Talking The Talk Season 2 – NXT 7/6/10

Coming off the first NXT poll the Rookies are primed to make an impression on their Pros and the WWE Universe before the next elimination.

Matt Striker takes back his job from Ashley Valance introducing the Pros and Rookies. He then asks Zack Ryder and John Morrison their thoughts on last weeks eliminated Rookie Titus O’Neil. Ryder said O’Neil was cheated by the WWE Universe while Morrison went to his tried and true method of mic work and made fun of The Miz.

Striker then introduced the Rookies and informed them of their next Challenge, Talk The Talk. If you’ll recall from last season this is the challenge where Matt Striker gives each Rookie a ridiculous topic and they have to talk on it for 30 seconds. Unlike like last season though, all these Rookies can handle themselves on the mic. The winner gets to host their own talk show, which is a much better prize than the entrance music Barrett NEVER got.

Despite some good competition the charismatic fan favorite “Showtime” Percy Watson easily took the victory and will host his show next week. It should be interesting. Unfortunately for Watson…

Michael McGuillicutty def. Percy Watson

With Pros MVP and Kofi Kingston on the ring apron coaching this week these two top Rookies faced off. Percy led off with a quick offense but took his eyes off his opponent briefly letting McG roll him up with a Sunset Flip for the pinfall.

The Miz def. Kaval

Miz sets off to teach his Rookie, Alex Riley how last week should have ended while Kaval attempts to form a winning streak on this loud mouthed pairing. Miz dominated early but Kaval battled back with his own flurry of hard-hitting offense. Kaval set up for his Warrior’s Way but Miz countered and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the pinfall.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris def. Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon

Having already run over on time this match was relatively quick. Henry and Cannon lead early but Rhodes and Harris finished strong taking Henry off his feet forcing him to make the tag. With Cannon in, Rhodes eventually took the momentum and picked up the pinfall with the Crossroads.


Despite all three of these matches having reasonably predictable outcomes (McG will keep a perfect record for a while, Miz just came off destroying R-Truth and it’s too soon for Lucky to beat Rhodes) they were all fine matches. Miz/Kaval was fantastic.

#1 Kaval – Besides his match, his topic was ‘chicken’ and he gave a half decent promo and then Matt Striker undercut it with a quick remark right after it. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll be booked to win right before the next vote and secure his top spot.

#2 Percy Watson – Like Wade Barrett before him, it was pretty obvious he was winning this. Especially when they announced the prize. Who wouldn’t love hearing that? Plus his topic was ‘glasses’ so he was pretty ready for this one right out the gate.

#3 Michael McGuillicutty – Gave a nice promo on ‘breath’ but the fans didn’t bite on it. He got booed heavily this week but his Sunset Flip truly was “perfect”.

#4 Alex Riley – He honestly should have won the Talk The Talk Challenge. His promo on ‘pigeon’ was great. The only thing in his way was that the in-house fans voted and he’s a heavy heel. The Varsity Vault (my idea)  would have made for an interesting talk show though.

#5 Lucky Cannon – The fans don’t seem to be as behind him as much as before but he had arguably the worst topic to work with in ‘deodorant’.

#6 Eli Cottonwood – Got a video segment where the Pros gave their opinion of him. Most people said he had a lot of work in-ring but had the intimidating presence down. Mark Henry seemed to think he had potential.

# 7 Husky Harris – Also got a Pros review video where surprisingly they all had good things to say about him. They’re not wrong I just don’t think he’s really over with the fans yet. It looks like it’ll be up to the Pros to save him until then.

#8 Titus O’Neil – Despite being eliminated he still got a Pros thoughts video which was more like The Roast of Titus O’Neil. They really ripped him apart. It reminded me of two things also: #1 The Miz and John Morrison are amazing at video promos and #2…

Also next week, the Nexus will be returning to their former home to shake things up a bit. It should be interesting.


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