6/11 SD: UnKrontrolable Kane

On this night in Tampa, Florida, no one was safe from the destruction of Kane. At the show’s beginning, during an interview between C.M. Punk, Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and World Champion Jack Swagger, Kane vowed to avenge his fallen brother, The Undertaker. That would set the tone for the next 2 hours…

“Broken Code”: Layla d. Tiffany. Just saying what I typed out loud is bad. So was the match. At least Kaval (Senshi/Low-Ki, for you TNA/ROH fans) made a guest appearance.

Christian d. Dolph Ziggler. “Captain Charisma” and “Mr. Ziggles” put on a pretty entertaining match. After a series of high-impact moves, Christian gets the win with a mid-rope sunset flip. Then proceeds to get the “Charisma” beaten out of him by Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer. To add insult to injury, Ziggler locks in the Sleeper for good measure. Could this be a new stable, headed by Vickie Guerrero (she was at ringside with Ziggler)…?

Big Show d. C.M. Punk (DQ). I didn’t realize that this was their 1st one-on-one match. It was a decent match, too. Punk couldn’t counter the huge power advantage of Show. Big Show went to take the mask off Punk and that brought in the rest of the Straight Edged Society (Gallows, Serena, and the masked guy). A few moments of cheap shots later, Kane joined in the fun, chokeslamming Gallows, masked guy, and eventually the Big Show.

“Match Of The Night”: Rey Mysterio d. Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger’s resume throughout his athletic career has been impressive, but “Loss to Rey Mysterio” is not one of his brighter moments. It was a good back-and-forth match between the 2. But Swagger’s face took three(!) 619s and that gave the victory to Rey. It also apparently ticked off Swagger (it would tick *me* off if I got kicked 3 times in the face…), as he attacked Mysterio after the match. Then Kane made another appearance- both Rey and Jack suffered chokeslams from the Big Red Machine.

“Superstar Of The Night”: Kane. Without a doubt, the night belonged to Kane. Anytime you can chokeslam 5 guys in one night (including a 500-pound Big Show), the night belongs to you. A lot of Smackdown superstars are hoping that Kane doesn’t have too many more of these nights.

Other happenings:

-Drew McIntyre came out to the ring, ranting about Teddy Long. He delivered a message from Vince McMahon, stating that Drew’s nemesis, Matt Hardy, is now suspended from all WWE television programming. Tired of hearing the rant, IC Champ Kofi Kingston came to the ring and shut up the Scotsman with a Trouble In Paradise.

-Later, McIntyre showed up in Long’s office with another message from Mr. McMahon: next week on SD, it’s McIntyre vs. Long in a match… and Long is fired if he loses! This could be interesting…!

Overall, I thought the show could have had less McIntyre/Long and maybe a match or 2 more. It was an entertaining show, however, especially with Kane on the rampage. This is the Kane that we should see more of!


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