6/18 Smackdown: “The Era Ends… Or Does It?”

Payback for Kane… then a chilling message *by* Kane, a big tag-team match, The Sleeper vs. The Master Lock, and other stories went down. However, the leadership of Smackdown was at stake…

“Broken Code”: Drew McIntyre d. Teddy Long. Drew came out to the ring with a small army of security; I guess he was afraid of Teddy Long’s wrestling skills. The years-long reign of GM Teddy Long was at stake in this match: if Long lost, he is out. He would also be fired if he decided not to face Drew. However, McIntyre offered Long a lifeline, so to speak: lay down and let him pin Long; Long accepted. McIntyre gets the “hard-fought” pin… then came the post-match beat down. Kofi Kingston tried to run in for the save but was stopped by security and then was laid out by McIntyre. Matt Hardy then came in through the crowd to attack McIntyre but he too was stopped. Both Hardy and Kofi were put down by the double-hook DDT. I thought this segment went a little long but it was still entertaining. It adds a little more fuel to the McIntyre-Kingston Intercontinental Title Match at the PPV.

Other shenanigans:

-C.M. Punk and Luke Gallows opened the show with Gallows dressed as the Undertaker. Kane didn’t find this too amusing and hit the ring… only to be attacked by the rest of the SES plus Jack Swagger from the back. Rey Mysterio and Big Show then entered and ran off Punk and friends. Then *they* attacked Kane (as payback for last week’s attacks) with a 619 and a nasty chokeslam. The crowd, IIRC, was absolutely silent after this.

Dolph Ziggler d. Chris Masters. Not the greatest match to ever air on Smackdown. Ziggler was hooked in the Master Lock but made the ropes for the break. He then hit Masters with the ZigZag for the win.

“Match of the Night”: Rey Mysterio and Big Show d. C.M. Punk and Jack Swagger. This match was MUCH better than Ziggler-Masters. I’ve always liked the Mysterio-Punk feud, and adding them to the World Title picture makes it even better. Swagger gained the upper hand on Mysterio late in the match. He went for his Gutwrench Powerbomb but Rey countered, splashing Swagger and picking up the pin. Moments, an injured and enraged Kane hit the ring again. Chokeslam to Punk. Chokeslam to Swagger. Big Show knocked out of the ring. Then a Tombstone on Mysterio. He ended the night with the statement that “Sunday will indeed be Fatal.” I like it!

-JTG d. Chavo Guerrero. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Once considered one of the best lightweights in the world, Chavito is now losing to Hornswoggle and JTG.

-Kelly Kelly d. Layla. This match was better than I thought it would be. A lot of entertaining moves by the ladies. Kelly Kelly wins with her leg drop (the K2, I think it’s called).

-Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer d. Christian. I’m one of the few people who thought that Dallas Lance Hoyt Vance Archer’s arrival from TNA would add a pretty decent and agile big man to the mix. He’s finally getting a little bit of a push (along with Hawkins), with new full-time contracts to Smackdown and a win over Christian.

“Superstar Of The Night”: Kane. For the 2nd week in a row, Kane has caused complete chaos on Smackdown. Even though he suffered some payback at the beginning of the show, he had the last laugh at the end of it.

“Fragments”: these are the wrestlers that have gone from big-time feuds (even main-event status) to relative obscurity. It will be a weekly Top 4 (or Bottom 4, depending on how you look at it) (I may expand this to all of WWE in the future but, for right now, I’m going to keep it as a SD-only list):

1. Chavo Guerrero. Like I said above, from elite Light-Heavyweight to borderline punchline.

2. Christian. From ECW Champion to whipping boy for Archer and Hawkins.

3. Chris Masters. He has a slight excuse- he did miss a few months. But he’s been relegated to “Superstars” since his comeback, minus an occasional appearance on Raw or SD.

4. Beth Phoenix. Where has she been since that loss to Layla a few weeks back?

All in all, a great lead-in to the PPV this weekend.


One Response to 6/18 Smackdown: “The Era Ends… Or Does It?”

  1. manof1004gimmicks says:

    Beth Phoenix got injured a month or so back and that’s why she’s out.

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