls out of the ring, and gets counted out.
  • The Miz & Zach Ryder def. R-Truth & John Morrison by pinfall. The other options for Miz’s partner were Dolph Ziggler and William Regal.  The other options for R-Truth’s partner were Christian and MVP.  The match ended after Miz side-stepped Morrison, sending him shoulder first into the ringpost, and then hitting him with the Skull-crushing Finale.
  • Randy Orton def. Edge by DQ. The stipulation for this match was that Edge would need to tie one arm behind his back, since Orton had one arm in a sling.  It was selected by the crowd over the exciting possibilities of a debate, and a sit-up contest.  Of course, after competing fairly for a short time, Edge unties his arm, and attacks Orton.  After the ref called for the bell, Edge continued hitting Orton’s injured shoulder with a chair.
  • Matt Hardy def. Drew McIntyre by pinfall. The options for McIntyre’s opponent were Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust, and a mystery man.  The mystery man won, and it just happened to be Matt Hardy.  McIntyre insisted that Hardy was suspended and couldn’t compete.  Smackdown GM Teddy Long countered that Hardy was suspended on Smackdown and not Raw.  Unfortunately, the match wasn’t very good and ended pretty quickly after Hardy hit a Twist of Fate.

Closing thoughts

I really don’t know what to think about the NXT rookie revolt.  It was definitely surprising and has me intrigued as to where this is heading.  The difficulty WWE is going to have with this turn of events is justification.  You now have 8 guys teamed together that were just recently competing against each other.  Of course, the simple way to go about justifying this is two words: mutually beneficial.  Coming out of NXT, Wade Barrett is the only one of the guys with a spot.  Bryan Danielson has had his thing with Cole going on, but that can’t last for much longer.

Realistically, Sheffield, Tarver, and Young didn’t really have a place in the immediate future with the company, and would probably be sent back to Florida if this grouping didn’t happen.  Does it fit character-wise?  Maybe, maybe not, but small-time people have been forever changing personality to join a stronger group.  With David Otunga, it’s a bit more problematic, but you can go back to the “mutually beneficial” excuse.  Set him up to use the group to build himself up.  Bryan Danielson has been declaring that he’s better than the rest of the rookies, so his joining them may be a bit questionable.  Unless, they play the angle where he’s upset with WWE for keeping him on the sidelines for so long.  Have Danielson be Barett’s partner in this venture.  The role of heel leader of a stable fits Barett perfectly.  He just looks and sounds the part.

Within the 8, there are 2 fan favorite faces in the group.  I say, let Justin Gabriel turn heel and put him in a program against Evan Bourne.  The WWE could use a heel high-flier.  Heath Slater is the only one that I think is actually hurt by being in the group.  I think they should have him turn on the group, possibly by defending his mentor, Christian, during an attack.

  • The Usos should use losing the vote to Khali and Hornswoggle as justification for more attacks.
  • Speaking of Khali, remember when he was going to India to find himself?  Did you think it was forgotten?  Well it wasn’t.  It was mentioned, and apparently it didn’t take Khali nearly the amount of time that he thought it would.
  • Thanks Mr. T and Liam Neeson for crushing my dreams.
  • Why didn’t anyone run out to help Cena?  Were they all just getting showers, changing, and preparing to go back to their hotels?
  • I doubt it will play out to anything, but I can’t help being curious as to why, out of everyone that was at ringside, Cole is the one able to escape.  I mean, poor Justin Roberts had a tie around his neck and was getting pulled back.
  • This show didn’t really do much to promote F4tal 4way.  I do find it funny that the theme song is from a Christian rapper, unless TobyMac is no longer doing Christian music.  It has been 11 years since I last checked in with the Christian music scene.

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