Oh, is it over already?: TNA Victory Road 2010

There were a great deal of questions going into TNA’s Victory Road.  Would we learn the identity of the “They” Abyss keeps going on about?  Would Mr. Anderson betray Jeff Hardy for championship gold?  Would the horrid nail board be used?  The answers were no, not really and no, but not for lack of trying.

The main event was pretty standard fare with the three faces teaming up on the monster heel before breaking off to try to win the match.  A particular instance came when Mr. Anderson took the Matt Hardy spot for Poetry in Motion, but clotheslined an unsuspecting Jeff Hardy when he ran for the move.  Lots of near falls with each guy hitting their finishers to no avail.  The finish came when Abyss nailed the Black Hole Slam and Hardy got the Swanton, only to have RVD Five Star the entire pile then pin Mr. Anderson who was on the bottom.

Abyss, of course, went batty and the show ended on a sudden note with nothing of consequence happening.  And with few exceptions, that was the general them of the night.

  • Douglas Williams defended his X-Division title by placing Brian Kendrick into a submission hold and making him pass out.
  • Brother Ray locked Brother Devon into his locker room for most of their match, but Devon made it out eventually and fought his brother.  Jesse Neal went to spear Ray but mistakenly hit Devon, opening him up for the Bubba Bomb for the loss.
  • The ECW guys again came into the crowd and did absolutely nothing.
  • Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne by DQ (winning the title) when a masked woman entered the Impact Zone on a motorcycle.  Rayne swore it wasn’t one of the Beautiful People, but still left with the woman.
  • A.J. Styles and Kazarian successfully worked together to defeat the hodgepodge tag team of Rob Terry and Samoa Joe.  Desmond Wolfe also got involved but suffered a Muscle Buster for his trouble.
  • Hernandez defeated Matt Morgan in a cage match despite being handcuffed to the top rope.  Hernandez broke the cuffs and bashed the door open for the win.
  • Jay Lethal defeated Ric Flair by forcing him to tap out to his own signature move, the Figure Four.
  • The Motor City Machine Guns upset Beer Money, Inc. for the vacant tag team titles.  The match ended up with two refs after the original had beer spit into his eyes, and both refs counted a pinfall for the opposite team.  The match was restarted with a win for the Guns.
  • Kurt Angle defeated D’Angelo Dinero, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

 Looking Back
Huh.  There was nothing really good or bad about Victory Road.  It was just kind of there.  Each match went almost exactly how you would have expected it to go.  There are no real complaints to go on, really.  It just didn’t seem like a pay per view event.  No storylines really were pushed with this event.  We still don’t know who “they” are.  Anderson and Hardy are in the exact same spot they were before.  This was basically an episode of Impact that went about 40 minutes long and that you had to pay to see.

I suppose the real thing of note here was the absence of both Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.  Despite being key figures in the big story of the company – basically the “they” of Abyss’s ravings – neither authority figure made an appearance.  I’ve heard that Hogan recently had back surgery (he has to have a bionic back by this point), but surely one of them could have been on hand, right?

  • Second worst finish for an Ultimate X match ever.  Why bother with the stipulation if you aren’t going to use it?
  • Anyone else bored with Brother Ray?
  • Tommy Dreamer’s group needs to do something big.  Like now.
  • So the last three title changes for the Knockouts title have included pulling the title out of a box, a tag match in which the champion was not pinned, and now a DQ outside of the stipulations.  I wonder if TNA realizes that women actually can have clean finishes to their matches.
  • Dear Madison Rayne: not helping your case if you demonstrate that you are in cahoots with the woman that cost you your title.
  • Good for Styles and Kazarian.  Not so much for Desmond Wolfe…again.
  • Wouldn’t a feud like Morgan vs. Hernandez have been better served with a pinfall victory?
  • Excellent win for Jay Lethal.  That’s a match that ended exactly like it needed to.
  • Hooray for Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin!
  • Kurt Angle’s stipulation of leaving TNA if he loses sucks the tension out of his matches.  It pretty much ensures that he’s going to win.

Next up will be Hard Justice and all the prison rape jokes that go with it.


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