Normally, my fellow writer Masked Marvel handles the reviews/recaps/thoughts on TNA Wrestling, but last week’s episode may have been one for the record books, so I figured I would throw in my 2 cents worth, too. I joined MM and From Parts Unknown to watch said show and I’ll say this:

In the many years of watching pro wrestling- from WWF/WWE to NWA/WCW to AWA/USWA and many smaller promotions- last week’s “Impact!” episode was perhaps the worst show I have seen in over 15 years. This includes pre-attitude WWE, post-NWO WCW, and the last days of ECW.

Let me focus on 2 matches:

1) The Beautiful People vs. Hamada and Taylor Wilde for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. 1st- why are there still Tag Team titles in this division? Besides these 2 teams and Sarita, who’s left? 2nd- The Beautiful People. Velvet Sky isn’t exactly the epitome of women’s wrestling prowess but Von Erich is awful! Actually, to quote Shaquille O’ Neal, she is “horriawful”. She barely could take a suplex. She had an awful attempt at a drop toehold- it looked like the ring canvas decided to clip her. Then the ending of the match- Sky gets DDT’d on a chair and ref- with the chair 2 ft. from his face- counts to 3. Horriawful.

2) Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair in a Street Fight. Lethal dominated this match, then lost when Douglass Williams hit him in the face with the X-Division Title. The “meat” of the match: Ric Flair absolutely embarrassed himself in this match. Starting the match in a full 3 piece suit was bad enough. Spending the next 7-10 minutes with no shirt, no pants, one sock, one shoe, and occasionally no underwear, was a joke. Having Earl Hebner pull up Flair’s underwear (leading to said Williams interference) was Strike 3. This was a waste of a match and a mockery of how Flair went out in the WWE. Heck, having Flair win while in tights wouldn’t have bothered me too much. But did we really need to see this display?

TNA just doesn’t get how bad their product has become in the last few months. Last Thursday’s show just may have been the worst in the history of the company.


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