Raw 8/9/10

The night started off with Bret Hart coming to the ring, and lamenting the divisions that had developed the past couple weeks in his absence.  He called out Chris Jericho and Edge, but only Jericho came out.  Hart asked Jericho to reconsider and re-join Team WWE, but Jericho refused to.  Edge comes out and tells Hart that he will rejoin the team.  However, this was just a ploy by Edge, trying to create an opening to attack Hart.  Hart saw this coming, blocked Edge, and was going to put him into the Sharpshooter, until Jericho made the save.  Natalya ran out to the ring crying.  We find out that Nexus is backstage, beating up the Hart Dynasty, taking them out as possible replacements for Jericho and Edge.

Later in the Mark Henry had volunteered to R-Truth and John Morrison that he would be a member of Team WWE.  Unfortunately, when Henry came out for his match against Ted DiBiase, Nexus attacked him, leaving him unconscious.  Also, after The Great Khali reaffirmed his commitment to Team WWE, without Ranjin Singh at his side, Khali challenged Wade Barrett.  While Khali was walking backstage, Nexus attacked him, apparently injuring his knee.  Backstage, John Cena and Hart are talking about who they could get to fill the holes in the team, when The Miz pops up.    Miz tells Hart and Cena that he would join Team WWE, only if they came asking him to.  Hart and Cena don’t ask, but admit to each other that they may not have a choice.

The main event was Cena and Hart going against Edge and Jericho, with Nexus acting as lumberjacks.  Cena got thrown to the outside a couple of times, and Nexus would beat on him, then eventually throw him back in.  The first time Jericho was thrown out, Nexus didn’t touch him, and allowed him to safely get back into the ring.  The final time Cena got thrown out, he was able to get a cheap shot in on Barrett.  Barrett chased Cena up to the ring apron, where he was hit by Jericho.  After Jericho gets thrown out of the ring again, this time, Nexus attacked him.  Edge tried to help, but was beaten up himself.  Nexus climbed into the ring, with just Hart and Cena standing in the ring to confront them.  R-Truth and Morrison rushed out there to join them.  On their way to the back, Edge and Jericho, after much thought, ran back to the ring to re-join Team WWE.  Both teams work themselves up, until they erupt in a large brawl.  Team WWE is able to win the brawl, forcing Nexus to flee through the crowd.

Rest of the show

  • The Miz def. Evan Bourne by pinfall. Was a fine match, with nothing else really coming out of it.
  • Melina def. Alicia Fox by pinfall. Decent match.  The GM announced that due to picking up the win, Melina would get a title match at Summerslam.
  • Sheamus and Randy Orton had a verbal back and forth.  Sheamus does his thing of talking a lot of talk.  The GM sends an e-mail that says if anyone interferes in the championship match at Summerslam, then that person will be suspended indefinitely.  The GM also encouraged Sheamus to follow through with his threats.  Sheamus tried to catch Orton off guard, but Orton got the better of him, and cam close to punting him in the head, but stopped short.
  • Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty & Alex Riley def. Kaval, Percy Watson & Lucky Cannon by pinfall. An okay match with this group of NXT rookies.  Sheamus was still fuming after getting embarrassed by Orton, so he took out his frustration on some of the rookies, namely Kaval.
  • R-Truth & John Morrison def. William Regal & Zack Ryder by pinfall. Okay match, with Morrison getting the pin on Ryder after hitting Starship Pain.
  • Summer Spectacular:  The Bella Twins def. Eve & Gail Kim and Maryse & Jillian Hall. More enjoyable match than it probably should have been.  Triple threat, tag team, with the Divas in one-piece bathing suits.  Reffed by Santino and Koslov.  After the match, Tamina (not in match) came out and hit on Santino.

Closing Thoughts

To me, this is how you end the last show before a pay-per-view.  This is how you put on a brawl between two opposing forces.  Yes, we are back to where we started with Team WWE, minus The Great Khali, but the journey that Edge and Jericho was good storytelling.  As I was watching last night, I was uncertain whether they would re-join the team, or just keep walking to the back.  And in regards to the brawl, it was clear who was fighting who.  There wasn’t the problem of trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  I will talk more about how I think everything will play out in the Summerslam preview.

The build-up for the championship hasn’t been as good.  I do like the portrayal of Sheamus as being uncertain of himself and insecure about his title reign, but that can only go on for so long.  This feud has been treading water for weeks.  Orton says his thing, Sheamus puts on an air of bravado, and that’s that.  I don’t really know how I’d fix the feud though.  Maybe an ambush by Sheamus.  Maybe play up the worry about having Miz constantly ready to cash in, by having Sheamus hire people to watch his back.  This title feud just seems lacking heading into Summerslam.

  • Bret Hart was wearing a Batman shirt.  Favorite wrestler + favorite comic book character = AWESOME!!!
  • I still don’t believe that the Bella twins actually won a match.
  • It appears that Zack Ryder has lost his pant leg.  Someone should help him look for it.
  • It was nice to see Mark Henry back in black (HA!).  That was just way too much red for someone his size.
  • The Tamina/Santino thing was a bit odd.
  • Evan Bourne did some cool “jump from ropes, land on shoulder, hurricanrana, pin” type move.  Too bad he still lost.
  • The Miz really needs to defend the US title.  Or, if WWE doesn’t want him in a US title feud, having him abandon the belt, saying he has bigger things on his mind.

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