The Nexus Homecoming – NXT 7/13/10

The Nexus returned to where it all started for them this week. After Matt Striker and Ashley Valance alternatingly introduced each Pro and member of Nexus, Wade Barrett stated that they were just there to enjoy the show. And enjoy the show they did.

Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon def. The Miz & Alex Riley

Still fuming after The Miz embarrassed him on RAW Henry pummeled Riley while continuing to demand Miz get into the ring and face him. Eventually Henry tagged in Cannon and Miz eagerly got in as well. The rest of the match consisted of Miz and Riley dominating Cannon until he finally made the tag to Henry who showed off some feats of strength on both of his opponents hitting Riley with The World’s Strongest Slam for the pinfall.

After the match Henry trashed Miz’s protegĂ© much like he suffered on RAW the night before. It was a solid match with good hype for both the MITB contestants. Plus I’ve always liked a serious Mark Henry when he’s a face.

Showtime! The Percy Watson Show

As guaranteed last week, for winning the Talk The Talk Challenge, Watson would get to host his own show. He did his always entertaining mic work to open up the show then introduced his first guest, MVP.

The two traded respect for one another and talked about seizing the moment. And with much respect, Watson decided to seize the moment right then and there with Nexus watching. The rest of season 2 NXT came out and surrounded MVP.

Not the best laid plan though as MVP doesn’t roll alone, the Pros (sitting at the top of the stage all night) came down as back-up. Matt Striker came out and stopped the tension (for the first time ever I think) by persuading them into a Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal.

Nexus thought this was such a great idea that they threw themselves into the match as well making it a…

20 Man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal

Right out of the bell Nexus rolled out of the ring as the Pros and Rookies went at it. As usual they all teamed up and eliminated Henry first. That’s when it got interesting. Nexus swarmed like piranhas on the fallen Henry. Eli Cottonwood was eliminated next and a similar attack followed. Eventually MVP was eliminated and the rest of the face Pros caught wise fighting off the assault.

With a line drawn in the ring between the Pros and Nexus the Rookies took advantage and attacked their mentors allowing the Nexus to get into the ring and the battle royal to start taking shape. The Pros and Nexus made relatively quick work of the Rookies until it was Miz, Morrison, Rhodes, Kingston and Ryder left against all 6 Nexus members (Darren Young was still out).

A plan was formed between the Pros and The Miz tossed out Ryder to completely ruin all of it. Now 4 0n 6 Miz tries to reason with the Nexus. Upon realizing that wasn’t happening he turned tail eliminating himself in the process. With 3 Pros left they went in fighting against the Nexus, except Rhodes who waited in the background. Despite a good effort Morrison and Kingston were eventually eliminated leaving only the “Dashing” one himself. Decidedly a better cohort than Miz, Rhodes tries to offer a truce. He literally hung his head in shame before taking his beating as well. Rhodes was eliminated and Nexus was named the winner despite it not being a team battle royal. I guessed they assumed they would just destroy the ring again as opposed to fight against one another.

As the night closed, finishers were hit on the broken 3 Pros ringside and Striker (being the good host he is) decided to go in for some questions. After commenting on Striker’s decidedly stupid decision to come into the ring, Barrett said that you’re either Nexus or against us. LAME.


With little Rookie highlight moments to pick through I’ll just bullet point the things that stood out:

  • The Percy Watson Show was a great way to set up that battle royal. Despite it being right in my face that it was going to happen, I didn’t see it coming and I like when that happens.
  • As for the battle royal itself, the Nexus attacks post elimination was brilliant.
  • Alex Riley got a Pros reaction after his match. The Pros seem to like him/see the Miz in him and hate him justly for that. And LayCool thinks he’s cool.
  • Speaking of LayCool, they weren’t present as apparently they were at a spa. Josh Matthews was invited to go with them.
  • Though there was very little action this week, it actually felt like NXT mattered in the grand scheme of the WWE. It’s happened before but this was right before a PPV so it had a certain importance the other times never did.
  • Plus there was no stupid challenge!

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